Tuesday, September 28

Divide Swapping's of a Blog Sisterhood: Part II

These posts always make me so excited to talk about! I just love our sisterhood so much. This time around, I think we did so well!! Hope's crochet lace vest is so feminine and darling. And! It was such a huge challenge for me to style! I'm really trying harder to play with layers in my everyday outfits for class and there is no one better at it than our very own Hope! :) I literally sat at my computer looking through her chictopia searching for ideas about how to make this work. I saw at one point she layered a sheer top over a romper and was like..bam! There we go! I grabbed my favorite romper I haven't blogged yet, put this vest over it, added a belt, slipped on some patterned tights and my favorite boots, and voila! And! To push it that much further, I added another layer through my royal blue cardigan in style of Hope. I love how this challenged me to step outside of my creative zone and although I took a lot of notes from Hope, this still feels so me! Yayy!
Hope styled her vest so chic-ly! I love her blazers and this hot pink one is no exception! I love how she wore this vest with jeans- this vest truly got such different looks from the three of us! Plus, the rolled jeans with her shoes are so dang cute! If you haven't, you should all go vote for her to win in the forever21 vlog contest! She made the final 10 :) Cheyne styled the vest with florals too! Hehe! Seeing that made me smile! We joke that we are soul sisters sometimes. I love her hat. She has the best hats. She always looks so put together, it makes me jealous. Actually, I'm jealous of both of these girls! Cheyne also has the best flats/boots everrr. It's my dream to go shopping with her (you too, Hope!).

It's so funny seeing how these different clothing items fit Cheyne and Hope in comparison to me! Haha. This vest was so long on me, it could have almost been a dress in itself but on them it looks like a regular old vest. In the last one, my dress went almost down to my knees but fit them perfectly! Not gonna lie, it kind of makes me wish I weren't so short so I could wear clothes like them ;)
Whenever I wear my bows, I feel like Jasmine :). Hehe! I actually have been doubting whether I should wear them like she just talked about because I've been getting such weird looks and at the movie the other day I got asked if I was a sibling visiting. What!?!? Bah!
Okay! What do you think....without the sweater...
or with?? I can't decide which I like more!
I realized that I have never, ever included my bags and purses in my shots. Mostly this is because I don't usually use them. I don't like them. But, I've been forced to in college and here is my baby! I kind of splurged on this bag from Urban and spent more money on a bag ($70) than I ever have. But I use it constantly so I guess it was a good splurge.
Gosh, I just can't get enough of these boots. Thank youuu Niklaas! I wear them a lot. Especially on campus. They're so comfy and they look so darn good with everything. I even get compliments on them! I love wearing them with tights:)
My friend took these picture (yes, I said friend! I have friends in college!). It was oh so scary to ask her to take pictures of me...but I think I've taken pictures with them about four times now and it's not quite as bad as it was. I told my roommate about my blog (sort of) but I don't think she really gets it. Which might be better? Hahaha. She took the picture (below) too, and unfortunately the camera wasn't in focus so some of my favorite "poses" came out blurry. Oh well. It's a learning experience, yeah? :)
I think you get the idea...hahaa:)
In a comment the other day (sorry, I don't remember who said it...), someone said I looked like Kirsten Bell! I've never gotten that before! In fact...I don't think I've ever been told I look like anyone. Haha! It made me laugh. But only because she's so incredibly pretty! So, I was like, whatt??!?!? Haha :) I have to say, looking at pictures of me with braces and now sans braces, I am so happy to have them off. I am much more proud of my smile hahaha.

Well, I think that's all :) I hope you're liking the DSBS (Divine Swappings of a Blog Sisterhood) as much as we are! It's probably the best thing that has happened in creating a blog- I love it!


P.S. Also, does anyone else agree that Taylor Swift's fashionista outfit looks amazzing at the Milan Fashion Week Roberto Cavalli show?


elanor, missing-lovebirds said...

i so wish i was a part of a swapping thing. :) looks like so much fun!

that lacey vest is just darling. in fact, i just love your whole outfit! our styles are so similar. <333

and i just need your boots. i nneeeeeeddd them!!

xx elanor

Hannah said...

I LOOOOOVE that outfit. I was just about to send you the link too! Haha :)

Abbey said...

Your bow is so cute! I love bows but I tend to wear them only on game days.. you've inspired me. ;)

Cute cute outfit. I love the romper with the vest!


Amber Rose said...

With, without, with, without. :)

You look absolutely beautiful-- I love that you three are doing this!

Nicole, Coco Maria said...

I LOVE this outfit, with or without the sweater! All of your outfits are just so lovely and girly! I love the little hearts on the tights and that vest is so cute :)

natalie said...

for some reason i think i prefer with the sweater just a tad, but i love both looks :) that's such a cool idea, swapping clothes between the different style bloggers! love it! almost as much as i love your tights and boots, hehe. and that bag, too. so basically everything. :D

Alex said...

hahahaha that's SO WEIRD! I just saw that Taylor Swift picture while reading my daily yahoo! news! hahahahahahaha ok well, enough of weird coincidences! I love the way you all girls styled this! Yours is beautiful because of the tights and the boots that make everything more you :) and I like it with the sweater... but I am a really sweater/jeans girl, so I don't know :P even though I love dresses (romper in this case) with cardigans. Oh, well I just talked too much :/ sorry hahaha. I am in love with these swap! It's so affordable and fashionable it makes every girl want to swap also! If we had someone to do it with anyway :P Oh, damn. I just keep talking and talking and talking. Nobody takes my outfit shots because my boyfriend thinks blogs are for lonely people :( so I've never told him about mine and he is not very good with cameras because every time I ask him for a full body shots he only takes my face because he says that's the only important thing! AHHHH! Sorry, I keep talking and talking :P I'll just go now :P Bye Maggie! Have a nice week!

Cheyne said...

HAY MAGS..when is our shopping date?

Cool thanks. PS- Coming to your dorm to rob you of your boots and bows. (:

Cheyne said...

HAY MAGS..when is our shopping date?

Cool thanks. PS- Coming to your dorm to rob you of your boots and bows. (:

Theresa said...

The whole DSBS thing looks like so much fun! I'd love to be able to do one with some other bloggers myself. :) It's fantastic seeing how differently a single piece can be styled yet equally as great. You all did a wonderful job with it while staying true to your style.
And I completely forgot to tell you the other day I passed an award on to you on my blog: http://despisinglifeissopasse.blogspot.com/2010/09/sweet-as-gumdrop.html

Rio said...

Love it! You all styled it so differently, I honestly didn't realize it was the same vest haha! As for being short, it just means that we get to wear short things that would be scandalous on tall people! ;)

Kenziefaith said...

Sooo, your boots are perfect!! I want them

genevieve, sandbox romance said...

"I love her hat. She has the best hats.". Why does this make the "I totally wear hats" Target commercial pop into my mind? Anyway...

Love the outfit! I think I like it better with the cardigan. There are so many colors in the outfit, but I feel like the cardigan ties them all together really well, with the bow and the romper. It's such fun to see how all of y'all style things up! It's funny that you bring up sizing issues. I always wondered how the Delightful Dozen does it; I feel as though they can't all possibly be exactly the same size in everything. In any case, long or not, you made it work out fabulously! And I ADORE those boots!

I'm totally impressed that you've had friends take blog pictures of you. I haven't even told my roommate about my blog, and I've known her for over a year! Plus, I have yet to leave my dorm room for a photo shoot. Blerg. My dorm walls make for an awful backdrop.

dreamy princess said...

Girl.. You're so lovely. The outfit is SUPER beautiful! (:
I like your style so much!! I always love lace, ribbon and floral ((:

Taylor Swift looks so good in the pic. I adore her top!

Dreamy Princess
~I wonder what it's like to live in Paris~

Jasmine said...

aww this swap idea is so cute :) you three are adorable and i love how you all styled that vest!

hehe i'm still wearing my bows proudly, but then again i do work at a preschool now so i just fit right in ;]

Gizelle Faye | Vanilla Ice Cream said...

oh maggie, you styled the vest so perfectly! i'm not saying your sisters didn't but then what you did with your outfit is soooo you...love the addition of the blue cardie too!

♥ vanilla ice cream ♥

ana b. said...

What a fantastic idea for bloggers to do. I always find it fascinating seeing what different people can do with the same piece of clothing. You did great. I love your feminine take on it.

Alex said...

I really love it with the bright cardi over the top. Such a gorgeous colour.

Hope must be really tall - look at the length difference with it on your two photos! Such a great item though cos it looks lovely at all lengths and every way it's styled.

Alex said...

Oh, and I meant to say that I'm not 100% sold on Taylor's outfit - just a wee bit too fussy on the bottom half. Maybe that's just cos I don't like those boots. But she looks amazing in it, and I want that blouse so much it actually hurts a little bit.

Oh, My Darling said...

Awww, heart tights, so cute!!

S + Y said...

Lovin' how each one of you styled the same vest!!!


Hannah said...

You guys are starting to dress like sisters, you all wore pink with the vest! I'm pretty sure sometimes my closet talks to my (real) sisters closet at the same time, because we have complete opposite styles, yet we end up wearing the same color/pattern/whatever without ever seeing the each other!

I really, really like your outfit with the blue sweater over the top. Lots of layers are my favorite and they seem to be the most appealing to look at. But both ways you styled it are great. :)

Amber Blue Bird said...

love that vest, very boho chic.

Iulia Romana said...

The outfit you wore is grat ! I love hos girly it is and how colorful :)

& I really like Taylor's style - very feminine, very pure (the opposite of my style..)

Hugs !

simplyhope said...

Seriously you are ADORABLE! Wow the way you talked about me on this post made me SMILE!!! Thanks girly:) You look oh so cute in the romper and the blue cardigan is such a GREAT touch! Also I do see Kristen Bell in you!

Luna said...

THAT SWAPPING IDEA IS AWESOME :) love your blog! new follower! hope you can check mine out and followe back if you like?

Kimberellie said...

Gosh you are cute!! Totally ADORE this outfit. And the swapping sounds like so much fun! Though I am a mail I cannot do bad letter sender person, so I would be terrible at this.

But you are going to rock it out. Just like you are rocking out this outfit. And is my slang just totally muddled or horridly old school? ;-) Either way, LOVE your shoe boots. I am currently stealing them in my imagination.

heart: Kimberellie

Fahion Meow said...

i love those shoes!!! they remind me of Jeffrey campbell shoes that i own!!! there sooo adorable!! you got style girl!!!

Come check out my blog and let me know what you think, I'm giving away Jeffrey Campbell shoes :)

Sydney, The Rabbit-Hearted Girl said...

i've always wanted to be part of a swap, they look like so much fun! i love that all of you styled the vest so differently!

Becca said...

It took me a minute to figure out which item was The Item. But then I liked it :)
And I think the outfit works better with the cardigan.
But maybe I'm biased toward cardigans for any outfit? In any situation?
Yes! Probably.

Either way, good pictures! I'm glad you've gotten some friends to take the photos now and...I thought the out of focus one was rather neat. Artsy?

Anyway, just keep doing what you're doing :)

Bri said...

i love this swap clothes idea! & these outfits are all so cute on all you pretty ladies : )

Trixie & Fifi said...

You have your own "sisterhood of the travelling pants" thing going on?! So jealous! And I think you did a great job with the layering :)


Sydney said...

Girl thanks for your sweet comments, ohmygosh your blog is so cute too! You seriously have the best way of layering things ... its like WOAH. ;)
I'm your newest follower! And you my friend are my newest inspiration :)