Friday, January 27

January happy playlist

my "happy" playlist:

sparks fly taylor swift// i won't give up jason mraz// you and me gustat spetz// do you wanna the kooks// let us love needtobreathe// reptilia the strokes// who says selena gomez// the cave mumford and sons// crushcrushcrush paramore// daylight matt & kim// count on me bruno mars// eenie meenie sean kingston & justin bieber// fearless taylor swift// go on, say it blind pilot// grace kelly mika// grow a pair ke$ha// here comes your man meaghan smith// i woke up in a car something corporate// howl florence & the machine// rattling locks josh ritter// mushaboom feist

i've never and will never call myself a real music buff. i don't claim to have the best taste in music, as clearly illustrated in my happy song list. i'm definitely more of a blast-your-music-in-your-car-and-sing-along-to-every-word kind of music listener. i'm a lyric girl. i'll listen and look for songs with lyrics that melt my heart. a song that somehow captures exactly how i want to say a feeling in a few words perfectly put together can have a magical kind of effect. i don't believe in "good" or "bad" music nor in genres. i'm not a genre whore. i'll listen to anything and everything because if i like it then i like it and it can be so simple as that. in fact, i kind of envy people that stick to one genre and find crazy cool music that they're strictly passionate about and know everything about. i'm not that cool. i just listen to what i like and soak in every single word. 


kylee said...

you & me by gustaf. i still love that song entirely. you need to listen to blind pilot's most recent album we are the tide. it's faaaaabulous.

Abbey said...

I'm the same way. :) I adore more than half of these songs already- and now listening to Howl by Florence because I've never heard of it. Enjoying so far!