Wednesday, January 11

Red Lips

A little less than two years ago, I started a blog. I didn't know what I wanted to do with it and I didn't know where I wanted to go with it, but I was obsessed with the incredibly stylish and more importantly, confident girls with blogs. These girls wore crazy prints and crazy tights, had amazing lives, and wrote about their lives in such a fascinating way. I wanted to be able to walk out the door with their confidence. I wanted to be able to walk into my high school wearing something that no one else would wear. I wanted to wear the clothes hanging in my closet with tags hanging on them that I never dared to wear. I was so inspired by these girls that at first, my blog wasn't about wearing clothes. It was simply a way to document my life through pictures (and it's been the best gift in the world to be able to look back on memories from two years ago with such a vivid recount).
For me, blogging isn't about the clothes. It never has been. It's not about posing "cutely" in "cute" dresses. It might seem that way. In fact, that's why I've never really broadcasted my secret little blog that is becoming less secret by the day. For me, it's always been about figuring out who I was. If I could become the person I wanted to be to the outside world, I would be more confident and happy. And I did just that. It's a little corny to say that I "blossomed", but when I started blogging, I became a more outgoing, more confident, happier me. I became the me that I have always wanted to be. Now that I've found that, I blog because it's a passion and something that's fun for me. It's just fun! I blog with the intent of (hopefully) inspiring others to think they are awesome enough to step outside as the person they are on the inside. Corny, but so blissfully true. It's truly made the biggest difference in my life to be the weird, loud, happy person I am now.
I guess I'm talking about all of this because this was the first "casual" dress I ever purchased. By that I mean that it was the first dress I ever bought that wasn't for a dance or formal event. I bought it after I found fashion blogs and I dared myself to try it out. I'd never worn a dress to school until that day. I'd never worn a pair of tights until that day. But I did! Some, actually a lot, of people took notice of the change from jeans and a tshirt to a dress, green cardigan, and leggings. It was crazy! I took "blog" pictures for the first time in this dress and posted it on chictopia. From there, the rest kind of came naturally.
I'm getting so choked up writing all of this! I spent a lot of time this weekend rereading so many old posts (notably: the story of Niklaas and I! I teared up) and I just can't believe how many of you have been a part of the process. I'm not what I consider a crazy successful blogger- but at the same time, I wouldn't want it to be anything else. If I'm never, ever sponsored again, I'd be fine with that. I'm excited about where it's going and I feel like it's really just starting. The day I blog for a different purpose aside from making me happy is the day I give it up. Thank you all for the support! I definitely owe you all a blog giveaway sometime in the near future.
Dress- Forever 21
Tights- Modcloth
Sweater- Forever 21
T-Strap heels- Urban Outfitters


Dianne said...

Aww I love everything about this post. I'm one of the many who is inspired by you here in the blogosphere. Not just because of your clothing or fashion but how you tell your stories and share the light fun moments of your life. So thanks too :)

another day to wander

Celynne said...

Blogging helped me blossom a person too, funnily enough. I gained many lady figures to look up to and learn from. Yay for blogging and growing as people!

Bad Taste Toast said...

Yees blogging is not only writing and posting photos, it's such a push for your own personal development, I love that! :)

You look so gorgerous with the red lips and tights! This pattern mix is adorable, I'm in love with the adorable houndstooth dress <3

Bad Taste Toast said...

Oh and I wish we had such lovely snow here in Germany!! Boo for snowless winters :(

Michal said...

Isn't it amazing how much blogging can change you? I've been thinking about that a lot lately too. It's so crazy how much I've changed in the short time (about a year and four months) I've been blogging. This is a wonderfully written post and you look great!

North Country Girl

The Braided Bandit said...

I love the last picture especially. Looks like you will be posting in the snow too! Thanks for sharing another honest story!

Jennifer said...

I've only just stumbled across your blog recently, but I adore how honest and real you are! And that dress is absolutely lovely.

LoriLynn said...

Ok first of all, LOVE love love love love love love these pictures-they are beyond stunning!!! Second, I can't even tell you how awesome I think this outfit is, I effing love polka dots and herringbone so the combo of the two just blows my mind right now. Third, I LOVE red lips+red tights. All together I pretty much want to steal this outfit and wear it every every day. Finally, would you be willing to let me copy this post for my "Why I Blog Wednesday series?" to highlight your awesomeness? Xo Lori

SomeoneLikeYou said...

Miss. Maggie you seriously look BEYOND stunning in these photos! You + red lipstick = total babe. Not to mention I love the pattern mixing you've done here with the hounds tooth and polka dots...You're too cute for wordz ❤

Natalie said...

You look so gorgeous! I absolutely love the mixing of patterns and those bright red tights. But, ah. I love how much blogging can make a difference in life. Even though I don't do it as often as I used to, I don't think I could ever end it altogether (at least any time soon) because it's just such an amazing outlet for creativity and reaching out to others and everything. It's wonderful to see how much of an impact it's made on your life, too. :)

Linda said...

Aw, I love this post :)
You have a fantastic blog! Lovely style. I love the bright red tights.
I'm a new follower ;)

And hey! You're in Idaho? So am I! :D


I'm not sure, but this actually might be my first time reading your blog! And what an amazing post to start with. I'm so proud of you and happy that blogging allowed to 'blossom' (which is a wonderful word, in my opinion). I was extremely shy and quiet until college, and fashion (before I started blogging) really helped me come out of my shell. Once I started wearing what I wanted, I acted how I wanted -- unapologetically!

Leslie Quiros said...

oh man the snow looks like fun although I think I would have skipped the pictures if it was like that over here in DC... but then again, I am a wimp when it comes to cold and snow haha
Thanks for stopping by my blog and your lovely comment. I am loving your blog and your style girl. Definitely following on GFC and bloglovin :) hope we can follow each other!

Sam B said...

MaggeyyGRACEEEEE I've never commented before though being a daily reader but this time I just had to. You've spoken the truest of words and you're the cutest of all!

Lots of love from India :)

Katie said...

What a great post! I know what you mean. I started my blog a little over a year ago, and I've changed so much since then! Not all of it is due to my blog - a big part of it is due to the amazing friends I've made since then - but my blog definitely has played a part in it. And it's just so amazing to be able to look back on everything I've done in the past year. <3

Contrast on getting so much closer to the girl you want to be! I think I'm getting there myself, as well. :)


I'm happy you found blogging maggeygrace :) Continue whatever it is that makes you happy :)

Snuggle Puff said...

yay just found your blog today. It's always nice to have something where you can look back at memories that otherwise may have been easily forgotten. I love the mix of prints and red tights are my favorite. <3

Jul, Life Is A Romantic Poem said...

First of all, I can understand what you mean, because I feel like blogging helped me a lot wile developing my confidence and style (even if I started blogging less than one year ago). And yes, blogging (even style blogging) doesn't have to do only with cute clothes and cutesy poses.
Said that, I love this dress, I love the clash of prints, I LOVE THIS OUTFIT :)
Life is a romantic poem

jhopes70 said...

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Annie said...

Lovely post! Glad you gave the dress a try because it looks great, and I love how you styled it with the red tights and contrasting dots...very cool - you definitely have awesome style :)

The Other Side of Gray

Bethany Kellen of bunnypicnic said...

i love hearing your stories. and that's the same reason i started blogging. and i started mine and stopped it many times over because it wasn't what i wanted. soon enough it'll be what i want. but it too has given me more confidence and helps for me to put myself out there. because at least right now, all my readers are also my supporters and it's amazing.

Alice Barton said...

love your entire outfit! and, well, look at that snow!!!! bright tights are just my favourite accessorie during the winter.

Sweet Harvest Moon said...

Great post! Your entire outfit is so cute!


JennaStevie said...

I absolutely love these photos, they're so stunning!!! And this outfit is so wonderful, the print mixing is so great especially with the bright tights! You have a great blog :)

head over heels said...

What a lovely post! you look amazing and i share a lot of your reasons for blogging....i certainly think its given me the confidence to wear what i want :) x

Glam And Eggs said...

Fantastic post! I love your view on blogging! Thank you for the comment love and by the way your blog title is fantastic! One of the best I've seen! Have a great weekend doll!

hellolyndsey said...

I absolutely adored reading this post! I am so glad that I stumbled across your blog and instantly fell in love with your style. My blog used to be about nothing but what I wore and it has evolved so much since then! Hopefully my blog will be a lot more interesting in the future and I will continue to grow with it just like you have done here :). Btw, you are beautiful and I love your outfit entirely too much.
lyndsey of hellolyndsey

Hannah said...

This is an incredibly sweet and well written post by you!
It's great to hear about your blogging journey and not just all about clothes. I'm so happy to hear about the positive changes it has made in your REAL life. That's very important! Otherwise it would be silly to keep up with a piece of internet that isn't making an impact on your life.
I hope that you continue to grow and be shaped by blogging and the people you meet through it!

And since you said 'thank you' so nicely, it would only make sense to say you're welcome right back! :)

Jamie Rose said...

Aw I love this post! Your blog is always one I enjoy reading. You're very genuine and I like reading about your adventures. Not to mention you have such a cute style. I especially love this outfit. The mix of prints is awesome and the red tights are perfect with everything too.

Alex said...

This is super Tieka! AH, I just love it. I mean, the red tights are beautiful.
Aw, I remember when I started reading your blog... has it seriously been that long? It doesn't feel like it!