Sunday, June 23

meeting Megan & Liz, Fremont's Summer Solstice fair, and the UDistrict

So, a few weeks ago, I was caught. And I realized I've basically lost my credibility completely. Because after I eat anything I eat in Seattle, I say affirmatively, "This is the BEST (*insert food type*) I have EVER eaten!". I've had the best Mac&Cheese, Pho (!!!), cookies, scones, strawberries that took me 8 bites to finish, coffee, chai tea lattes, crepes, Indian food- the best everything. Everything is just the best here. Woops. Dillon released the cat from the bag and found me out. So, maybe, you can't really believe anything I say when I say it's the GREATEST something on the planet but I think that has less to do with it being the actual best scone or strawberry and more to do with the fact that it's all so new and intoxicating and maybe, yeah, it possibly is the best scone I've ever had because I don't have a strong background in living in cities where there are specialists for every type of food there is.

I'm just overly excited about everything. The things that are mundane to the local that are to me majestic and amazing. Maybe it'll ware off when the shock of it all wares off. But maybe not. And then I'll just have zero credibility for my entire stay here and be really annoying.

Regardless, yesterday not only did I truly discover the best pizza (it beat my previous favorite, even!) but I had one of the best Saturdays since I've been here. And I have had a lot of great Saturdays. My roommate and friend that I've lived with for three years that basically falls under the category of "family" now is here visiting me. She wanted to visit me in Seattle while I was here anyways and it just so happened a few months ago that I found out my favorite Youtube stars turned actual musicians with singles being released and an album out in a few months would be coming to Seattle. SCORE! I've followed them for three years and have followed their career from Youtube covers to recording their first songs in a studio to now headlining a tour in the next few months. I shamelessly include them in every single CD mix for my car and it's only natural that my roommate has gradually become a fan, too. What can I say? I love pop at its pop-iest.

And so, it happened! She arrived in the morning and I put on my Jeffrey Campbell booties for good measure (and because M&L are big fans of JC) and out the door we were! Keep in mind, I have never driven on roads busier than the ones in Missoula, Montana, so when I say that I was able to drive through Seattle downtown traffic in the middle of the Seattle Rock N' Roll Marathon, onto the freeway, and all the way to Alderwood where the event was, so believe me when I say that it was a BIG deal to accomplish that. We arrived JUST in time for the fashion show (... a fashion show by Macy's? *gag*) in which we realized we were definitely the oldest fans there that weren't parents. Megan and Liz only performed three songs but we skipped out after the second to stand in line for the meet and greet. I met them and we bonded over cats, big glasses, singing in the car, and nail polish- it was fantastic.
IMG_0460 IMG_0485
Seattle from two different perspectives- 
on the ferry (above)
from Gas Works Park (below)
Afterwards, since we had already paid the huge toll price to cross the ferry in a car, we figured we may as well explore some other parts of Seattle. The first thing we stumbled into when I had the grand idea of going to Gas Works Park? The Solstice Fair in Fremont in which traditionally, a naked parade march on bikes happens. People paint themselves and ride their bikes naked in the parade. Of course, we had no idea that there was a fair happening and so the first thing I noticed was a lone man buck naked on a bike rolling down the street. I nearly slammed on the breaks- but of course, dozens more followed after. I was just showing Jenny real Seattle culture, right!?

Because parking was impossible, I randomly took a street running the opposite direction of Gas Works and we found ourselves on the UW campus which was when I decided a spontaneous trip to the infamous UDistrict needed to happen. Because, well, we were HERE and I've never been and it's on my list of things to do, anyways! And here, ladies and gents, was where I had the best pizza I've ever had in my life that I couldn't even tell you the name of because we stumbled in mindlessly with hunger in our eyes. After, we roamed the streets and I went into a Buffalo Exchange for the first time in my life and found some amazing jewelry. We toured a few more thrift stores and ended with frozen yogurt before heading back to Seattle (and getting lost twice, but, YOSO)(you only Seattle once) and got on our ferry. Seattle turned cloudy to gloriously sunny and we basked in the fresh salty sea air outside the ferry the whole way home.

It was a perfect day. Not the MOST perfect or the BEST yet, but my days are sort of molding into perfect days on their own for different reasons. They're all just the best, you know? That's possible. I'm telling myself it is. I'm making the most of my time here while I have it.
IMG_0464 IMG_0459 IMG_0453
thank you, Jenny! for taking picture since I left mine at home.
And for letting me steal most of the M&L time.


Dillon said...

1. The fact that everything you eat is "the best" is nothing but entertaining, and I mean that in the nicest of ways!
2. That is an impressive drive, even for a local.
3.Your glasses = awesome.
4. The way you write about navigating the area makes you sound like a true Seattlite! Congrats!

veronika girlandcloset said...

Aw, seriously you're all kinds of awesome Maggie. And YES, the food in Seattle is totally amazing. Plus love your outfit the JC boots were a fabulous choice!! xo

Aunie said...

i just got back from seattle and went to gas works! it was amazing!! so happy to see that you're from idaho... i live in boise!

Gina said...

if you were on the ave (university avenue) across from buffalo exchange, it was probably pagliacci pizza :)