Wednesday, June 26

we went to Ivar's!

We had one of those nights where every single thing we planned to do fell through. I mean, we didn't just resort to plan B, we went through plans A-D until we finally threw the towel in. And it was then that our unplanned evening turned into a fantastically unexpected low key but still fun night. I'll be honest, though, it had a lot to do with these seagulls. And I think just maybe these might be the best pictures that have ever, ever been posted on this blog or will ever. Would you just look at that picture of my face reacting to the two seagulls about to lunge for my face!? Spoiler alert: they fought over the French fry, but they never actually flew directly, erm, into my face. Like I thought.

Anyways, when going to the Smith Tower or Colombia Tower or go on the Ghost Tour or Underground Tour OR the Duck Tour ALL fell through (schedules, reservations, private parties ect.), my friend Collin said simply, "Alright, Ivar's it is." To which I thought that this plan just stunk because what was so special about Ivar's? Granted, I'm not a sea food eater, so you might feel me there, but if he had said that you ate outside and that you were allowed to feed the Seagulls that hang out with you while you eat, I might have thought differently. We laughed and screamed for a solid hour after our food was consumed as Seagulls swooped in and caught our French Fries from our fingers as we waved our hands in the air. Of course, it took me a dozen times to get it right because Jenny said, "Maggie, be careful, they have razor sharp beaks," so I was convinced my fingers would be pricked but nothing of the sort happened.

I think going to Ivar's and feeding Seagulls might be my new "thing" in the city to do whenever I'm in a bad mood and need a quick fix. If you've never squawked with a Seagull and happen to have nothing to do in Seattle, go to Ivar's. 
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and now for the BEST sequence of pictures to have ever 
been posted ever:


Chloe, Wardrobe Quarry said...

Hahaha your face in the third to last photo. Classic! Looks like a good day if you ask me!

Wardrobe Quarry

Brissa said...

i hate seagulls. with a passion. they always steal the bread i throw to ducks. selfish birds.
maggie, i want those fries. i want that whole meal. why can't i be your neighbor?!

Abbey said...

oh my goodness you are braver than me. i'm not necessarily scared of birds but i do not like them close to me! those are great photos!

Z said...

i love the sign about seagulls being dainty eaters! the more you know. your face once he takes your french fry is hilarious :]

Sara @ Saison said...

Those photos are hilarious!

Rachael // The Paraders said...

How fun! Sometimes it takes until plan G to get it right. Glad you had a good time anyway!

Rachael from THE PARADERS

kylee said...

the unplanned adventures are always the best kind. is that chicken? hollllyyyy crap that chicken + those fries look AMAAAAZING.

andrea brionne said...

love these photos!! seattle is my home! :) and i miss it so much. your blog is adorable btw

andrea brionne