Sunday, June 2

Beechers on a Friday night with Nicole and Elanor!

I can tell you one thing for certain and that's that meeting up with fellow bloggers is something that never, ever gets old. And something special about this summer is that I have the chance to not only just "meet" a few, but hang out with them more than a few times which is such a rare and amazing opportunity. I got to finally meet Nicole over dinner with Elanor, who I met last fall, and it was the best Friday evening I could have asked for. We started with (wait for it) ... the BEST Mac & Cheese I've ever had (it is infamously named the best Mac & Cheese in Seattle so it's not just me) and then ran to my ferry where I ended up missing it. Um, hello opportunity to explore. So we did just that. And ended up in the Pioneer Square district, the oldest part of Seattle, saw many interesting people, and finished with getting matching ice cream cones in a shop with a stuffed bear that was quite seriously the creepiest stuffed anything I've seen.

This evening was so fun. Seattle timed its sunny weather for the perfect weekend. I might have worn tights, but I was ready to pull them off in a bathroom by lunchtime. I think I'm officially maybe putting them away for good. Maybe.

Also, aren't Nicole and Elanor just the prettiest girls you have ever seen?
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Katie Landmesser said...

These pictures are incredible! I feel like I'm there with you. And Elanor's eyes are so striking. I love your blog :)

Laura said...

Looks like you had such a great time - nothing can beat pasta and blogger time. Also, I really love your skirt! So cute!

Shawnee said...

stunning photos!!

kylee said...

i freakin love mac & cheese and OH MY GOSH THAT LOOKS SOOO GOOD! the seattle food you blog about makes my mouth water and my mind shout "move to seattle and be maggie's roommate!" you sound like me on our blog meet-up: wearing tights on a day that ended up being way hotter than expected. TWINS!