Monday, January 17

Martin Luther King Jr.

Growing up in the quaint, liberal Northern Idaho town that I did, I was blessed with a childhood filled with corny but adorably awe-spiring breakfasts, fundraisers, fairs, and various events surrounding human rights, Renaissance culture, discrimination, and political liberation. This year, my sister won the art contest as part of the City Council Human Rights Institute MLK Breakfast (say that five times fast). My sister's artwork has dumbfounded my family since the day she made a cow in preschool look like, well, a legitimate cow roaming the rolling hills instead of the usual lump that four year olds tend to create but recently, we aren't the only ones who have been struck by her genius. I am so proud of her and the true thought she put into representing MLK and what he stood for. Being home for these six weeks has shown me more than ever before the young-woman she is becoming and I'm absolutely in awe of her every single day (even when she's kicking my butt and showing my old High-School self up the wazoo). 
For two weeks, my family and I literally watched my sister for hours on end every single day in the living room draw this one piece. She used charcoal to fill in the "white" space on black paper. The entire drawing is composed of black paper and a white piece of charcoal. Just two tools to create this. That's it! I am so, so blown away.
Anyways, the great thing about the annual breakfast is how it brings so many of our town's most dedicated and brilliant people in one place, and honors the best. For example, this year's annual Community Service winner was a bad-butt (ha!) woman who was one of my chaperone's in Mexico when I, along with about ten other students of the Environmental Club, saved sea turtles. I guess that's what I do love about my little town so much. I love that a single person inspired enough to change lives has both the opportunity and will to create a club in the High School that is more than just a club. I love that she along with two other committed community members wanted to take fifteen High School students to Mexico to save Sea Turtles and give them a truly life changing experience. It's amazing. I love that people here take initiative and because of their effort, have made my and so many of my peers' life what it is. I can honestly say without them and without their efforts, I wouldn't have gotten the academic scholarships I did. I might not have left the little town for something a little bit bigger. 
DSC_0443 fixed
This clearly isn't an outfit post. However, as much as I write this blog for the 272 of you, I still feel like I have to write it for myself, too, the way I did before anyone had interest in what I had to say. I started out just wanting to document my life for me and I never want to lose that. I know there are those that skip the blobs of words between my pictures, and that's perfectly okay! Skip every tid bit of "life" pictures and words, if you want! We're all here for different reasons and we all have different things we're looking for. But even as my "life" posts may get the fewest comments and fewest page views, they are the foundation of what started this thing that my blog has turned into and I'm always going to blab. I want to write about things worth remembering and this weekend, this Saturday, was something I want to remember: my sister standing on a stage in the Junior High School cafeteria with a cheesy award in her hands, sitting between my parents giggling over silly presenters with golden hearts, making eye contact across the room like a Taylor Swift music video with that one child of mine, and, mostly, being surrounded by people I've known forever that inspire me and people I've never met that inspire me.
You can definitely tell when you've truly grown up as a small-Idahoan native when you start writing in the most cheesy way possible.


Abbey said...

Lovely post! My favorite posts are ones about real life. :) amazing artwork as well!

Estefany @ The Helmet Head said...

Your sis is good!
Nice post =)

Alex said...

Small town American life really fascinates me. This post was lovely, so honest and warm (and yes I do read the words ;-) ) Is it rude to say that you sound very Gilmore Girls? I mean that in a good way!

Your sister is SO talented!

Ebony said...

Your sister is amazingly talented. That is f*%$king brilliant! I am seriously speechless.

Natalie said...

I'm pretty sure your sister at age four could draw a better cow than I could now, haha. I mean, wow, that is absolutely incredible! It is insane what you can create with some charcoal and an artistic mind. :) The annual MLK breakfast sounds like a fantastic idea, too. That's wonderful that your town takes the time to honor all of the great people in your community who are doing their part to make a difference in the world!

And, honestly, when I read your blog the outfit photos aren't the top priority for me, they're just a pleasant added bonus, haha. :D I mean, anyone can put together a fantastic outfit (though yours are pretty fantastic...) but it's the aspects from your life and the personality behind the blog that really make it super awesome on top of that. :)

simplyhope said...

I absolutely LOVE this post! Mostly because Martin Luther King Jr. Day is extremely important to me because without him I wouldn't be here today. At my school i get teased a lot about being half white half black. And of course there are the racial slurs. I wish something like this came here in Texas!

Also your sister is sooooo talented! Her drawing is spactacular:)

Charlotte said...

wow, your sister is AMAZING.
and also maggie- i agree. while I write my blog for my lovely readers, it's mine to do what I want with :]]

Charlotte xxx

Annika said...
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Annika said...

I love that your sister just used two materials to create this peace of art( ;-), haha, bad joke). It has a very special atmosphere to it and it is very well done! I am impressed!
Also, life posts are always my favourite posts. I love learning about the experiences and thoughts of people somewhere in the world leading a totally different life, some things are similar, some really not and it is so inspiring and heartwarming to be able to have a little glimpse in someones diary.
I also like the photography of fashion posts, the colors, the lightning and locations but still, I am always very excited when I see, oh, it is a "life post" as you call it.
Never even think about comments and blog views and write about what you want to write!

lavel said...

mm, food♥ ;>

Seego said...

I love reading posts about life. I mean, yes the clothes is a definite plus haha but I love learning things about people and their background, where they come from or what they do because it's all so different from my life.

And I do have to say, your sister's artwork is uhhhmazing, no doubt about that.

Hannah said...

Your sister has mad talent! Don't let her ever waste such a unique gift.

I went ahead and read all the way through. I like reading life posts because it helps me connect more with other bloggers and it's good to know you have a real life and not just lots of clothes.

I'm glad you're able to have share these moments with your family. They will be great memories for you to think back on one day. :)

Anonymous said...

Your sister has much skill!
And I love the personal posts as much if not more than I love reading about your outfits.

Dorien said...

Your sister is so talented, no wonder you're so proud of her!
(really like your scarf btw ^^)

Alex said...

I love the blabbing and I never skip what you have to say! It's actually my favorite part! Even though most followers just post things like OMG cute shoes and I just wrote and entire heart-breaking story :P Hahaha, well, not to that extreme, but yeah. I love what people have to say :) Especially you :)

Nicole, Coco Maria said...

I love how you keep your posts about exactly what's on your mind. It's great to read such real content!
And oh wow, your sister is quite talented!

summertime dreams said...

Fantastic piece! Your sister is very talented!

Catherine said...

Wow, that is amazing! I was just thinking about doing a white charcoal piece today, but I don't have any :(

jamie said...

pssst, check your email ;)
(i sent you something in regards to the Pay it Forward Project) i might have been sent to spam <3


jamie said...

pssst, check your email ;)
(i sent you something in regards to the Pay it Forward Project) i might have been sent to spam <3


blorange dice said...

wow, that's such an amazing piece! i can't believe how good it looks from just white charcoal.

p.s. loving how you covered the others' faces with apples haha

Artfully Awear said...

Wow, what a lovely sketch! Thank you for sharing.

Justine said...

What a creative way to cover faces - with apples = school!

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audrey said...

oh you broke your cell phone charm ?? it's a pity... not a good luck for jewelry items lol but don't worry it happens to everybody^^
by the way thanks for the compliment :)