Tuesday, June 18

That time Tuesday was owned by ME

The best Tuesdays of all of the Tuesdays I've ever had began by simply deciding that today was going to be MY day. Mind over matter, you know? Well, it may have started the second after I looked in the mirror and decided my hair was on top of its stuff today so I needed to follow its suit, but once I opened my eyes this morning mentally deciding I would conquer it all today, it was like the rest of my day just sort of fell into place.  So, let's recap. A quick little sequence of events.

It began by making it to my bus stop a complete five minutes early and it was because of those five minutes my day really got rolling from just a good hair day to a good day. I was minding my own business at the bus stop, smelling the freshly rained on beautiful rain forest that smells so different from the pine forests I'm used to in Idaho, thinking about how the air just had a certain zest to it this morning when a woman next to me says as if she can read my mind, "Boy, it sure smells good outside, doesn't it!?" I smiled at this lady beside me and replied, "Yes! You read my mind. Did you see the lightning last night?" Which was the start of our twenty minute conversation as we waited for the bus, sat by one another on the bus, and then arrived at our stop. During the conversation, I revealed that I was here for the summer and was a creative writing major to which she announced she herself was a writer. What!? Get out! And as it turns out, there ARE some successful writers in the world who can live on islands in the rain forest and I listened to her give me all of her best advice which was some of the most insightful I've ever heard. 

Next, I decided that the good hair day I was having in addition to my great talk with the writer could only mean it was a good luck kind of day and I should push to see how far I could go. I decided there and then i would finally, finally follow up on the job applications I sent in last week. I put it off by a solid two days but today I marched inside and shook the hand of the shift manager with a friendly smile and recited my hours of availability. Done! Cross your fingers and toes for me that I get an interview.

My day at work was one that without my streak of good luck that morning I may have met with some antsy nerves. Luckily, this was not so, as we all know. I was given a large project that ended up taking four hours to do and officially mastered my phone calling skills. Towards the end of my phone list, I called an elderly lady who wanted to hear all about the work my company was doing and she replied that she was so proud of our work. She asked about myself and what I did, leading into a speech about never settling and always going for your dreams. It was the best. I think the other thing I can take from today is that maybe I am trying to make friends with the wrong age group and should aim, well, much higher!? Anyways, she ended up donating to our organization very generously and it brightened the work load significantly.

The only thing I'm going to say about the other good thing that happened today and risk that I took...is that I think I like environmental law and Tanzania more than I ever have?

I walked out of my office building with bare shoulders and sunny skies above. And as I peeked into allies and nervously looked up at the skyscrapers waiting for the overwhelming itch I had felt on Sunday when I nearly had a meltdown, it never came. None of it. A full day's of work conquering the most difficult part of my internship thus far and doing well at it, sun, confronting little things- it all added up to most fulfilling ferry ride home on the top deck facing the skyline as I drifted away from it.

Wednesday, can we do you even better?


kylee said...

"I think I like environmental law and Tanzania more than I ever have?" YES!

shelbyisms said...

woo hoo yahhhhhh!

Natalie said...



I'm very glad you had a marvelous Tuesday and I hope that this streak of wonderful continues.

Shawnee said...

YAY! looooove hearing that about writers. seriously, dreamy. except i'd choose somewhere on the water - lake superior or an ocean.

Shelby said...

Oh my girl, this is awesome. Days like these always go down in history! But really, there is nothing like a good day to give you a new perspective and to kind of have a do over. I stinking love this!

Kaylie said...

This is so inspiring, I almost teared up. Yeah, I'm a sap. But really, you are awesome.