Tuesday, October 12

inside of you

I am up first! This is such a great responsibility, so let's see how it goes. The picture above is seriously one of my favorites... I can't figure out what it is that makes me love it so much. The patterns together look beautiful and  the belt is simply amazing. In fact, I have tons of pictures that I love, so I had to have them all together! Therefore, I made a video with some of my favorites and then after it you'll learn about my identity. Enjoy!

Hello readers from lifesize paperdoll! I am Alex from Inside the Mind of Alex and today I am here as a guest blogger due to Maggie's complicated schedule this week... and she is also about to have a nice four-day weekend! So... I really want to make this post as beautiful as the ones Maggie has every week. That actually led me to take outfit pictures outside, which I've never done before. It was weird because I felt that my neighbor was actually watching me take pictures of myself, but I can't prove he was there. I was so nervous someone would see me! I hope no one cared because I almost dropped my camera in order to take the pictures so I could show them here. Hehehe. The things we do for our blogs.

I live on far West Texas and the temperature here it's so warm! That's not good for me because I love cardigans and tights and boots and all those winter things. As you can clearly see, our grass is still completely green! However, I kind of like to disobey mother nature and I wore my red cardigan the whole morning. Sadly, I had to take it off during the afternoon because it was around 80F! I was initially going for a dress-with-tights look, but my legs can't take it when it is this warm.

These shoes are incredibly awesome! They have small studs on the sides and they are nude! What else could you ask for? Oh, and the LBD is just the best purchase I've done so far. It goes with anything! I seriously should stop buying so many black clothes... but they're irresistible. 
I love the trees behind my house because they look as if they were ours! The good thing is that we don't have to take care of them... and they are our best decoration outside. Hehehe. The grass had grown so much that my feet kept getting trapped. I think there's some remainders of it on my shoes. 

This ring is the coolest thing my mother has bought for me. I also have the earrings, but they don't look as magical as the ring. My boyfriend kept joking that the little heart on my ring symbolized the real heart I posses. Ha-ha, very funny young man. Speaking of my boyfriend... we are about to celebrate our 3rd year anniversary and I don't know what to buy! The first year I ordered a pair of custom made Nike's. The second year I bought this awesome jigsaw puzzle from the The Beatles' Revolver album. I am so stressed! He is like this Halo obsessed, Beatles fan, thick (real) glasses, Ben Sherman/Penguin shirt, "Wired" magazine, Scrubs/30 Rock kind of guy. Eh, I don't know if that made any sense at all! So yeah /: Phew, I wish I had a clue what to buy next.

Moving on with the post. I bought some great finds this weekend at a thrift store!
 This leather bag was six dollars! I mean, come one! It's beautiful, even though it's somewhat small... I fell in love so quickly that I couldn't let go of it.
The first belt is a leather Abercrombie & Fitch belt! I didn't even notice it was A&F until I came home. Meh, I can live with that because it's a belt and it was six dollars! The last belt is actually from Target, but I just had to show it! It's the one I wore yesterday for school with the little black dress. Finally, I purchased a green J. Crew sweater for five bucks, but I couldn't picture it because my mom took it for dry cleaning.

Oh, I almost forgot. Tomorrow's my brother's 18th birthday. Half of him is happy and the other half wants to stay "Seventeen Forever" (I can't believe he quotes Metro Station so many times). Anyway, tomorrow after class my boyfriend and I are taking him to Wingstop (one of his favorite places near campus... because he wanted Hooters, but that's too far from school and... yeah, no). Later that day it's the Shakira concert! (I just basically gave out where I live haha) So tomorrow will be pretty interesting because we will be at school from 8:30 in the morning until the concert finishes (which I predict will be around 11). What a day. She actually had to open another date because tickets were sold out in hours! It's like she's some Elton John for our community! I was impressed. Bravo, Shakira. I just hope she doesn't sing that song "Loca" because that's the most annoying song. It sounds like... Ninel Conde (YouTube that). Oh, I just YouTubed that! Ninel Conde... that's freaking hilarious! I would've translated everything here for you guys, but it's just so trashy and dumb that I won't do it. OK, I got caught up. Sorry.

I really have nothing else to share, but thanks for reading all of this and I hope you enjoyed the guest post. Stay tuned for the next guest bloggers! :)



Megan said...

Ah, I love it! I especially love love love the video! So presh! And I died a little bit because I love the song "Inside of You" so much!

Amber Rose said...

Lovely guest post, dear. ;) You are cute as a button. And I swooned at the six dollar purse. ;)

Abbey said...

I adore that purse! you look so cute in your outfit! Love it!

genevieve, sandbox romance said...

Love the outfits! Fabulous guest post! And major props for taking pictures outside! Quite the milestone.

SMASH said...

I really dig the simplicity of your outfit :)


hellolyndsey said...

I LOVE YOU BOTH, alex & maggie!
I was seriously FREAKING OUT when i found out that alex was the guest blogger. AH!

so it was like a blogasm.

did that make any sense?!
ew that sounds gross.
ahahahahahahhahaha <33

great post alex, you are hilarious. and hooters is just gross.

i also love your ring, black clothes, 6 dollar purse and amazing belt. you are one little nifty thrifty! ;P

lyndsey of hellolyndseyyy.blogpot.com

natalie said...

what a great guest post to start things off! :D i love your belt, and the adorable little bag... what great thrift store finds! and i love the color of your sweater and all of your accessories. but yeah. happy anniversary to you and your boyfriend, and happy 18th birthday to your brother!

Amber Blue Bird said...

You did such a great job with this post. Love the video and the photos outside. Sometimes I think my neighbors watch me take photos in my backyard but I am starting to not care...I mean they are the weirdos

✿ren said...

Hi! I know I should be talking about your cute outfits, but OH MY GOSH THOSE TREES IN THE BACKGROUND. *____* They also make awesome shadows. *_________*

Lena said...

OMG! the video is sooo sweet!!! LOVE!

kisses, Lena!


Sydney said...

LOVING on all of these ... but the first picture with the print combinations? mmmm. particularly gorgeous.

simplyhope said...

I really love this post! Alex your purse is absolutely adorable and Maggie's outfits are always so fun:D

Anything but Bland said...

she is so cute! so are you ;D

love, polly

Stel said...

These outfits all look great on you. I love the cropped top and jeans. I'll pop over to your blog and have a wee look now :)