Monday, January 23

first day of school

nothing says hello to spring semester like a 7:00am wake-up alarm. however, on only the first day, i managed to oversleep when in the middle of tossing and turning in my bed in the hour prior (i'm always restless before the first day)(also, it's quite an adjustment to go from my perfect soul mate mattress at home to a still uncomfortable with three mattress pads dorm bed) and mid dream, i managed to convince myself that it was actually tuesday. thus, making myself think i could sleep in because after all, i didn't have classes on tuesday. this was in the middle of dreaming. even my subconscious wasn't ready for school to begin.

and yet, after a skipped shower (at one point, i was awake enough to realize that my dreaming self was completely and utterly wrong and all too manipulative) and quick hair brushing (it's a good morning when that gets done), i walked to my 8:10am class. it was pretty dreary outside and still a wee bit dark, but it was oddly peaceful, too. 

i might regret saying this later, but i'm actually kind of excited and motivated for my genetics class. it might be the first biology class in college where i'm not scratching my head 75% of the time wondering why i'm taking the class and why my major is biology. genetics just sounds cool, doesn't it? my professor also spent 18 months in chile and tends to veer off into random stories about it. also, he has a southern drawl. i like it. i like it a lot.

at 9:10 in the exact same room (pretty much every single one of my classes are in the same two rooms in the same building)(that's what happens when you're a science major) i had stats. um, ew? i don't know why but i just don't get the stats vibe. thankfully, i do have friends in there. how cool is it to recognize five or six people in college? i think it's cool. anyways, my stats teacher seems a little bit like professor trelawney from harry potter (do i even need to specify who she is?) except with a southern drawl as well. i'll be listening to "ya'll's" all semester long. for two hours a day three times a week. welp.

after stats, i walked across campus to my next class: creative writing. fiction. i don't think i've ever been more nervous for a class in my life. aside from writing 101, i've taken all science and math classes in college. not because i'm scared of the work, but because i'm scared of actually going to figure out if this is something worth pursing (aka if it's something i'm good at). plus, letting other people read my fictional efforts makes me want to scratch my eyes out this second. seriously, my blood pressure is rising just thinking about it. i walked in and sat in the second to the last row in the middle of the room between a girl with eleven piercings from her nose and chin (i'm not judging, she actually seems pretty awesome) and a girl with a white iPhone. Sorry, but people with white iPhones immediately earn my admiration. they are classy devices. and, just as class was about to start, she entered the room. and my first thought (after my jaw promptly snapped closed) was THIS GIRL COULD BE A MODCLOTH MODEL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! she was wearing the most amazing vintage black knee length dress with a white ruffled color and shoulder pads. plus, adorable patterned tights and the cutest oxford brown heels that i've ever seen. oh, and a red belt. and her dark hair was pulled aside in a side pony. she is adorable.

so, of course, being the awesome person she is, she made us read our writing out loud on the first day (ohhhhhhhh shoot). of course, we didn't know we'd be writing our handwritten biographies to the class. so of course, mine was definitely a page long run on sentence of facts about myself here and there consisting of the statements that taylor swift should seriously have a restraining order against me, i am 19 and never want to turn 20, i believe in fairytales, i hated dinner, i sometimes expelled flatulence when i laughed really hard (along with my sister), i wanted my name to be maggey grace with an -ey, i spent too much money at modcloth, and i had no idea what i really wanted to do with my life except write about it in composition notebooks because my obsession with everything ultimately leads to my own demise because i can't for the life of me decide on one major. anyways, it basically sounded like someone on drugs and as people went before me, i was like shoot. everyone of these crazy cool creative writing people kept theirs "normal". i didn't even mention where i grew up or what i did in high school or who was in my family or anything as factual and normal like theirs. so when it came to be my turn, i started reading my page long run on sentence and heard laughter around the room (making me red in the face). ugh. when i finished, modcloth model beamed at me and clapped and said, "i love sentences that never seem to end. that was excellent!" um, okay. the girl after me was still laughing and began her biography with, "well, mine is not nearly as interesting but here we go." interesting? you mean out of her mind? so, moral of the story? i walked away somewhat excited.

it's only 1:00pm, but already my first day is starting off well. i could finish this blog post at the end of the day, but really, who am i kidding? everything notable just happened. and i don't think i've ever been more excited to be in a class than i am for creative writing. because reading out loud was actually somewhat... refreshing/cool/exhilarating? minus the tmi part.


Abbey said...

Oh Genetics, I do not miss that class.. haha Hope your experience is better! Sounds like a normal first day experience to me. :) I am always late to one class the first day. And what? No school tuesdays? Lucky girl! Spend them wisely!!

kylee said...

that was the best story ever. way to show all those creative writing kids that you know what's up. run on sentences are the cool thing to do. obviously miss modcloth model liked it so you win & they all lose.

Natalie said...

The genetics class sounds like it should be interesting! I'm definitely excited for that unit to come up in AP Bio this year. Oh my gosh, the creative writing class sounds like it will be very rewarding, yet also very scary. I'm with you--having other people read your work is terrifying. Then having to read it out loud yourself? Oh boy! I bet everyone loved your 'about me' though, it sounds like it was clever and funny and genuine. It is hard not to be intimidated by other people though, especially when they look like Modcloth models, haha! Keep us updated on how that class goes. I feel like it will be really fun.

Ebony said...

OH MAGGIE! I am so happy for you. And proud of you. And so inspired by this story. Because a lot of the time I write sentences and I feel like they go on and on and contain a billion brackets (which is the pt in a story I lose my breath but keep going.. haha) and wow. I can't wait to live through college in your shoes :D Haha. Creepy a little.

Yay for awesome first days! Hope it continues on for you baby girl.

Jamie Rose said...

Haha I don't think I could handle reading anything I write out loud! I'm glad I never had to take a creative writing class. I did write a script for one of my classes though, but I didn't have to act it out!
Genetics sounds really really cool. I've always been fascinated with genetics and tend to collect little bits of information about them as I go along. I read websites and stuff. I'm a nerd. But that's definitely one of the subjects that fascinates me the most. So I hope it's not too horribly difficult for you and is actually interesting!

Bethany Kellen of bunnypicnic said...

i loved learning about genetics in biology. i took bio in hs and college with the same teacher in the same room. it was amazing.
and yes. i liked this.

Circus Girl (Zoƫ) said...

Aww, bet she was thinking you were as cool as you thought she was! :) I hope you guys become friends! Have a lovely rest of your week! x