Wednesday, March 14

not a drive by

You know that amazing feeling you get when you wake up and make your bed in the morning? When you just know you're going to have a wonderful kind of day just because you started your day right from the moment you woke up? This morning I decided not only was I going to make my bed, but that I was going to wash my sheets, my towels, and all two loads of laundry stuffed into my too small laundry bin. I woke up three hours earlier than my per usual Tuesday regime and between loads, completed my lab report, drank coffee, ate muffins, and showered. All before noon! It was amazing. Oh, and not having class today after being gone in Minnesota for a weekend helped a lot, too.
I had an amazing weekend and came away with a successful load of new items to add to my closet. I discovered that I'm a completely different shopper in a store than I am online. I'm serious. I do 99.9999% of all shopping online and I have found that I'm increasingly unhappy with what I get online. I woke up this morning and chose the smallest item I got: my new mustard yellow belt from Francessca's Collections! I wasn't sure if spending $14 on a belt was going to be worthwhile when I could get a $2 one from Forever21 and the more I thought about it the more I realized that most of my belts are from Forever21 and I no longer wear them because of how worn they are. And the color was really too perfect to pass up. So I went for it and I'm really happy because there's nothing like a quality belt. I threw it on with an older dress and aha! My polka dot cardigan ironically from Forever21. I really do love playing with patterns and bold colors. I wasn't even going to take pictures today but I texted Niklaas and was like you know what!? I like what I'm wearing, let's do it!
It is currently scaring me how close to summer we are. Our spring break falls in April so it's still two and a half weeks away, but directly after spring break we have three full weeks, finals week, and then summer. That's five and a half weeks of school until finals. People think I'm crazy when I freak out about it being so close but I'm honestly not ready! I guess it's a good thing if I want it to remain spring and stay in school? I think I'm just so happy with life and living on my own over here that I'm not entirely ready to go home and live in my little bedroom squished at the back of the house shared with my family again! I hope that doesn't mean that I'm growing up.
dress,scarf, & cardigan- Forever21
tights- Jcrew
flats & readers- Urban Outfitters
belt- Francessca's Collections


kaelah beauregarde said...

i absolutely love this outfit. the colors + patterns are so lovely!

LoriLynn said...

I seriously want every single piece of this outfit. Ugh stupid no new 2012 LOL...long story short, if you ever want to sell any or all of these items, I think that counts as second hand in my rule book?! Anyways, you look beyond all reason adorable, as always! Xo Lori

Ronida said...

very nice combo!

Jasmine, Transient Withdrawal said...

I love productive early, slow mornings :) I'm having one right now at Starbucks catching up on blogs and other things. I adooooreeee this outfit! If I had a polka dot cardigan, I'd recreate it in a heartbeat! I have a similar dress from H&M though and I wore it with a mustard yellow belt too! I love the photo location of this outfit too (okay obviously, I just love everything!). You are so lovely<3 Let's wear our elephant print dress really soon!

PS. I had a post titled the same title as yours recently. I think we have like music ESP or something. We have such similar music tastes (and clothing tastes). I LOVE IT. YOU NEED TO COME TO CALIFORNIA SOOOOOOOON.

Anonymous said...

your outfit is really cute ... i looove it :))
oh and how i wish i had days when i could just not do anything until noon ...

Celynne said...

You're just growing more independent is all :) You know what it's like to be in control, to be the decision maker, and to have your own space, and you like that, and it's totally okay not to want to go back home. $14 really ain't nothing for a nice belt! I've seen belts go for $80 hah, now that's crazy. Yours is wicked, love the pattern mixing and the pop from the yellow :)

Blue Rinse said...

This is a wonderful outfit post,
You look just delightful

Laurie Rose

Beautifully Pure said...

I love this outfit! The colors remind of a bumble bee - a really, really adorable bumble bee. :D

I'm glad you're having such a nice day. My whole week has been great! Spring weather just makes everything better, I think. ;)

Bad Taste Toast said...

Supercute outfit! I love the dress and cardi and scarf so much, they're all one great combo! <3

Seeking Style said...

This is a totally cute outfit!
It's hard to shop online and be satisfied with what you get since you're not seeing it in person first. That's why I'm glad so many stores accept online purchase returns ;)

xo Jennifer

Lina said...

I am super digging this outfit! It's a sweet in-between-seasons thing, and the super stripey dress is to die for. I know how you feel about not wanting to move back home, but I'm sure you'll come 'round ;) I sure did!

Natalie said...

Ahh I have the same dress! :) I love it with the polka dotted sweater and the pop of the scarf.

Starting the day off with a lot of productivity is always a good feeling. Then by the end of the day you feel accomplished enough to just relax!

And seriously. I mean, I have a few more weeks than you until summer, but still, it's already so close! I don't blame you for not wanting to give up independence for the next few months and all that... But hey, you're not officially an adult until you're over at least 25, in my opinion, so you still have a few years left in my book. ;)

Jessica said...

I love love love this outfit! I recently acquired a yellow belt too and it really does make everything you wear with it extra special!

Miriam said...

Love the polkadot/stripes combination! So cute!

kylee said...

stripes & dots. i love. making the bed in the morning really is a sign that the day will be good. i neeeeeed myself a mustard yellow belt.

Kim said...

haha! Funny thing, I did the same thing yesterday. I felt like superwoman, and now...I'm just laying in bed getting ready to take a nap.

found the route

Jamie Rose said...

This outfit is awesome. I love the mix of prints and the pop of yellow from your scarf.

Anonymous said...

Looooove this outfit!!! So cute!! And I never would've thought to pair polka dots with stripes, but you really work it!!! :)

Xoxo, Sarah

April, Everyday Forgotten said...

Ah, I seriously love this combo, especially with the pop of colour from the belt and scarf! So cute! :)

hellolyndsey said...

Ah, mags you look GORGEOUS!I love hte pop of mustard with the stripes and polka dots. This would be definitely one of my go to outfits if I had any of those amazing items (especially the quality belt that you just purchased!) I feel guilty about buying cheap things and it falling apart so quickly. I'd love to have some quality things here and there - I think it would make me a better shopper :). Oh and geez, you sound like you had one of the most perfect days ever! (I know I'm late to reading this, but still!) I hope I can have one real soon - we are so worn out from the move that it's killing us haha.

Have a lovely week doll!