Friday, January 13

the fault in our stars

two nights ago, i picked up my kindle and downloaded "the fault in our stars" by john green. i had no idea what i was getting myself into. i think it was maybe fate that i had no idea what it was about- for the first time, i didn't obsess over the few blurbs about the book i'd seen on the internet nor try to seek out little facts. i knew nothing about it.

like niklaas pointed out to me today while i was nagging incessantly at him to read it, it isn't rare that i'll read a book in one sitting. it just tends to happen. especially when i'm on winter break and niklaas is sick and i have nothing else to do in an empty house except read. constantly.

i'm not a big crier. i'll tear up in books and get sad watching movies, but i've never shed more than three tears in a story. the fault in our stars? not the case. before the book was even nearing the end, i was blubbering. by the end of the book, i was facedown-in-my-pillowcase-shoulders-shaking sobbing. real sobs. it was unbelievable.

i'm not going to tell you anything about this story because i think it's one of those stories that you should go into without any prior judgements or knowledge. it made a difference. but i will say this. it was one of those sad books that isn't good because it's sad (like so many books i read). it's good because of everything surrounding the sad, everything building up to it, and everything after it. the sadness is oddly uplifting and so completely and beautifully written in such an honest way that sets it apart from every other "sad" story. because even though it's sad, it really isn't. it's so much more than a sad story. it's laugh out loud funny. the characters are so unique and crazy but still relatable. it answers so many questions about life and death without being obvious. it's subtle. and perfect. the entire story is just so "real" that by the end, you really do forget the rest of the world.

do yourself a favor and read this book. now. this second. go. you won't regret it. put it at the top of your list.


Celynne said...

I've added it to my to-read list :)

kylee said...

you convinced me. i'm adding it to my must read list.

Jennifer said...

I'm waiting for my copy in the mail! I adore John Green. Have you read his other books?

JUST ME said...

I recently read a book that made me sob's a little bit weird to sob openly while reading, but so cathartic!

If crying wasn't so hard for me I'd try it more often. ;)

Natalie said...

Finished this morning.

It tore me apart.

Lizzie said...

This book made me smile and laugh to the point of tears. It was so good, I finished it in less than 12 hours of getting it. (Annoying enough, I had to sleep and go to school.)

Bad Taste Toast said...

Thanks for sharing, I'm always looking for new reads! At the moment I'm stuck in philosophy texts for uni, but I have some yet unread book in the shelf for the next semester break. I will definitely find out more about the John Green one at Amazon :)
I can also recommend a book to you if you don't already know it: "The Orange Girl" by Jostein Gaarder. Not sure if that's the kind of story you like, but I recommend it to everyone ;)

Bethany Kellen of bunnypicnic said...

i remember i read his other books. and i'd be bawling. just straight up crying. ugh.
but i really want to read this. i might actually go get a new book!