Tuesday, March 20

An Inspired Monday

it was one of those awesome days when getting up early didn't seem so unbearable (well, okay, maybe only once i had coffee in my hands and was sitting in class), i liked what i was wearing (it has been scientifically proven that "dressing up" makes you perform better in school), and sweet good morning texts made me smile (my favorite thing). until i went to creative writing, everything seemed just dandy and even the snow on the ground couldn't damper my mood. and then... i got to creative writing (my favorite class by far and one i hate to skip) and realized my workshop was next friday and i had yet to write something i liked enough to let an entire class of people tear it apart. in the past month, i have finished *four* short stories after being told by Modcloth Model that even if you write 20 bad pages and 6 good pages, those 6 can be fruitful for a better second draft. so i did just that. i finished all of my crazy sporadic ideas causing agony and many nights staring blankly at my screen waiting for some bit of inspiration to get me through. and... i didn't like any of them. i liked sentences from each and maybe a scene here and there but none of them really stuck out to me as something i had enough of to "finish". so with a week left to finish a short story, i came home from organic chemistry yesterday after thinking of nothing except this short story of doom i knew i had to write and decided that i was going to start and finish one entire story that night. so... i did just that. and once i sat down, cleared my desk of literally everything on it, and had a sliver of an idea, i just started writing and it hit. i love that moment. i live for it lately. it makes all of the bad pages worth it and Modcloth Model is right. sometimes it takes a lot of muck and junk to get to something good. because when you start writing and the sentences come easily and the characters seem to speak for themselves and you don't have to stop and think about what they're going to do (because they seem to choose that for you), it's a blast. an absolute perfect few hours of fun. i'm excited again and it feels like this again.
and because i'm way too excited to wait until i post all of the pictures tomorrow...
i used pinterest to inspire my hair yesterday and i loved it. next time? curly hair and i'm
going to use an invisible hair tie! pattern mixing with my hair, that's what it has come to folks.


kylee said...

i die over the polka dot bow & striped shirt. dieeeee. seriously. cutest thing of my life. i need to find my crafty side and make about a million of those bows.

Beautifully Pure said...

Glad you had such a lovely day! And I can't wait to see how you did your hair! <3

Anonymous said...

I love that moment when inspiration hits! You really can't beat that feeling.

I'm also super excited to see the outfit photos!

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