Friday, June 21

The story of how I got new glasses (and why)

First of all, you should know this. I got to experience the chance of a lifetime (or at least, my lifetime thus far) of seeing the US Mens' National soccer team play in Seattle a couple weeks ago. I am, without a doubt, an emotionally invested soccer fan. When the World Cup comes around, I am definitely not free in the mornings due to back to back soccer games. So, for part 1 of this story, you should know that this was without a doubt a dream come true and I was giddy to be able to see the US Mens' team play in person. It was the dreamiest.And due to our facepaint, we were allowed into the VIP lounge prior to the game which included better food and drink options you still had to pay for, but I'd much rather pay $10 for a good sandwich than $8 for popcorn and pretzels.
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Part two of the story goes like this: after going almost the entire first half without scoring, the US FINALLY scored. We happened to be sitting by people supporting Panama and when they scored, the man next to me leapt into the air and upon doing so, knocked my glasses off my head and then effectively one of us stepped on them. It was chaotic! There was no seeing or breathing in the moments after scoring which was effectively one of the most exhilarating experiences of my life but also, like, MY GLASSES! MY VISION! Literally crumpled at my feet. So my glasses broke which was unfortunate but not the worst thing in the world as I figured at the time because I was due for new ones anyways and I had insurance.

Or so I thought.

The rest of the game kind of went downhill for the Panamians and the US won 2-0. We managed to make it onto the bus after waiting well over an hour for one (such is life) and it was overall a great evening.

The next morning I went to work with broken glasses and without my vision. It was alright, because I'm not totally blind, but obnoxious nonetheless. I put off calling my eye doctor to ask for my prescription for two days. Which is when my eye doctor urged me to come all the way to the other side of the state just to buy frames from them, which I understand from a business standpoint because he wants his clients to buy their pretty fancy frames/lenses that are of good quality, but it was going to be impossible for me to get all the way over there in such short notice and I NEEDED my glasses. I asked that he just send me the prescription numbers so I could order cheap ones online. He agreed. I got the numbers. They were from 2006. Which he claimed was the last time I was in for an eye exam. Um. Incorrect. I got new glasses about two years ago and they were the Eye Doctor Expensive kind so I could promise him that those were definitely not the most updated numbers because I got new glasses and thus, an eye exam, TWO YEARS AGO. He emailed once more to apologize and said he was sorry if that caused me any problems getting glasses elsewhere.


So, completely on my own without my parents in Seattle to deal with it all, I called half a dozen eye clinics downtown close to where I worked that would a) take my insurance (and got to use my individual insurance card, finally! yay!) b) fit me in within a couple of days for an exam to get my updated prescription. Only one place could fit me in within the week and that one place was able to fit me in that day. My boss was kind and understanding enough to send me on my merry frustrated way to get those dang prescription numbers so I could order new glasses.

Got the prescription numbers in thirty minutes. Received zero pressure to buy frames/lenses from this new Seattle eye doctor who was hilarious and kind of kooky, but kind. In fact, she encouraged me to look elsewhere and recommended several cheaper places that made glasses rather than the ones on her wall that all ranged in the $400-600 range. Score! Ordered glasses from Warby Parker.

So, by the end of the entire ordeal, I ended up with new glasses! That I love! And I couldn't be happier with, really. They're a huge upgrade from my previous ones and my insurance will reimburse me for the cost of them. Woohoo! I'm 20 and I can get myself new glasses now.
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mayte. said...

you are so lucky to have insurance, omg. I had to pay so much for my eye doctors appointment.
but yes, warby parker! i love love love my frames from them and also $95 for glasses that are SUPER CUTE YES PLEASE.
and I am so glad you love soccer too. I go insane during the world cup, screaming at the tv and screaming for the motherland of EspaƱa (when Mexico isn't doing well at least)

Sally said...

This story makes me proud of my city. Isn't Seattle a lovely, friendly place? :)

So glad it all worked out well!

carly said...

no way. I just had a super similar experience with this new eye doctor and trying to get new contacts and the doctor conveniently not telling me that our insurance wouldn't cover them until after the contacts had arrived. seriously a, "oh by the way, these are going to cost you $215. when would you like to get them?"

what eye doctor did you end up going to?! because she sounds nice and I am definitely not going back to that frustrating one. and also, your glasses are PERFECT; I'm kind of really in love with them.

Shawnee said...

OH MY GOSH; so darling!

kylee said...

stop. i want someone to ruin my eyes so i can have cute glasses like you.

smei said...

congrats on your successful glasses adventures! i love seattle :)