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one hundred

December 27.5 014
This is my one hundredth blog post. Call me crazy, but I think one hundred blog posts is crazy. For those of you who weren't around on my first post (that would be all of you) and are interested, here is my very first post. Reading it now is kind of a nauseating experience. I was sickly and undeniably infatuated with a certain someone (*cough*) and sickly and undeniably pining for them. However, my first blog posts were purely me writing. The writing itself isn't so different. A lot of things have changed, but through the moving-out-learning-to-be-independent and getting-the-guy, I'm still much the same person. I still love love and I'm still a sickly hopeless romantic. So. In honor of my 100th post I am going to do two things. The second of which will be a giveaway I will be announcing within the next week! (eep. I'm excited) The first of which will be one hundred things. Words, pictures, facts, videos. Things I like, things about me, things I'm scared of, things I want to do, and just general life-y things! Enjoy.

One. My biggest insecurity growing up was my smile. I endured braces for three years to fix them, and while I love them to death, I still sometimes feel like I don't look like me minus the gap.
Two. I am deathly scared of ketchup.
Three. I hate commitment, but I love stability. Which is probably why I hate commitment. It took a lot of 'passes' to finally say yes to something that didn't seem to have a definite expiration date.
Four. Joseph Gordin-Levitt is the most perfect person in the universe.
Five. Despite my stability attachment, I love change. I'm Mrs. Adaptable.
Six.  In High School, I hated having nothing to say when people asked me when I had my first kiss blah blah blah and who it was with. I hated those questions. I lied. I avoided it. I mean, who wants to be the girl who no one wanted to kiss?? Now, after the fact, I tell everyone younger than me to wait it out. It's a sweet moment- but it wouldn't be sweet with anyone you didn't care about. I'm not saying you should wait until your soulmate knocks at your door, but I'm saying, the fireworks and explosion is a myth. It doesn't happen like that. What makes the moment is sharing it with someone you like and care about that makes you giddy in and out- whether you're kissing or not! 
Seven. I am computer incompetent.
Eight. I see no reason not to be happy. Ever. It's that simple, really.
Nine. Being average scares me more than anything.
Ten. I broke my right wrist when I was eight and it was the best three months of my life.
Eleven. Except for getting my wisdom teeth removed.
Twelve. I wish every single day that it's October 1, 2009 and that I could be back on that beach in Mexico at 2am overseeing a turtle nursery. Every. Single. Day.
Thirteen. I'm in love with snow, but I hate the cold.
Fourteen. Gilmore Girls is the best television show ever created.
Fifteen. I hate being mad. My angry-spurts last an hour or two at most- it turns into this vicious cycle of being mad at myself for being mad in the first place. And most of the time, it's my own fault. I don't like to tell people when I'm mad at them and it builds up into this giant ball of fury. I get so angry at myself for being angry that the problem itself dissolves and then I realize how silly I'm being and talk the matter through with the subject. It's a weird thing.
Sixteen. I want six kids someday.
Seventeen. I hate running.
Eighteen. Someone once asked me if I could do anything in the world and know it would happen, what would I do? It scares me that I'm not trying to do it.
Nineteen. I am clueless and know absolutely nothing except for the things I know. I know my sister is the single most important person on the planet to me. I know I have the best parents in the world. I know every day is a gift. I know that I want to work hard. I know that even if I don't know what it is, I always want to make the "right" choice.
Twenty. I hate thinking about a time in my life when my parents don't exist. It eats me up.
 Idaho. Wheat Fields. Friends.Dresses. Light.
Twenty one. The happiest day of my life was June 11, 2010. Graduating and looking up into the bleachers to see every single person I've ever truly loved in one single place just for me.
Twenty two. Audrey Hepburn. Taylor Swift. Ellen Degeneres. Sandra Bullock. Emma Stone. Zoe Deschanel. Allison Harvard.
Twenty three. My favorite color is purple.
Twenty four. I've recently been converted to a cuddle-er. Big time.
Twenty five. I'm kind of in the process of kind of, maybe, sort of writing something real. Maybe.
Twenty six. The most embarrassing moment of my life involved flatulence. Since then, I've been terrified of ever letting another soul hear me let loose.
Twenty seven. My favorite thing in the world is to be asked questions. And to ask them.
Twenty eight.  Leaving my hometown was the best decision I ever made.
Twenty nine. e.e. cummings
Thirty. I could rewatch anything with Amanda Bynes in it five thousand times and still laugh just as hard as the first.
Thirty one. I have this idea in my head that if I can get to New York, all my dreams will come true.
Thirty two. I hate seeing people who don't try. I hate seeing people who don't care. I hate seeing people who have no passions and no hope. Those are the people I feel the worst for because even if it's due to my sheltered naive opinion, but I truly think that every single person is good and every single person is important. When I see someone that doesn't even have the care or esteem to want something better for themselves, it devastates me.
Thirty three. I love anything that I can sing to.
Thirty four. Spandex and leggings are God's gift to a woman's legs.
Thirty five. Playlists.
Thirty six. I really want to be that cool indie girl that looks like she stepped out of a forties film with red lipstick and polka dots on her skirt that listens to the cutest music and takes the most artsy pictures, but I'm just not that classy and I'll never be that cool.
Thirty seven. I believe in fairytales in the realest sense. Kissing every single morning and night. Falling asleep together. The bad days where nothing sticks but you make it to the next day, to a new day, together. Being best friends.
Thirty eight. Boys clothes are so much more comfortable. But I couldn't survive a day without my dresses and tights.
Thirty nine. It was my goal two years ago to stop living to make other people happy. I have only recently been able to say that I don't care how people see me and I don't care how loud or obnoxious or insane I seem, because it feels unlike anything else for people to see everything out in the open like that. For people to actually know me.

Forty. I don't wear high heels.
Forty one. I tend to exaggerate details of a story. I'm getting better, though. All the time.
Forty two. My favorite place in the world is the place I hated in the years driving the fifteen hours to our family cabin in Wyoming. I want to live, breathe, and die there. See it here!
Forty three. I could live off of pasta every single day of my life and be o-kay.
Forty four. I had Barbie, Spongebob, and Barney bedding growing up.
Forty five. My birthday cakes get progressively younger in theme every single year.
Forty six. I have Bieber-Fever. For the boy, not the music.
Forty seven. Oversize cardigans make the world go round.
Forty eight. I'm the single pickiest eater in the whole world. I...just don't like food. Plain and simple.
Forty nine. I'm 18 and six months old.
Fifty. Ice cream dates are the best.
Fifty one. I like to think that everything happens for a reason and if everything is supposed to come together or fall apart, it will.
Fifty two. I had my first kiss when I was 17.
Fifty three. I've been obsessed with the name 'Faye' for as long as I can remember.
Fifty four. I want my name to be spelled with an -ey and I want my middle name to be conjoined with the first. Maggey-Grace.
Fifty five. I've never cried in front of anyone.
Fifty six. I'm fascinated by funerals and cemeteries.
Fifty seven. Someday, I want to go to church every single Sunday and on Christmas and Easter regardless of my beliefs in God.
Fifty eight. My favorite holiday is Halloween followed by Easter.
Fifty nine. I like drinking hot chocolate in July and eating ice cream in December.
Sixty. I hate copy-cats.
Sixty one. I am afraid of dogs I don't know and all cats.
Sixty two. My dream is to revive snail mail.
Sixty three. My dad is the coolest person I know.
Sixty four. My grandma is my best friend.
Sixty five. I could not feasibly commit suicide. Ever. I'm afraid of needles and knives (and all things pointy). I'm also afraid of heights and guns. I also can't swallow pills. It physically could. Not. Happen. ;)
Sixty six. I am feeling so narcissistic talking about myself like this.
Primrose Path
Sixty seven. But secretly, I think everyone should have a little narcissism to themselves. I think everyone should be in love with themselves and who they are. I don't think anyone should look at themselves and only see what isn't perfect. I think everyone should see themselves as perfect just the way they are and say what they want, dress how they want, do what they want, and feel how they want to feel. I don't think it should be wrong to think you are gorgeous, cool, amazing, and smart. I don't think anyone shoAniuld be afraid to say, "I love myself."
Sixty eight. I've been in love with the piano since I was in first grade and have since dreamed of being able to play.
Sixty nine. Every time a family member calls our house, I instinctively always expect the worst news. I'm always expecting the next tragedy or horrible event.

Seventy. There is nothing worse than seeing someone you love endure loss.
Seventy one.  Loss has been the one thing that has shaped me, more than anything else. I live for the boy who can't and work hard for the person who thought I could do anything.
Seventy two. I'm not a night owl or a morning person.
Seventy three. I think my biological clock is in tune to a cat's sleeping cycle.
Seventy four. Adobe photoshop is my newest addiction.
Seventy five. I love long hair. And curls.

Seventy six. Period pieces are my favorite.
Seventy seven. I think my life is supposed to be a re-make of 500 Days Of Summer and I'm supposed to be the heart-breaking flighty Summer that she was until she finds an exception.
Seventy eight. Animated films are the bees knees. When I'm forty with kids of my own, I'm going to drag them to every single one.
Seventy nine. I love bring-your-daughter-to-work-day. Still.
Eighty. I went on my first roller-coaster last summer. And now I'm addicted to them.
Eighty one. I want my wedding cake to be a multi-layer cheesecake.
Eighty two. I honestly fill some sort of void when I shop. It makes me feel better. It's really, really bad.
Eighty three. I went to the "Speak Now" midnight release. But someday, I want to go to a midnight release of a future Taylor album in Nashville.
Eighty four. I want to road-trip to the tip of South America someday.
Eighty five. I am so, so, so excited to be a mom. I want to make forts every single day, dance around the living room with them, and make PB&J's with faces for them.
Eighty six. I'm horrible at driving. Even though I got a 100 on my written and driving test.
Eighty seven. I love hanging out with my sister and my best friend Jenni and her sister. We're a foursome that is inseparable. We're best friends and I love it.
Eighty eight. I love being organized. I love cleaning. But I'm the messiest person in the world.
Eighty nine. My mom and Taylor Swift's mom bonded over talking about parenting Taylor and I.
Picture 020
Ninety. I love Shea-Butter scent-infused socks.
Ninety one. I'm psycho about the paranormal.
Ninety two. I'm totally a sucker for consumer targeting. If I see something that sparkles on tv, I'm going to go find it.
Ninety three. I only want a giant closet and a hot-tub someday. I don't care about the size of my bed, living room, tv, or kitchen. I just want the biggest closest in the entire world.
Ninety four. I love dressing people. And imagining what would look cute on them.
Ninety five. I'm over-analytical and I over-think everything and I freak about everything, but I'm simple. At the end of the day, having my family is enough for me. Crocheting myself to sleep makes me happy. I like walking. I can read all day and be perfectly happy. I'm easy to make happy.
Ninety six. I love buying presents. I love loving people.
Ninety seven. I like taking pictures and I like photography, but I'm no photographer.
Ninety eight. I'm addicted to coffee and ice cream and dresses and shower gel and writing and vitamin water and Taylor Swift and squealing.
Ninety nine. I am obsessed with buying greeting cards. OBSESSED.
One hundred. Blogging has been the most fun and greatest experience because of all of you. I sincerely love all of the support you have given me. I love knowing that when I have a bad day, I can write about it and someone will undoubtedly listen. I love that you all have let me dress how I want to and I love that that has translated into real life. I love that you all inspire me through your blogs- I love hearing your stories and learning about your lives. I think each and every single one of you are completely fascinating and beautiful. Thank you for these eight months and being more than just readers. I love you.


SoYesterday. said...

CONGRATS! i'm so happy for you!! :)
You've evolved so beautifully! :)


Jennifer Dawn said...

Congratulations on 100 posts! I really enjoyed reading this list! :)

Natalie said...

One hundred posts is definitely a big deal. :D Congratulations! If I was of the legal age to drink alcohol I would propose a toast, but alas, I am not. However, here's to one hundred more. :)

I shall now made a bunch of random comments about your one hundred things. I mean, you took the time to write all one hundred, so I definitely have to!

You're legitimately scared of ketchup? O: JOSEPH GORDON-LEVITT OH MY GOSH SEX. I wish it could snow without it being negative a zillion degrees; that'd be great. June 11th is my birthday, so I'm glad that you had such a fantastic day that day. :) I already think you are as cool as you want to be in #36. And I completely agree with #38, and #40, and #47. I haven't had my first kiss yet and I'm 16, so #52 makes me feel a lot better. :') I used to be so terrified of roller coasters but then I went on the biggest one at Busch Gardens and have loved them ever since.


That was such a fantastic idea. I'm quite glad to have gotten to know one hundred more things about you. :)

Seego said...

Yay, 100th post! Wow, that is a lot! But I loved reading this post. 100 things sounded a lot, but when I finished reading I wanted to read more. Glad you posted this. :)

Amber Rose, Laughing With Broken Eyes said...

I love reading these sort of posts and getting to know you. Honestly, I can relate to you so much! I'm so glad that you've made it to 100, and here's to 100 more. ;)

Alex said...

well, well, well I must say that I can't believe I read all those and then when I finished I went like WHAT?! I wanted more hahaha like really, I thought I was halfway through when I finished :( haha anyway, my favorites were:
Twenty six
Forty eight
Fifty five
Sixty five
Ninety three

because those are the kind of stuff we have in common. like REEEALLY in common that make me realize, "I adore this person so much!" because truthfully you're awesome :)


Meg! said...

Wait, what the hell? That's you at the U of Montana campus! Right by the Oval, near the Liberal Arts building! My hometown, I miss it!

PrettyNiftyThriftyFashion said...

oh my goodness CONGRATULATIONS!!! i loved reading your list, i am at 98 posts so this was a huge inspiration :) I can't wait to read your next 100 posts!!

Meg! said...

That is so crazy, you're a freshman at UM? I graduated from there in '09! I just moved out to Portland though, and I'm homesick for the mountains. I love Missoula so freaking much. What are you studying?

I know somebody who went to school in Moscow, Idaho, that's so funny! He lives in Missoula now too. Small world. :D

Shy, Chesterfield said...

I really enjoyed this list!! They were truly interesting things about you!! I'm not sure I could write that many things about me, might take me awhile! haha I also love Idaho and spent almost every summer there by Sandpoint. AND I have the hyphenated name ;) plus some more after... probably the longest name ever.


Zaia said...

truly a touching post,youve been one of the firsts blogs(if not the one)that i have been following and reading carefully and i am very proud and happy for you.Reading you makes me happy literally and i just gives me hope that there is some good people out there,,Im glad you broke out of your shell maggey, cheers and loads of love, xx

Nicole, Coco Maria said...

Parts of this post made me teary, and parts of this post made me giggle. You are such a swell lady, and I'm so happy I get to read your blog! Here's to (at least) a hundred more posts! :)

Dreamy Princess said...

Really enjoyed reading this. Love to know your a bit more(:

Your photos are all wonderful. Adore them ;D

Dreamy Princess
~I wonder what it's like to live in Paris~

jamie said...

aww.. this is by far my favorite post from you <3

"Twenty five. I'm kind of in the process of kind of, maybe, sort of writing something real. Maybe."

- do it!

JUST ME said...

Well aren't you just ADORABLE?!

I heart Joseph Gordon Levitt too. Always have. He's like...scrumptious.

Abbey said...

Oh my goodness we have a lot in common! I am a horribly picky eater too and i can NOT swallow pills to save my life! You're lovely, my dear. :)

projectvee said...

this is such a long but interesting post! like :)

Fourth Daughter said...

Wow, I can't possibly read all that as I'm meant to be writing a job application.. as usual... but I love your photos in the wheatfields, that one of you and your boy (can never remember the spelling.. Nicklaus? sorry!! I do sort of know his name!) is gorgeous, you should blow it up to massive poster size and have it on your wall!
... and I love period dramas too.. that photo was from Little Dorrit, wasn't it? Have you read/watched Cranfield? You would most likely love it!!
And now when I need a break from my stupid job application I am going back to read your very first post!!!

Fourth Daughter said...

Wow, I can't possibly read all that as I'm meant to be writing a job application.. as usual... but I love your photos in the wheatfields, that one of you and your boy (can never remember the spelling.. Nicklaus? sorry!! I do sort of know his name!) is gorgeous, you should blow it up to massive poster size and have it on your wall!
... and I love period dramas too.. that photo was from Little Dorrit, wasn't it? Have you read/watched Cranfield? You would most likely love it!!
And now when I need a break from my stupid job application I am going back to read your very first post!!!

Gracie said...

some of these photos are just beautiful! Lovely! I have the same thing about first kisses, I didn't have mine til after high school and it drove me crazy at the time, but now I don't mind! :p

Taami said...

Congratssss, 100th blog post! Wow!
I loved the way that you published your firsts entries!

Trisha said...
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Trisha said...

That was a great post! So open and personal. I totally agree that Gilmore Girls is the best show ever created. Its the only show I have on DVD.
And I didn't get my first kiss until I was 19 so I'm with you on that. I remember people in high school obsessing about how I'd never had a boyfriend.
Anyway, keep up the great posts. Love your blog.

Sian said...

Congrats on the 100th post!! I can't believe you managed to write 100 things, I would run out of patience haha, but it was amazing to read them all and I feel like I know you so much better now =D There were so many things I want to comment on haha!
I wish I could be like number 36 too, but I'm just too uncool haha! And I absolutely LOVE your cabin in Wyoming, it looks amazing =) I've been to Wyoming once and I loved it there, I would loooove to go again =) I totally agree with number 67 too! And I love period dramas! And finaaaally I love that Taylor Swift/Ellen Degeneres video, it's FANTASTIC!!

Leah said...

You're very sweet on all these pictures ! and Kellan is my sister's favorite also ' ooooh Kellaaaaan ' she talk to me about him all the time and she's 25 haha

Have a nice day, xx Leah.

Becca said...


don't post again for a week. everyone needs to read this list, maggeygrace!
I love it. every single thing.
I like especially well what you said about kissing, and how it's only good if the person is only good, and don't worry about waiting it out. good thoughts!
I just like you. I think we all do, and your honesty is what makes us come back.

not trying to be epic, but.....100 posts is a great deal!

keep up the good work, maggey girl!

Gizelle Faye | Vanilla Ice Cream said...

you're's as simple as that. you delight and inspire me..truly. there are so many things you wrote that i agree with...and i read each one. <3

i agree with no.32 and that's the reason i quit my job as a supervisor even when the salary was high. i couldn't handle being around all the negativity...and could no longer take exhausting myself trying to make them see the positivity...

and yes, i can live off pasta too...totally. *wink*

♥ vanilla ice cream ♥

My name is Renée. said...

You look amazing! Loved to read all these things about you!

Charlotte said...

love this maggey :]]


Jen said...

CONGRATS ON YOUR 100TH POST! I love these pictures that you chose to put up, you look so gorgeous in them! I'm in love with all of these facts and I can definitely relate to more than a few. I also can't stand thinking about a time where my parents won't be there anymore. I try not to think about it...ever..but it's hard not to.
Can't wait to read your next 100 posts ;)

Hannah said...

What a nifty idea for your 100th post!

I love being a reader of your blog. Every time I come here and read a post, I feel like I'm at a sleepover having girl talk with a good friend. You're so honest, real, and fun.
We should probably just be thanking you for coming to the blogosphere and sharing your life with us. haha
But for real, thank you for always taking the time to stop by my blog. You always have the nicest comments. :)

And of course, congrats on 100 post!

Dorien said...

awwww so beautiful! you're just so..lovely! =)

Amber Blue Bird said...

congrats to you on the big 100! i cringe at my first post as well but i thought yours was very sweet

Laura said...

congrats on the 100th post! i loved this post!!!! and hooray for hopeless romantics! I'm in that list too :)

veronika, tick tock vintage. said...

happy 100th blog post! i love gilmore girls - i stopped watching after the third season (just lost track) but i want to download them all and start from the beginning.

Chloe, Butterfly Cupcakes said...

congratulations! You've done so well.

Toni Tralala said...

Congratulations on the 100th!

I hated getting teeth removed. I have yet to get 4 impacted wisdom teeth removed! OUCH!

I like the snow as well but the cold weather isn't my friend.

I barely get angry but I turn into someone different when it happens. It takes a while to diffuse my anger as well.

C'EST DEMODE said...

I just read all 100 of your facts and omg we are so similar its creepy...CONGRATS on your 100th post and thanks for your comment on my blog... I'm glad someone thought men in manties was as funny as I thought they were lol

xx Tess S.

Michelle said...

That is an awesome list love it ;)

20 York Street said...

That is one of the most beautiful posts I've even read! I love number FOUR too! =)

Congratulations dear!

Stay Happy and Positive!




Kirstin Marie said...

Lovely list!! I really enjoyed reading it. You are so beautiful and you've grown so much. I really enjoy reading your blog :)

Kirstin Marie

Anonymous said...

i wish i could write like you. you are so gorgeous and i love love love that last photo of you :)
i've also decided i want to live in a house kinda like the one under #82 where i can go out and feel like im living a dream.

Anonymous said...

i wish i could write like you. you are so gorgeous and i love love love that last photo of you :)
i've also decided i want to live in a house kinda like the one under #82 where i can go out and feel like im living a dream.

Anonymous said...

i wish i could write like you. you are so gorgeous and i love love love that last photo of you :)
i've also decided i want to live in a house kinda like the one under #82 where i can go out and feel like im living a dream.

ching said...

im new to your blog and i really enjoyed this post. thanks for sharing these stuff about you and more power to your blog. 100 is indeed a great feat, but a great feat would be to continue blogging. :) i like how you added the Pride and Prejudice scene, that part gives me the goosebumps.
im your newest follower.

Jasmine, Transient Withdrawal said...

Congrats to your 100th post Maggie! You're still just as adorable but your style has definitely evolved and become more refined over time! :)

One Girl said...

cutie patootie hats! You are kickin a**! Love it

Shallow Mallow said...

Happy 100th! :)
Great post!

Ebony said...

This was the best way to celebrate 100. I can totally relate to so many of these. I think I WAS Summer from 500 Days Of. I am in love with long hair and curls. I wish I was one of the girls that had naturally curly hair that just sat there perfectly. Like Elizabeth, so so pretty :) I really want to check out the church and make an effort to go on Sundays; I don't even think I believe in God. I want it to be about community. Pasta is the bomb. I've always wolfed it down. David's nonna makes THE best homemade pasta and sauce - come for dinner sometime? Hehe. As for the Amanda Bynes movie obsession? I'm the same with Hilary Duff. The mad thing? Me too!!!

I loved finding out more about Mags. This has been my fave post by far :) Love you. Here's to the next 100!!!

ps. Have you received my package yet? I sent it about a month ago but things can take SOOOO long from here to there xo

blorange dice said...

i also love e.e. cummings... and cuddling! haha. i've never met someone that was scared of ketchup. i learned so much about you from this post! lovely pictures (:

the-caramel-lady said...

You have very nice photos :)
I hope you will visit my blog,
xoxo, Eve.

Wall of Fashion said...

Thank you so much! I notice too that my style is improving and I'm useing accesoires better than when I started. And I love that scene of Pride and Prejudice and I love your photos, gorgeous!

xx Marije

Kristen said...

Yayyy! This is such a great post! I love learning more about other bloggers!

Cheyne said...

Aw Maggie I love this post! It's been so long since I've been in the blog world, so your layout is so new looking to me. I love it! I'm so excited to be back and bloggin' with you! :D


Alex said...

Maggie, you know what? You are such an amazing human being. Please don't ever get ground down by life and lose that sparkle and joie de vivre.

This is why I love the internet so much. Without it, how the hell would I ever have randomly got to know someone who lives so far away? And on that note, if you want another person to exchange snail mail with, let me know your college address and I'll get writing :)

As for the 100 points, I doubt I can comment on all of them but here's a selection of thoughts:

18 - I'm v. intrigued as to what the thing is!
36 - oh god yes. I would like to be anyone cool. It's not gonna happen!
37 - ditto. I'm a total romantic.
55 - really?!
100 - straight back at you ;-)

Becky said...

Once I saw that you thought Gilmore Girls was the best show ever, I stopped reading and went straight to comment.
I reference that show to life. I can quote it like it's no tomorrow and have every single season on dvd and have watched each multiple times.
We need to be best friends.
Ha. I know that probably sounds crazy and super weird. And what's even weirder is that this is my first time reading your blog. I just read about your blog over at Selective Potential's Guy Behind the Camera post and thought "Hey she's wearing a cute dress, let me go check her blog out." And now I know it was fate! Haha.
Okay, I'm going to end this super long comment so I don't freak you out anymore. You should check out my blog if you have the time!

I am now an avid follower :)
Copper Boom!

summertime dreams said...

Congrats girl! Here's to many more!! Cheers :D
Loved reading all these tidbits!

Anonymous said...

OMG. I have ENJOYED reading your blog. I can relate to almost ALL of it :D
Is it true about Taylor Swift?? Awesome. [BTW i LOVED the ellen video <3]
May i steal this idea for MY 100th blog?
P.s Visit my first 20 >.< @

Anonymous said...

Me again :) If you read your comments [Or if anyone reads this comment and is a pro at it] I need help with my blog.. PLEASE HELP. I cant seem to link home to home :( Or my tabs to my blogs :(

Artfully Awear said...

All of these photos are so beautiful! Congrats on making it to 100. How in the world could you be afraid of ketchup?!?

Catherine said...

Congrats! 100 posts is such an accomplishment, and we're all glad to see it :D

These were so honest and so easy to relate to - seems I'm not the only one that feels like my life should be 500 Days of Summer (or another similarly witty romcom, a genre which I'm not too fond of!).


Theonlyfashionprincess said...

Really great blog. Hope you will check out my blog too and follow it too if you like :)

Rachel said...

Congrats to 100 posts!

Nadia Aboulhosn said...

i really couldnt stop laughing at the taylor swift video hahaha!

Leia said...

What a lovely post! Adore the photos and the fun facts about you :)

Leia said...

What a fabulous post!!!! You are a SWEETHEART! :) And no you are NOT one of those people I wrote about in my post ... there is nothing wrong in being loud with energy and enthusiasm ... Its the people who get loud just to prove their point! Great to come across your blog Thanks to Teika! :) Followin you not :)

Kallie, Happy Honey and Lark said...

13 and 20-- me too. This was such a lovely 100th post, congratulations! It's such a great milestone in blogging, it feels less like a hobby and more like something you've built into your life thats now quantifiable. Have a wonderful next 100 posts!

Anonymous said...

100th? COngrats!
I love the photos...♥ happy 100th!

Roma said...

oh my gosh! :) 100 things to know about you..i'm sure you've put it in a lot of effort for this entry so KUDOS to you :) and yeah, I love your pictures! :) I guess we need to thank your boyfriend for that? I chanced upon your blog from Tieka's feature. :)

KANI said...

congrats on your 100 blog posts :)) i loved the photos you have dispersed through this post, makes me want to visit america and see what it's like!

erin :) said...

Dood. I loved this and I think we are pretty much the same person. Like no joke. Haha. I would list all of the ones I totally understand, but that would be like, doing my own 100 things.

And visiting your first blog post-->major nostalgia! I didn't think I was your very first comment-er, but I'm honored to have been. :] It's been really great to be your friend and you are a great blogger! You are kind of the blogger that I truly wish I was. No joke there either. I just had my blog-iversary but I was way to lazy to do something as indepth as this, maybe I shall later... ? Haha.

Hope to hear from you soon--I'm not sure if it's my turn to send the email or yours? :O God bless ya! <3
erin :)

Jazzy E (hivennn) said...

Awh so lovely. x hivennn. p.s enter my jeffrey campbell giveaway?

Sydney, The Rabbit-Hearted Girl said...

i LOVED reading this. seriously. it's so fun to learn more about you! congratulations on 100 posts, and i'm excited to see more! :)

Lina said...

This post was wonderful. So many of the things on your list I would put on my own (if I were to do one). Blogging kindred spirit? You are gorgeous, and I especially like the shots of the blue dress in the fields. What a beautiful part of the world you live in!

kylee said...

amen to number four: that new video with him & zooey singing that new years song is swoon worthy. if she doesn't decide to be smart enough & marry him i will. love the kiss one. my first kiss was awful. in fact my first few kisses were awful. hold up. majority of my kisses were awful. i always wish i had waited for something a little more special. number twenty four: i choose cuddling over kissing any day. forty: i don't wear high heels either! which is pretty ironic considering how unbelievably short i am. of all people to be wearing such shoes, i should be the one - not those already super tall girls. fifty: ice cream dates are THE best. anything with ice cream involvd is deemed the best. eighty five: aahhh motherhood is a dream come true. i cannot wait unil i get to be a mom someday! best job ever.