Wednesday, March 21

We Are the Tide

Back in the day when my sister used to make videos for her French class, it seemed like she always always used my wardrobe to supply for the films costumes. I used to be flattered. Then one day I finally asked her why we always used my clothes for the costumes and she replied, "Because you have a lot of 'bright' colors." It wasn't exactly a compliment on her terms but I took a step back and looked at my clothes hanging in my closet and realized... she was on to something. Most of my clothes were indeed, brightly colored with loud prints. It was the first time I really thought about that and what that said about me especially in comparison to my sister's closet which primarily consists of neutral colors and different shades of blues. And I realized... yes, yes, I am a bright colors person.

Niklaas wasn't sold on wearing yellow tights with this outfit when we started taking pictures. In a way, I agreed. Black solid tights would have been more sophisticated and balanced out the loud pattern mixing I was having fun with. For the duration of our photo session, I regretted my mustard yellow tights. Then I looked at my camera when he handed it back to me and felt silly. Of course I didn't regret wearing yellow tights! It is so very me to wear mustard yellow tights with two crazy patterns being mixed together and it is so very me to stand in front of a blue wall and make the colors *pop* against one another! This was the day, my friends, that I realized I didn't mind being told by my roommates and friends that I have a collectively 'bright' wardrobe.
top- Gap
skirt- swapped with Tieka
glasses - Urban Outfitters
necklace & tights- Modcloth
shoes- Target


lazy explorers said...

I love the tights with this outfit! It adds so much character and happy vibes! I am a print/color mixer too, and sometimes I find myself doubting my outfit.

Erin {Plus Sized Pretty} said...

Perfect pattern mixing here, and I love those tights!


Aw, I think you did an amazingly wonderful job with this outfit! Love the two patterns together & those tights are perfect!! xo

Anonymous said...

I really looove the tights ... I should totally get something like that too, since I am crazy about the mustard color:))

Alice Barton said...

this is my favourite colour of tights at this moment. I am pretty sure it goes with anything!! love the whole outfit. xx
Alice Barton ♥ The Mow Way

Beautifully Pure said...

This outfit is soooo pretty! I love it! <3 It is very, very pretty and - just nice! :D

Jasmine, Transient Withdrawal said...

Loooooove the pattern mixing and this outfit! When you look into my closet, the first thing you'll notice will be all the stripes, and then all the other patterns hehe :) Your wardrobe isn't the only bright thing about you ;)

Monica @ All Things Lovely said...

I LOVE this outfit. Good job. Good job putting the tights with it, I love them with it. I love throwing on a random colored pair of tights. I want this outfit.

Sam B said...

Stick to the exotic sooo rock them! I love that little bow on your hair :)

Helen said...

loving the colours! people always seem suspicious when I wear bright colour. "hmm, you look very COLOURFUL Helen!" Yes I do and I love it!

Shawnee said...

that bow. adorable.

come check out my blog - there is a surprise for you! :) xx

sweet harvest moon said...

SO cute! :)

Steffys Pros and Cons said...

the polka dot bow is perfect!

Steffys Pros and Cons

Miss Peregrin said...

I've stumbled on your blog for the first time today, and I love it! You have adorable style - yellow tights are one of my favourite accessories. :)

dusanabotswana said...

hehe I tot disagree & think the yellow tights make the outfit!! I mean that skirt is so so cute on it's own but since it's you're mixing neutral colored top & bottom I think it's perfect!
Oh, & enjoy the sleep this weekend, I def love my sleep as well but don't get enough these days.

Anonymous said...

Hahaha, I'm so silly. Your super cute black and white outfit was already up (I left a comment on another post all excited to see "tomorrows" outfit).'

It looks great!

Jamie Rose said...

Hey I have those shoes too!
I think the yellow tights look really fun with this outfit! I, too, am a colors type of person so I enjoy them. The mix of prints in your outfit is great too.

t said...

Nice outfit!

TheTinyHeart said...

I love the stripes and polka dot pattern mixing! I think the mustard tights add the right pop of color to your outfit, since the rest of it is in the same color scheme. Adorable!

The Tiny Heart

Bethany Kellen of bunnypicnic said...

i sometimes feel silly wearing bright tights. and lately i've been drawn to neutrals. creating less of a springtime look. maybe it's because i'm aging, but as i look at the pile of clothes on my floor, the brightest thing i see are blue socks.
but i EFFING LOVE THIS. seriously.