Friday, October 1

my missing puzzle piece.

Alright...this is a huge moment. Monumental. They say there's a first time for everything...and, well, here you go. This is the first time I am wearing pants on my blog. The first!! Here's my little secret: I hate pants. I honestly don't wear them hardly at all. Maybe twice a month. Maybe three. But no more than that. I guess it has a lot to do with the fact that I find them uncomfortable, but in all honesty, it's because being 4'11" and being so short, I hate the way my short legs look in them..which is...short!!! I envy all of you tall people or people with pretty lean legs that can make jeans look even more fabulous than dresses. 
This week...was kind of horrible. I had a major meltdown internally. It started with getting my chemistry test back and finding out I barely even passed. Like, by barely passed I mean, a D. And in chemistry, a 65 and under is technically an F, so technically, I did fail. Bahhh. I'm used to doing well and I'm used to hard work paying off when I study so this was kind of a huge deal. My self-doubt plummeted and literally, it was leaking into every aspect of my life! I started doubting my abilities in my biology class, my blog, my friendships, and everything. I felt like such a failure. I even started contemplating switching my major completely and second guessing my future goals. It was horrible! I cried. And that hasn't happened in so very long. Ughhh.
I guess on the bright side of things, if there is a bright side, two good things did happen this week. Firstly, I made a new friend. And a friend, friend. Not just someone I talk to so I can get by or someone to go to meals with me to eat alone, but a real friend that I found myself genuinely and completely laughing with! He's probably strangest person I've ever met being from the South and having an accent, wearing plaid flannel in 90 degree weather, being on the track team on a full scholarship, and choosing geology as a major. I may have found my gay-best friend I've always wanted minus the sexual orientation part, yes! He has a car, and we are going to the mall this weekend. Huzzah!
The second good thing? I am officially Wikipedia famous! Sort of, anyways ;). I got contacted by someone telling me that Wikipedia made a page for my blog. EEEEP!!! I was kind of excited, even if I'm not the only one with a page, obviously. It's cool! See my wikipedia page there!
My style stumps me. It's never the same, and this isn't really an exception. Ha!! I got this cardigan for my birthday because I had wanted a red one for so long, but they shipped me the wrong size, so it's a smidge large on me. And by a smidge, I mean, a lot. I'm too lazy to send it back, so instead I just wear it as is. I don't know if you can tell, but I'm wearing my oxford button down shirt I thrifted under it along with my oh-so-endearing scarf from the H&M garden collection I got in Seattle last April. With Niklaas! Yayy! No "Maggie" outfit would be complete without a bow or something floral, so of course, my white one is sitting atop my 59 inches on my head. Yay! These shoes are my favoriteee. I'm in the market for some brown ones currently:)
cardigan- delias jeans- forever21 scarf-H&M shoes-UO
It happens to be the first of October. I have five favorite days of the year: May first, October first, October 31st, December 25th, and May 14th. In that order. Meaning, October first is my second favorite day of the year! Yayy!! It kind of amazes me how Niklaas and I became "official" on the first of May, because I wear to you, it's been at the top of my list since I was a flower-child and danced around the May Pole every year. I LOVE MAY 1st! Oh, and yes, that does mean it's our "five month"! I feel silly calling anything an anniversary unless it's in a six month increment. To me, relationships start to become actually justifiably legit to the real world at six months. Which means...holy cow, we are almost "legit". Holy cow. Holy cow. It's kind of amazing :). And every day just gets better! Even if the being apart thing is sucking currently. Someone commented my blog and commented on how I mention him in every post. Oooops! I apologize! I guess it's because he's such a big part of this blog and, yes, my life. So, naturally, it happens. I just adore him a little!
In fact, a year ago to the day, Niklaas and I "began". A year ago to the day, we would be gathered around the commons talking Mexico-Trip strategies. We met on the "Turtle Trip", a trip to save sea turtles in Mexico, as founded by the Environmental Club. It was there that we became friends and that I fell asleep on his shoulder in the car and the plane and danced together all night so I didn't have to be groped by the guys there and took naps with and shared 3AM shifts on the beach together. It's amazing how much can change in a year and how much can change when you least expected it. It's cheesy, but everything hit a turning point after that when I absolutely had no idea it could. In every way! Not just with him. Words can't describe it and it kills me that I can't go this year!! This also means, a week without communication. We've gone two days in the past 10 months of not talking. Can I make it?? :)
Well, I guess I don't have a whole lot more to say except thank goodness it's Friday and thank goodness September is over!! I hate September. It's always a bad month for me :)
My roommate is leaving for the weekend....and...for that matter...all six friends I've obtained. I think I'm just going to kick back, watch a lot of movies, do some laundry, go to the mall with my new friend, and just....relax. Maybe write a little :)


Lisa said...

cute outfit love the scarf headband and shoes!

Amber Blue Bird said...

I think you look great in those jeans but I know where you are coming from, I am only 5 feet 2 inches (on a good day) so skinny jeans are what I usually opt for

Alex said...

I read this as soon as you posted it! But I had to turn on my computer to comment hahahaha! omg Maggie, I know school get HARD. I mean, I got a 44 in physics! I had a perfect gpa back in high school and now it seems like the end of the world, but it's not. If you're passionate about what you want to do then you'll be able to do it sweetie :) Seriously. Sometimes I think I am not good enough for engineering, but you know what I've realized? I am better than half of the guys that are on my classes! So don't give up on your dream! Unless that major is not really what you want to pursue. Anyway, changing subject... with all honesty I think that...

You look AWESOME in jeans darling! Seriously! Who gives a damn if you're short! I love it when short girls are super confident! Because I am regular size (I guess) and I feel so insecure I walk looking down :( that's like my worst feature... not being confident! And you look so incredibly beautiful and confident... even in jeans!

So about this weekend! If you feel lonely you know you can tweet me and I'll back as soon as possible :)!

Oh, I am posting today too :) In like... 30 minutes :) Hope you get to read it :)

Love you Maggie :)


Abbey said...

The color of your sweater is sooo gorgeous. I love it. I want it. Except that I have slightly pink skin, so.. I may have to admire from afar. (: I love this outfit, and you pull it off so well!

I like that you mention your boyfriend a lot. I tend to bring mine into conversation a lot too..but it's not because we're weird, it's just because they're awesome haha. Hope you have a relaxing weekend girl!


Hannah said...

Psh! It's your blog. Write what you want.

I also think you look like a babe in jeans. I don't know what you're worried about.

I sincerely hope your Southern friend is from Texas. ;) Does he say Coke instead of Pop/Soda? Does he say "fixin' to"? Does he know all of the hand signals for the colleges in TX?

ps. only ask him these things if he is from TX. lol.

Oh and no one in college seriously knows what they want to do the rest of their lives. Seriously.

You're doing fantastic!

natalie said...

i love your outfit! :) with the mix of colors and patterns and styles and all. i actually tend to dislike pants and find them uncomfy too, though. none ever fit right!

i'm sorry your week was horrible with your grades and everything :/ it's been an extremely stressful week school-wise for me too, so i can definitely relate.

that's awesome about your new super-cool-sounding friend though! AND having your own wikipedia page?! how cool is that :D

i can't believe it's already october. wow...

simplyhope said...

Maggie! I LOVE the cardigan! the red is just gorgeous on you! This is an adorable outfit AS ALWAYS! Lovin those oxfords! And don't sweat it girl(once you read my journal entry) You look Great in jeans,skirts, dresses...etc! Haha ironic, my moms b day is May 14th!

Rio said...

Ahhh I have so many things to say about this post! First, I love this outfit, and it is definitely something that I would wear... or love to wear! Second, HURRAY for being 4'11''! I love that we are the same height, it means that I can legitimately look at you for style inspiration since you're not 10 times taller than me! Third, yay for geology majors! I'm a geo. major too, taking all geo. classes, and a geo. class, so if your friend has questions tell him to hollah over here! ;) Sorry to write such a long comment, but it had to be done haha!

Jennifer Dawn said...

I like this outfit a lot! I don't like wearing jeans either, it's pretty rare when I actually dig them out of my closet! I'm sure your classes will get better soon. Don't stress yourself out too much! Oh, and yay for new friends! Sounds exciting :)

Matt said...

What a great outfit, the jeans and shoes are great too! College can definitely be rough, its just like that at times. Grades are just letters, a major is just a list of classes to take, they should never affect your self worth. The best things about college rarely have anything to do with classes or grades. Hope you have a great weekend! :)

Estefany said...

Yay! I thought I was really short, but you are as short as me hehe.
I used to hate buying jeans, then i realized pacsun has THE best jeans for short people.
I think you look totally pretty with jeans tho. Idk what you are talking about.. you have nice legs!

hiven said...


Alex said...

Maggie, you look amazing in jeans! I really like this outfit on you. I'm a shortie myself (5'2) but I'm fully convinced we can wear almost anything providing the cut and fit are right and things look in proportion. I lean towards skinny jeans now, after eventually realising that bootcut jeans swamp me rather flatter my figure.

As for the test scores - don't fret about them too much sweetheart. You've only been at college a few weeks and from my uni days I remember how big a culture shock it was. I'd be amazed if anyone was performing perfectly at this early stage in the year. Just keep working away at it and you'll be fine.

Becca said...

I like your honesty. And your jeans.

And I think your style is somewhat unpredictable, yet in a girlyish-patterned- accessorized, fairly colourful way that speaks "MAGGIE".

Bea said...

I am not a big jeans girl as well. I am really picky about the color and fit. I can honestly say that I adore yours though. They are that lovely all American blue that I like! You look good in them!

Bea from A plus B

Hannah said...

Congrats on wearing pants! (haha.. you can only say that kind of thing on a style blog and make it seem okay.)
It's really not as bad as you're thinking, they look excellent!

I don't mind hearing about you and Niklaas, it's your blog and you can talk about what you want! I think you guys have such a sweet story!

Flashes of Style said...

That cardigan is sooo cute! <3

S + Y said...

Awwwww, I love it though!!!!! But to me (and to everyone else in the blogging world), Maggie = flower print dresses. :P


S + Y said...

Awwwww, I love it though!!!!! But to me (and to everyone else in the blogging world), Maggie = flower print dresses. :P


ana b. said...

Oh I'm 5'1 and I'm completely with you on the disliking pants thing. Once I find a pair that don't make me look like a stump I stick to them. You have nothing to worry about because you look great!

Ebony said...

You look great in those jeans, so I don't know what you were worried about Mags! And I love everything you put together here. The indigo on the scarf matched the jeans and the red poppies matches the jacket and oh, it's just grand :) PLUS it all matches your new blog header :p Hehe.

I'm working on the buttons now and thought I would pop in and see how you were doing... glad I did, don't get too down about one bad mark. Bounce back, work harder :) You can do it! I believe in you!!! And yay for new friend friends, they're the best kind. Hehe.

✿ren said...

Wow, congratulations on having a wiki page and a friend friend! That description of the sexual orientation thing was pretty funny. XDDDD

And oh, I love September because it's my birthday month. But I get that everyone has days and months they hate, so oh well. :D

Robyn said...

Layering, print mixing, and oxfords! This is right up my alley.

~Abby~ said...

Wow!!! I'm 5'5'' and ALL legs. Haha. Love your jeans though...they look great on you! :)
Oh Maggie in life you're gonna fail at things like that..but the important thing is you studied your butt off. And you actually CARED that you "failed." But just lift your head up & keep going! Show the bitch(life) who's boss! ;)
Woo hoo! New bff!
Holy shite a Wiki page for your blog!!!??? THAT's AWESOME!!!! :D
Why is October 1st your second favorite day of the year? Lol.

Hope you had a good weekend! :)))

Your awesome by the way.


Maria Evans said...

Hey! I do like your shoes!!!!


PS: I post a new outfit! Hope to see u in my blog! =)

Sydney, The Rabbit-Hearted Girl said...

oh girl, don't get discouraged about your test! college is hard, and chemistry is hard. it happens to ALL of us, so don't let it cause you to doubt yourself! I hope you had a great weekend!

♥Lola said...

Hey lovely, you're today's article on wikifashion. Just to let you know it's wikifashion, not wikipedia. It's a completely separate site :)

Hope you had a lovely weekend x

Chloe, Butterfly Cupcakes said...

very cute layering. I hardly wear pants either.

Kelly said...

Don't be silly, precious Maggie! Those jeans look lovely on you! And being short isn't a bad thing... you don't look stumpy, you look adorably bite-sized. I love those oxfords, and the cardi as well... Bigger is better, I always say, when it comes to sweaters. I got this great grandma sweater at goodwill the other day. Maybe I'll post a picture :)

Kimberellie said...

You have a wonderful and unique style. I'd say it's very Maggie-esque! And I adore that scarf!!