Sunday, October 24

just a dream

AH! HELLO! It's me! I, Maggie, have returned from the great abyss of college! It truly sucked me into this black hole of sleepless long days of studying and uncute outfits and television withdrawals and summer nostalgia. However...*drumroll*, it was perhaps two of the best weeks of college yet! 
I had a conversation with my friend the other day after significant events happened and he was like, "Maggie, you're crazy. Don't you want to have any fun?" Well, of course I have fun! I relplied, "I'm not crazy! A night of fun is nice and all, but the feeling of getting an amazing test grade is more fun than just a singular night." He looked at me, laughed, and shook his head and mumbled on about how crazy I was. Well. I think I might be, too, actually. The week I left the blogging world I studied for 26 hours for one test in 4 days. That's six a day!! Just for chemistry. Remember how I failed the first one? Yeah. I told myself I wasn't going to fail this one, thus, massive amounts of studying. I foreshadowed previously, I did well. So well in fact, I got the best grade in the class of 250 people. I aced that sucker and I started crying in the middle of the class. And squealing, yes. So, THANK YOU for your words of encouragement. It seems I'm always the last person to believe in my academic success.
I guess that means so much for my back-up future plans I had going. I made a list that I put on my mirror of my alternate careers if I couldn't pass chemistry and those included: A) Interior Design (What with all my pattern, color, texture doing in my clothes, I just realized this could actually be something I could loveeee) B) Wedding Planner (I've been stalking wedding blogs constantly and I love them more than anything) C) Wedding Dress Designer (You're going to think I'm crazy, but I seriously have sketched about five possible dresses I want for myself. And for my sister. And my good friends. Hahaha) D) Writer (although, this is definitely still at the forefront of my "future" plans).
Other than studying, I went home, as you all know and it was the most splendidly fantastic weekend ever. I spent all of Friday night with my lovely sister and thinking about it almost makes me tear up. Seriously. I've missed her so much lately. She truly is my "other half" and going back, it makes me see how much she really is growing up! We went to "Easy A" together which is the BEST movie ever and also surprised my best friend Jenni at the football game. Which turned into her scaring me, me screaming, me causing a scene, and a massive (okay, only like 10) crowd of people surrounding me wondering how I could be there. Haaa! Also, without planning this, Niklaas was at the football game and it was almost like the you belong with me music video as we embraced in the bleachers! Teeheee.
(this is my favorite shot)
I won't go into detail about the rest of the weekend because then I'll end up writing a novel, but basically I spent Saturday seeing everyone I could and every moment I wasn't with various best friends, I was with Niklaas taking pictures, walking around the perfectly fall-ed town, and couch-ing. My mom took us to breakfast and he had dinner at our house and I went to their house to watch a movie. Our parents want us...a lot :) Which is cute! I don't mind. Hehe.
My blog break was wonderful. I missed it, and you all, quite frequently, but it gave me some new perspective. I got up every morning excited to get dressed again because I didn't feel any pressure to wear something that I could take pictures in later. I was reminded of why I blog in the first place which is to share my love of getting dressed every day and in the past month, that joy wasn't there. It also didn't help that I don't have my amazing photography at disposal so that even if my outfit is lacking creativity, we can incorporate an awesome location into it to make it creative. I needed a breather just to refresh my mind and now I'm feeling so much more lively and ME. I got an amazing letter from Alex this week, too, that made me remember: when blogging becomes a popularity contest and comment number race, that's when the point is defeated. I've met some truly amazing people here and I need to stop stressing about page views and comments and sponsors. It's about YOU all and being inspired.
 On to this photoshoot...I am SO excited about it. Niklaas was purely experimenting and for the first time, we shot indoors. In fact, we used his garage. They turned out so.... ahhhh! I love them. Love love love. They're the kind of pictures I look at and think, "Wow. It is so cool that it's me in these amazing pictures." The lighting is so nifty and I love how the sheet ended up working. Niklaas and I have this innate way of without really talking about our creative contributions, combining our efforts into something that works so well. I told him I wanted to wear pearls and  a fancy black dress and he said we wanted to shoot indoors . And the two ideas look like they should be married. They look made for each other! This happens allll the time. I love our team effort!
This was one of the dresses I gave away in my giveaway and...yes, I did steal it for a shoot. I love the included pearls and frilly skirt. I got these tights this summer and I love them. I've used them once on this blog! Add in my favorite vintage heels and floral headband updo....and this turned out perfectly.
This here is our fancy little setup and Niklaas :) Hehe. 
The color turned out interesting...but I like the black and white more:)
This (above) is Niklaas' favorite shot of the day.
 dress-Ross headband-wetseal shoes-thrifted tights-urbanoutfitters
I cleaned my entire dorm today complete with vacuuming and dusting and it's fantastic. One of my favorite things in the world is to lie on the floor and it's finally clean enough that I can!
Well, that's all :) I hope you all have a wonderful week and I'm going to catch up on all of your blogs now!! Yayyyy! It feels good to be back!!
Love, Maggie


Abbey said...

You look lovely. (: Glad you had a good break, and yayyy for As on tests!! Good job!

simplyhope said...

YAY you are back!!!!! You look so Lovely and Chic:) Great photos! I know Easy A was DA BEST:)

Alex said...

WOHOOO! :) I was so excited to see this! I am glad you're finally back and I am super happy you aced that test! I am still writing the e-mail reply from what you sent me :P Now I am the busy with college :(

Love you,
Alex! :)

natalie said...

Yaaay! I'm glad you're back. :)

That's absolutely incredible news on how amazingly you did on your test! All of that studying definitely paid off then, which is awesome!

Being a wedding planner would actually be such a fun job! There was this one show called "Whose Wedding Is It Anyway?" or something like that, all about wedding planning. I used to watch it all the time and it kind of make me want to be one. :D

It must have been great hanging out with your sister and all. I heard Easy A was really good, but I still have not gone to see it yet.

Again, glad to see you back!

libys11 said...

welcome back.. i too was on a blogging break to spend time with my bf and have a vacation for myself as well.. i agree that it really gives a refreshing feeling to step away first and then go back with a clean and more motivated mindset in blogging and fashion in general!! :D

you are looking so classy here, lady!!! i love it! looking forward to more posts from you!!! don't stress too much on college!! :D

Animated Confessions

Ebony said...

YAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY! I am seriously so so so happy for you! Best out of 250? That takes commitment. Glad all that studying paid off you rockstar!!!

Glad you had so much fun, trips home are the best, no matter how love you've been away. I go back to Tasmania once a year. It takes 3 flights and a minimum of 8 hours at the moment. But it's always worth it.

You and Nik, *sigh* match made in heaven. I'm so glad you guys found each other :) Welcome back!

Hannah said...

I love that your "alternate" careers are what I'm actually doing. And be glad you aren't in design. I easily spend 20 hours in the weekdays drawing and I don't know how many on the weekends. Chemistry is looking pretty good right now... ;)

I'm glad you made it through! That's what college is all about. Making it through at times. But then go and have fun like your friend said! Good fun. Not get yourself in trouble fun. Lol.

Excited you're back!

Hannah said...

Welcome back, stranger! I'm glad that you were able to get a break annnnnd way to go on the test! :D

Kenziefaith said...

I love this outfit! Those tights are tooo cute :)

KF x

Amber Rose said...

The BEST out of 250 people!!!??
My little Maggie is growing up. :)

These photos are stunning (but you are such a gorgeous gal it'd be impossible to take a bad photo!)

Glad to have you back lovely.

Nicole, Coco Maria said...

Aww, I'm so glad to hear that you're feeling better about everything. And the best out of 250 people is AMAZING. Congratulations! :)
This photo shoot is so wonderful, and you look so so lovely :)

Matt said...

Way to go on the test, that's awesome!! This photo shoot is amazing! The black and white pictures are fantastic and the outfit is just perfect! Glad the break worked out well for you! I hope you have a great week! :) said...

Ohhhhhhh I wish I had a studio like this. It looks so fun!!

Beautiful girl.


stay lovely
<33 amy <33

Bri said...

Hey lovely lady, glad you're back! I'm even more glad you had a refreshing break! Congrats on acing that test! I know how rewarding that feeling can be : )

Alex said...

So pleased to have you back!! Woo hoo on the test score - smartypants!

✿ren said...

Welcome back and congrats on your test score!
Now everytime I look at this gorgeous photoshoot I'm going to think about burnt shirts... XDD

Annika said...

Wow, the best in your class! That is amazing! Things in the world are right again, aren´t they? I am very happy for you and I will try to take this as an inspiration to study more myself...
Pat yourself on the back, you deserve it!

Kimberellie said...

You are lovely. These are truly beautiful photos. I like Niklaas' fav best too! This is all very "old Hollywood".

And WOO WHOO! Best grade out of 250 people! That is seriously impressive! I remember my first English class in University when my prof was like: "So disappointed, everyone did so badly, there was only one A paper in the class".
And I was just so downcast...because I had worked and worked on that paper (to the point of crying) and I knew I hadn't done well. But I had. The A paper was mine. So I know exactly what you mean: it's a great feeling.

But you are right about blogging, it isn't a University course; it isn't about being the best. It's about being yourself. And it isn't everyone's purpose/fate/destiny to be a superstar blogger. And that's okay.

Some of us need to kick butt at English and Chemistry. Because if blogging became everything: tons of followers, scads of sponsors, a monthly paycheck...then maybe you would give up on what will, in the end, be the better choice (and that may be the one that involves studying 6 hours a day). But maybe not. Who knows!

heart: Kimberellie

TresLunas said...

thanks for your comment, you are sooo lovely =) thanks thanks thanks!!! i follow you!!

Sandra Leiva said...

So lovely!
I have a similar necklace <3

Liz said...

What fantastic pictures! And kudos on the chem grade!

SMASH said...

ahh congrats on the good grade, you did some serioussss studying there and deserved it! Also, love the b&w photos of you, you look like a doll :)


Sydney, The Rabbit-Hearted Girl said...

aw, I am so glad you're back! you were missed but I'm glad that you had a good break!

and these pictures are amazing! i love the whole set up of the shoot!

katie said...

you are beautiful,
like i love what you wear,
you inspire me a lot,

Stel said...

These photos of you are gorgeous!! and glad to see that you are back :)

Charlotte said...

this outfit is amazing- i love the pictures!!
i wrote a post this week on my blog actually about how i don't really like to go out much and how people find that so strange in college.
i spend my life working on my homework or writing for newspapers and websites to help in my career.
i completely agree that my future is more important than one night!!
i am so glad I discovered this blog!! I'd be following for a while but never really properly read your posts- I'm so glad I found it :]]]

Charlotte xxx