Friday, June 7

when I played "model"

Nine Ninteen
I know that I'm a quasi-personal style blogger, but style blogging is different than being photographed for the purpose of making a nice picture. Personal style blogging = get a good picture that's in focus that shows my clothes. Getting a nice picture = knowing how to pose and make pretty-ish faces and not look awkward. Taking pictures of what I'm wearing is easy. Especially when I'm wearing sunglasses. I stand there and look down at what I'm wearing and that's the end of that. When I was asked to pose and be a subject for a friend of mine that upgraded her camera I was like.... Erm. I'll take photos of YOU? No, no, she insisted. And I agreed with the premise that I could take photos of her for most of our adventure since she really IS a model. She passed along the pictures of me (but I forgot my camera so she is in possession of the ones I took of her and I do not have them) and I actually was half impressed that there were some in the bunch where I might deceive you into thinking that in the rest of the frames my mouth is open and my eyes are crazy. Also, it's been a zillion years since I did post outfit photos so though I'm not a model because I lack the bone structure, height, and pointy shoulders- well, here I am! In clothing! This counts. I'm counting it. It was a fun adventure through the rain forest nonetheless.

Also, I had pizza after this. And we all know models eat pizza.
Fifteen One Ten Eight


Jennifer said...

You look great! I love the last photo, it's got such a romantic feel and the lighting is just perfect.

veronika girlandcloset said...

You're a beauty and I adore these photos! Mmmm, and a big yay for pizza!! xo

Shawnee said...

pretty :) how fun!

Abbey said...

Gorgeous girl! :) Love all the lighting in these photos, she did good! And your hat!

GretchTM said...

you look beautiful! nice photos.

Laura said...

Fantastic pictures! Especially, that last picture! So amazing and pretty! That dress is just gorgeous!


▲my• said...

Always so pretty Maggie <3

Shelby said...

uh ok! can you say GORGEOUS! seriously though, these photos are stunning :) love it!

kylee said...

YOU ARE SO DANG GORGEOUS. that first picture is uh-maze-ing. i'm also in love with that last picture: the lighting, the framing, the pose, everrrything. you should model more often.

April Fashionreports said...

What kind of new camera has your friend?
I love the pictures they are so bright.
I'm still looking for a better camera who made better pictures than mine.

You look stunning!
Your blog is very inspiring
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Hope you can follow back!

Lots of love,

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