Monday, March 19

10 things i'd say to 10 people right now

1. you're the best friend i've ever had and sometimes i feel like i'll never be as good of a friend to you as you've been for me. thank you for listening to every single rant and sending me 10 page texts in reply to my 7 page texts. thank you for understanding and never judging. thank you for seeing the good in me and making me feel like a good person. thank you for always always being there without even asking and being one of the only friends i have that i don't think feel obligated to be my friend, but actually want to be my friend. there's a big difference between wanting and feeling obligated. i think you're absolutely amazing and probably the single best person i've ever known. you deserve everything.
2. i really, really wish instead of spoiling all of your family, you'd spend your money on yourself. i wish i hadn't gotten used to being spoiled and i wish you'd get used to spoiling yourself. i wish more than anything that you could go to europe and see all the places you dreamed of going to with him. i'm afraid that now that he's gone, you'll never see the things you wanted to see because he's not here to do them with you. i'm afraid that all of your dreams are forgotten in your heart. i want to take you everywhere and do everything with you.
3. i don't think you intentionally try to be rude nor mean, but sometimes the things you say make you sound exactly like the kind of person i hate.
4. i loved your blog until every single one of your posts turned into a walking ad for the brand you're wearing. i know that you choose the items you receive from your sponsors, but when literally every piece has c/o in front of it, it makes it difficult to relate to your style and take inspiration from something i couldn't replicate unless i spent the money on that exact dress. i miss the days when you'd thrift pieces and incorporate them frequently into your blog. creativity inspires me. i'm not saying this to berate you nor criticize your choices as a blogger, but i do miss how easy it was to relate to your old posts and your more daring/creative looks.
5. i want to make you proud more than anything but lately i wonder if making you proud means stepping outside what you would want me to do and choosing what i want for myself.
6. thank you for teaching a class that makes me a better student than i've ever been and pushes me to want to be even better than i'll ever be. i really want to read your writing and i really want to see you succeed because it takes someone special to mentor a classroom of college students the way you have.
7. i want all of your dreams to come true more than my own. i wish you didn't try to be so perfect all the time and realize that your mistakes are in fact, okay, and will teach you more than getting everything perfect every time will. you've surpassed me in almost every way and are so much smarter than i was at 16/17. i wish i had been more like you. i could have learned a lot from someone like you. also, how did you become so much more awesome than i'll ever be?
8. you're just a really awesome person and we've never spoken but i kind of want to be your best friend.
9. i'm blessed to have two parents like you. everything you ever said has turned out to be true and everything you thought was best for me has turned out to be the best. i miss living under your roof but i feel proud that you raised me to be able to live so well on my own, too. i'm proud that you raised me to make smart decisions for myself but can still come back to you for absolutely anything.
10. i love you.

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Suma said...

I think almost everyone can relate to 1-10 in some way! Love this post!

LoriLynn said...

I absolutely love this. LOVE.

Celynne said...

I can so related to #4, I've actually stopped reading some blogs for this reason.

You should say hello to #8. One of my newest dear friends is a girl in my belly dance class. I awkwardly handed her a slip of paper with my name, cell number and e-mail, and asked if she'd want to hang out together sometime and that I was going to so-and-so event if she'd like to join. Now we go out for poutine and beer each week after class and hang out on weekends and are growing awesomely close :) She said it was so cool and brave that someone was willing to go so out of their way just to befriend her and it made her feel special. So I bet #8 would love to be your friend too.

Anonymous said...

You have some really amazing people in your life (it's obvious you're amazing too:))

two birds said...

what a beautiful post. you are so well spoken and tactful and i love everything that you've said.

Ronida said...

This is quite long but I read every single world.. #2 makes me want to cry... Very lovely post. <3

Steffys Pros and Cons said...

this is such a good idea! eeks about the c/o one. i feel like thats been happening to me :( it sucks to turn down brands you relate to but i do LOVE my vintage hehe

Steffys Pros and Cons

Monica @ All Things Lovely said...

I like this a lot.
i wonder what i would say to 10 people.

Beautifully Pure said...

Such a creative post idea! Love it! <3