Monday, January 9


when i was a freshmen in high school, i had this best friend. i thought this person was the greatest person on the planet and oh my goodness, she just understood me perfectly. we could talk for hours and they would listen to everything i had to say and was always there for me! eventually, other people started to realize how awesome this person was, too. and then we moved to the big high school and a lot of people started to realize how pretty this person was as well. they were the complete package. but i still felt special even as this person was surrounded by so many people because, "maggie, sometimes i think you're the only person that understands me. so and so does this and this and just doesn't get it!". i felt special when i saw my name on this person's lunch calendar. i felt special when this person talked about all of her other friend's and all the cruel things they did to them. and then the day happened when it felt like everyone was calling this person their best friend... and then the day happened when i got stood up. and stood up again. and three times. and then this person had a significant other in their life who was a senior and just "so cool". and i realized that i wasn't unique. not to this person who never asked to make plans with me and never called me first. it was a one way friendship and i killed myself to always be there for this person when i had to be scheduled, and often skipped, into their day.

it was a big lesson but maybe one of the best lessons i ever experienced in high school. it took one person to really show me what being a friend was and what being a friend was not. and as soon as i realized how much of a one way friendship it had become, it was over. sure, there was some drama and it ended in a way i wouldn't have chosen with too many parties involved and ugly words, but from that point forward, i decided i wouldn't accept anything less in a friendship than i deserved. we all deserve friends that pick us up and don't even have to ask if you need them to be there for you, they just are. we deserve friends that care enough to pick up the phone as well. effort goes both ways.

two years out of college, my friendships are changing again. the people i valued so much in high school are changing. of course, this is to be expected. people change. can i blame them? not really. we all make new friends and create new lives for ourselves. in a way, i can't really expect the same people to stick around. at the same time, the disappointment of unanswered texts/emails/messages always hurts.

there are people i thought i'd always be close to. i think that's what's most surprising and disappointing. but, in spite of everything, i've also realized recently that there are people i wouldn't have expected to become even more close to after high school. i spent last week with people that were casual friends in high school and maybe it's silly that i'm only now realizing what amazing people they are now that we've graduated, but it doesn't change the fact that they're the ones that come back time and again over every single school break. and they're the ones that are growing as people and will grow with me as i navigate this "growing up" phase in my life. it's strange. but somehow, reminding myself that people who want to be in your life are the ones that make themselves a presence makes me feel alright. it's all okay.


The Braided Bandit said...

Love your candidness. If you're like was a book I would totally want to read it! (But hmm, I guess thats the point of your blog!)

kylee said...

that is one thing i have always thought is a true friend: one who just does without asking. true friends take action without being told to do so. friendship is such a wonderful thing.

Hannah said...


Yes, I know exactly everything you're talking about. When I was at the peak of middle school, I lost my best friend. Then just a year ago I lost a group of friends/anyone I ever thought was a friend. It SUCKS! And it's a tough lesson to learn, but it seems to be a part of growing up.
I still haven't made it to the other side to actually regain any friends, but I'm positive that time is coming!

Thanks for sharing and be so honest!

erin :) said...

Definitely know where you're coming from. That was so my life when I moved from middle school in Korea to high school in Washington. Ive learned not to expect much, but still to always give what I can in friendships. :) I'm nervous for sophomore year of college--I hear that's the toughest phase, friendship wise with dorm changes and people really finding their 'groups.' But I'm sure things will be ok and there will always be at least someone there--as you can always write to me, but really! :)

Missing writin' to ya Miggles! Happy 2012 to you! And I have to say, it makes me really excited and proud and happy and amazed (but not surprised :P) at how far you and your blog have gone. Sorry I haven't been able to keep up as much as I'd liked (otherwise I'd be blogging too if yknow what I mean) but I know you're doing splendidly. :)

-Erin ;)

Michelle Lynn said...

Friendships can be so weird sometimes -- I sometimes find the dynamics of certain friendships confusing and stressful. But I think when people are "true friends' feelings of confusions and stress are never involved -- it's just, well, easy. :]

This was great to read.

xo Michelle

Kirstin Marie said...

I completely know what you are talking about. I had a friend like that before too. It always hurts your feelings at first, but afterwards you have to think about who is important to you & who you are important to. Those are the ones who matter most.

Shara said...

lovely pic!La Folie 

Nicole, Coco Maria said...

Ugh, this is a lesson I feel like I'm always learning. I keep putting effort into seeing my old friends from high school and it just doesn't seem like they care to see me. It hurts, but I guess I just need to move on. It's scary though, because I already don't have a ton of friends and am caught up in cutting people out of my life who shouldn't be in it or kind of feeling alone. UGH, growing up. It was really nice to read this post, and see that someone else is experiencing these relationship changes, though I can't imagine someone not wanting to be your friend <3

Anonymous said...

I am MUCH older than you (almost 40,lol) but I can relate. Even at this age, I get surprised at the 'friends' that I thought I'd be close to that drop out of my life, and the unexpected friendships that pop up. As long as don't hold onto hurt and grudges, (speaking to myself here, even at my age it can be a struggle) it's okay and I guess just a normal life experience :)

Tracy @ The Wardrobe Wanderer

Crystal Haines said...

I feel your pain. Loosing friends is sad. :(

Mr. Taylor and his Lady said...

this is so beautiful and so very true. i believe everyone does go through this period in their life when they loose friends and gain others. that's what happens when we get older, but those who really matter to us will come back again. we'll all get there eventually.
xo TJ

Clara Turbay said...

I like so much this post. Well done.

Katie said...

I know exactly what you mean. Some of my best friends aren't as close as I used to be, but I've made new friends that I would never have expected to be friends with in a million years, but it's amazing and I'm so happy about it! <3