Tuesday, March 13

i just want to be in...

dear minnesota,

i wasn't sure if i loved you upon first sight. in fact, you made me feel pretty claustrophobic at first when i could see horizon all the way around me. being strictly a pacific northwest girl, i didn't know what to do with this. and then i got in the middle of your beautiful twin cities, ate the best mac&cheese i've ever had at noodles and company, shopped until i literally dropped, and drove for miles between your never ending things to do and i kind of fell a little bit in love. maybe it was realizing how lucky i am to have found such a wonderful best friend in montana and how i'd never be in minnesota with her visiting her family if i'd never made friends with the girl who had cute clothes that lived on my floor. maybe it was having three blissful days away from school and reality to just drive and shop and scream every lyric of lady antebellum's songs from second row in the pit. maybe it was the city which never fails to leave me in awe and fill me with the adrenaline and excitement it contains. maybe it was hanging out and cuddling up to the cutest cat i've ever met and might have definitely swayed me to the cat-lover side once and for all. maybe it was the mall of america which was amazing even in its girl scouts of america national convention busy crowds. maybe it was the landscape which i wasn't impressed with at first but was kind of beautiful upon a closer inspection. 

minnesota, you stole my little heart. i hope i get to see you this summer and for more than three days! i'm so excited to pool together all of the pictures from our three days together. 

the other maggie


Eden Marie said...

haha this is so great to read! i was raised in minnesota and will soon be moving out of state and my fiance and i have been so sad about it! we love our little midwestern state! xo love your blog!


Beautifully Pure said...

I'm glad you had so much fun in Minnesota! Spending time with friends is the best!

This is exactly how I felt after spending four days in Wyoming. I was just like "Ok... I want to go back now!" And in just nine weeks I get to go back! I'm so excited!! <3

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