Thursday, October 28

whisper soft and slow

If you haven't heard that Taylor Swift's new album came out this week, then you must be living under a rock. I hope that when you did see her, you all thought of me :) You can bet that I went to target and bought the physical edition and...yes, cried of joy. You can also bet that I'm pretty much not going to listen to anything else for the next few months. I am just dying of joy!

In honor of my lovely Taylor, I wore my cowboy boots and a dress every single day this week. Even in the thirty degree weather we experienced all week long and even with a few snowflakes in the air. Virtually, there is snow covering every single mountain surrounding little Missoula and I'm just waiting for it to reach us! I can taste it, it's so close!
I debated whether I was going to post these pictures or not- they aren't my normal pictures and it wasn't anything I had planned to blog. I went to go take fall pictures of my friends and then they had my camera in my hands and told me to go play with leaves. So I asked them to just take full body shots since I figured maybe, maybe they were blog worthy. I think this might be my problem. I over-analyze everything and want everything to be absolutely perfect. But I am posting them as a spontaneous gesture, so I hope it pleases you ;).
dress: delias coat: delias boots: Ross tights: Target
These tights are a very recent purchase and I've found myself wearing them...constantly. A girl in my hall that I'm not particularly fond of was like, "Wow! I haven't worn white tights since I was like...four years old! Theyre....cute." I was like, huh, thanks. Ha! This outfit was maybe a bit more youthful than I've been dressing lately since it seems my wardrobe has grown into a fleet of dark clothing, but still. If you remember, I wore this dress in our 4th of July shoot from forever ago. Remember how this was my sister's dress and I wanted to keep it? Well the date passed for her to return guess who got it? :) You know I'm having a bad hair day or just a busy day when I have my knit beanies on as I do in these pictures. Seriously. There is nothing cute you can do with short hair if you have two minutes to get out the door!
Oh! And this jacket, of course! I bought this in the middle of summer knowing Missoula was going to be cold. It was on clearance for thirty dollars and unfortunately, they only had mediums left when I would have preferred a small or an extra-small so it's a little large on me...but it's warm. And that's what counts! I LOVE that it's yellow. Someone told me it was very fitting for me since they said I am always smiling and it was probably the nicest compliment ever. Wearing it does make me smile though!
What is everyone doing for halloween?? I'm planning on....studying...because even though I literally just announced that I did amazing on my last chemistry test, we have another one next week. That means another 30 hours of studying this weekend. Plus some more because this unit is harder than the last. Ugh. But, I have faith in myself now! My best friend from home, Margaret, is also coming to visit this weekend and I hope to see her :)! EEEP! Next weekend after the test, I'm going home too, so the next two weeks will just be wonderful. Minus chemistry ;)

Have a wonderful weekend!


simplyhope said...

I am glad you decided to post this! The blue and yellow are lovely together! hah well atleast the girly liked your tights:D They ARE cute!

Estefany @ The Helmet Head said...

You are cute!
I am not a huge Taylor fan, but i do like some of her songs. Plus, her skin is so flawless!

I really like the mix of colors here. The white tights looks really good this outfit as well.


Kelly said...

I do LOVE that coat. Yellow, I think, makes everybody happy. A study once proved that yellow inspires aggression, but that just can't be!

Megan said...

I love this outfit, mustard is one of my favourite colours. Enjoy listening to the album!

Alex said...

Oh Maggie you look lovely here - so happy and natural. The yellow coat is gorgeous and I really like it teamed up with the zingy dress and the pale tights. You're really lucky to have the legs to get away with white tights - I look terrible in them!

Nicole, Coco Maria said...

These pictures are so fun, and you look great! Blue and yellow has been one of my favorite color combinations lately, so I am loving this look! :)

natalie said...

Let's see. I love your hat, tights, belt, boots, dress, and coat. So I think that just about covers everything, hahaha. :) Definitely captures the perfect spirit of fall! A wonderful weekend to you, too. :D

Alex said...

Oh, I CAN'T believe it! We have the exact same coat!!!!!!! The only difference is that I paid full price for it :( boo-hooo! But it's the cutest coat I have because it's yellow! Omg, I am seriously freaking out now because I couldn't believe it was the sameee! :) We're coat sisters now :)! I don't know when to return your dress back O:! Do you need it for this fall O:?

Also, you are wearing the necklace! It looks beautiful on you :)

elanor, missing-lovebirds said...

such bright happy colors! so cute. :) i love your dress of course.

good luck with studying! and have a great weekend, girl.

xx elanor

Hannah said...

I love this color combination, it's so cheery!!

I had seriously thought of you when I saw the commercials on t.v. for Taylor's new album, as well as seeing it all over the I'm excited to hear it, but I'm waiting for it to come from the library.

It's craaaazy that snow is coming so soon. Some friends of mine at college in Minnesota had snow this morning, a dusting, but still snow. I heard it's gonna hit Wisconsin next week. I'm looking forward to it.

That kind of sucks that your school loads you up with homework. Come on, it's Halloween! hehe
Well I hope you have some fun! :)

Abbey said...

I'm listening to t-swift's album right now, and it's been on repeat since it came out. I pretty much love everything about her. Hah. LOVE this outfit, and how happy you look! And I'm extremely jealous of your fall leaves. Ours probably will go straight to brown.

Gizelle Faye | Vanilla Ice Cream said...

you're just soo adorable!
and hey, we have the same dress...mine is longer though but the exact polka dots and the exact color. :D

ps. i wore my boots the other day too..hehe.

♥ vanilla ice cream ♥

Kimberellie said...

truly gorgeous kitten. I am in love with that yellow coat. must go now, I think my son just said: "oh sh*t". ha!

heart: Kimberellie

Rio said...

I looooove that yellow coat! It is so cute and cheerful, and it looks great against your blue dress! Is your school on the quarter system? Mine is, and we constantly have tests too... bleh! My last midterm is on Tuesday, and I have a feeling it's gonna be doozy! :( Good luck on your next chem. test!!! :)

Bea said...

This is such a fun spontaneous post! I especially found it cute that you're dressing like Taylor to commemorate her album coming out. Dresses with cowboy boots are such a winning combination. I must find cowboy boots! :)

Cheery outfit, Maggie and it fits your personality perfectly!

Bea from A plus B

Stel said...

The blue and the yellow go so well together. the yellow really suits you :)

~Abby~ said...

Ahh the pictures are beautiful with the colors of your dress, raincoat, leaves, grass and whatnot.

Good luck on the test! Have a great weekend!


gee said...

you look beautiful.
i looooooove the yellow and blue together.
have a wonderful weekend love.

dreamy princess said...

Glad to have you back sweetie! Ohh.. the boots are so country like! just like Taylor(:

Your clothes colors are pretty as usual. The blue and yellow;D

I love Mine MV! She suits as a mother(:

Dreamy Princess
~I wonder what it's like to live in Paris~

.Alyspank said...

Loooove the colors of this outfit! I have a pair of white tights myself, but can't figure out quite what to pair them with!

Best of luck on your chemistry test! I was fortunate enough to not have to take that class, but seem to constantly be finding myself studying just as hard as I would have for anatomy. I don't know what I'll do next semester when I have to take anatomy II and Microbiology. Hopefully you and I both will be able to plow through our courses with the best of grades!!


Flashes of Style said...

I looove the yellow parka! <3

Lena said...

Your outfit is adorable! These two colours, blue and yellow, make suck a powerful combination!

Have fun, Lena!

Amber Blue Bird said...

I think these photos are very blog worthy, it looks like you are having a grand time

head over heels said...

love your coat - it looks amazing with your dress!
I'm going to a club as a zombie nurse for halloween, poor you try and have some fun despite the studying :) x

kyky said...

Magizzle! Hello fellow blogger, this is Kylie :) I looooove your blog. Your outfits and pictures are so fun and creative. How are you? I hope you're enjoying college and you aren't getting too homesick (I miss Moscow so)! I heard Taylor Swift's song 'never grow up' and it makes me want to go back to the good ol' junior high soccer days :( Minus Brian....hahaha.

♥ Kylie

kyky said...

Thank you, thank you! Whaaa?! Get out of town, I have a d-5000 that I got for graduation too! twinsies ;) I always think it's so funny how we were all dying to leave and now all anyone can think about is going back home. Thanksgiving is soon though! Hoorah. Will I be seeing you? Perhaps we should plan a little scrimmage for the MHS lady bears alum ;)

Michal said...

I love that dress! The bright blue & yellow look so cheery together (:

✿ren said...

I love the spontaneity in this post! And the blue-yellow combination is awesome~ :D


love the color of your jacket
come follow xo

Charlotte said...

oh my god, i love everything about this outfit!!
i love white tights too :]]]
i am also totally with you about the beanies- perfect for a bad hair day!!

Charlotte xxx

Oh, My Darling said...

Loving the color combo of your outfit!

Matt said...

Finally getting caught up on blogs! These are really fun pictures! The dress is super cute, and the outfit is just fantastic! I love the colors, and that coat totally rocks! :)