Sunday, March 4

weekends that surprise you

well, hello march! i love weekends that surprise you. the kind of weekends that are unintentionally busy. i swear to be a homebody but i do love my weekends spent outside my room being busy. in a lot of ways, i think i've fallen into a too comfortable rut of staying in and watching movies all the time because school drains me so completely. not that staying home all the time is always bad. i mean, i basically spent my entire freshmen year doing just that. however, i'm discovering that spending all day finding random things to do and winding up at uswirl, walking to albertson's for a date afternoon and sitting in the sun (*cough* shade *cough*),finding the top of a pretty mountain with a cool view, looking at old houses downtown, and getting dressed up for no reason can be just as refreshing as being lazy at home. i'm definitely more of an adventurer but my lazy habits definitely get in the way of that.


Mila said...

Hey, I love your blog, really great!
I will definitely be back! :)

Jessica said...

I'm really similar! Nine times out of ten, I just feel tired and want to stay home and watch TV, but I never regret the times I push myself to leave the house and do something. I always end up having a good time. It's just so hard to find a balance though!

Beautifully Pure said...

I know what you mean. :) I'm so lazy, but I really love getting out and doing things. I wish I had more friends around to do things with! I'm so beyond excited for my trip in May. I get to visit three of my best friends (like, seriously, my best friends!) and spend two weeks doing all sort of crazy things. So exciting!

Hope you have as good a week as you did weekend!

Shawnee said...

ohhh i totally get this!
i tend to do the same.. stay in, sip tea, watch movies.. but really i am more of an adventurer!! work/school all day makes me tired and all i want to do is relax in bed:) my lazy side has been taking me over too much!
here's to march and more adventures! cheers!