Friday, January 28

love like woe

It is currently way, way too past my bedtime. Last year (and actually, now that I think about it, my previous twelve years in the public education system) I had this perpetual what I like to call "Late Night Thursday" pattern that, as you can probably assume, resulted in staying up later than usual on Thursday nights. Tonight, I'm not blessed with the excuse of having "a lot" to do either. I'm learning that in college, Thursday nights count essentially as the weekends, class the next day not included. If you're up late, well, does it really matter when at the end of a three hour school day you can nap and sleep for the next two fulll days?
This semester, I have a lot of mental goals to accomplish. Not resolutions, but things I want to work towards to better myself. Now, don't I sound like a Dr. Phil commercial? Ha! The first of which I actually and most surprsingly accomplished this week and that is: no facebook during the school week! That's right! No. Facebook. I never realized this week how toxic it was to my day. It made breakfast turn into an hour long event and my nighttime to-do list particularly unaccomplished. My next goal is to work out three to four times a week. I also have accomplished that this week and I owe all the credit to the blessing-in-disguise that is my yoga class! Seriously. At first, I was all in for the yoga pants that I have never had the blessing of slipping my buttocks into but now that I have, I never want to get out of them! The hardest part of working out is getting out the door. Now that I'm at the gym already for class, I just stay an extra twenty minutes at the end and in my new state of mind proceed to listen to my jams on the elliptical. Oh, second semester, I'm starting to love you. Also on my list that I won't delve too much into: wake up at a decent time (again, curable by yoga in that getting those precious three credits depends on my being at the gym by 8:45am) and keep my room clean and organized (thank the lord that we bunked our beds and what was my "own" half is now "our" whole floor space so I don't live guilt-free when I throw my clothes fro!)
Something I've discovered in my facebook cleanse. I feel so utterly and completely out of tune with the world. And, in my ponderings, I've come to realize how absolutely pathetic this is! How sad is it when you keep up with your friends by reading their facebook statuses? Not knowing what's going on in their life through actual communication, but looking at their pictures and reading about what they are up to??? I mean, seriously! How many of us wonder what our pals are up to and simply look at their profile instead of calling or texting them up? Sad! Tonight, in the revelation fury that was this finding, I texted three of my friends to be sure that they still existed and was genuinely interested to see what they had to say to me, not just to the world! It's a big one, this realization.
Well, I'm a talkaholic tonight so I'll just tell you that in editing and looking at these pictures and then going through my inspiration folder, I realized this is almost precisely Teika's post from a while back. OOPS! I'm so sorry, Tieka! Minus the white tights, pink scarf, and beanie, we basically have the same thing on. I got this dress in the summer and wore it once in the fall, but winterizing felt like such a necessity. Last time, I opted for dark tights, but I didn't like it. Going with white tights made me feel the "feminine" overly-girlie-dressed that I love to feel. White tights are my favorite. Oh, and I'm sad to say, these boots died yesterday. Officially. In walking back from class, I stepped in a puddle and the entire rubber sole came right off drenching my foot entirely. I am on the market for new ones!
Funny story about this cardigan: it's Niklaas' favorite. Seriously. Shhh! It's my precious sole cashmere item in my closet and I love wearing it because, well, he smiles all goofy-like and likes to (how do I put this without making him sound like a creep?) well, pet it! Sorry, there's just no other way to phrase that. But, it's cute anyways. Cashmere is also another one of those clothing-items-from-God along with yoga pants that I adore. This scarf has to be a favorite. It's so warm and cozy and makes me feel like I'm all wrapped up in a cozy sweater when I wear it!



Alex said...

Lovely outfit! :) and i should probably start trying that facebook thing but i can't help it that my app sends all the notifications and some friends prefer asking ne for stuff there than through a message! How weird right :P?! Anyway, I loveeeeeee the whole thing and it's awesome you have a Tieka-ish style :) lovelovelove it!

Sophie said...

Pretty colours!

Chelsea Lane said...

this is so cute. I've been thinking about deleting my facebook and haven't been on in forever. funny how much we depend on it!


Courtney said...

First: I really need some white tights. They look great with this outfit!
Second: Cashmere is heaven-sent. Seriously. I have cashmere socks that make it feel like I'm always walking on carpet, even when I'm walking across a parking lot. :)
Third: I totally know what you mean about the Facebook thing. I think it's pathetic too! I deleted mine for a whole year and I can't explain just how out-of-touch I felt! Eventually I got past that but as soon as I got it back I started getting pulled back into the constant-checking-for-status-updates...sigh. I'm working on it :P

x Courtney

Charlotte said...

oh maggie, i love this dress so much.
i really love this outfit.
and wow, i am so impressed with the facebook thing!! i'd love to do that but I could never manage it!!

Charlotte xxx

Kate said...

Love the name of your blog! very catchy :)

Undeniable Style


You are absolutely cute as a button! I loved that dress, and that sweater does look fantastically comfy and soft to touch :) I LOVE Yoga and I wish my school had it for credit, and I love my yoga pants and all clothing associated. Anyway, I just thought I would let you know that I do rather enjoy your blog. (Great photos!)

Abbey said...

Ugh I need to follow your lead and ditch facebook. Huuuuge waste of time! You look adorable and I love your hair!!

kate maggie said...

Your goals are amazing, and I need to follow suit. Facebook is over taking my life! ;) Love this outfit on you lady..the white tights are my favorite. I need a new pair of white tights. They look so cute with brown boots!! Hope you have a great weekend with lots of sleeping in and facebook! ;)

Shy, Chesterfield said...

That is a beautiful dress! I absolutely love it. I really like it with your colourful accessories too! You always know how to wear all that colour and you look wonderful doing it!


SL' outfits said...

You look great!
We also have a fashion blog!
Maybe we could follow each other?

Ivonne said...

I love your photos! :D everything you wear is so nice! hehe
but I completely agree with you. I think people are solely relying on Facebook to see what others are up to. It's the same with relationship! Guys usually talk to girls on Facebook before they even talk to them in person :O hehe

Lovely post.


KANI said...

oh i have a very similar scarf but in grey :) i love them, they are so soft and ruffley!

Jasmine, Transient Withdrawal said...

LOVE that floral printed dress maggie! good luck with your mental goals <3

erin :) said...

gurl, you look so adorbs! i've always wanted to work that kinda scarf but i dont think they suite me so well. :P

btw, i tagged you in my latest blog post! it's been such a blessing know you and i hope we can keep up/develop our fabulous friendship/blogship. g'bless ya gurl. (i like how i started and ended with

Renée said...

Like your goals I totally agree with you. Facebook estranges us of real life communication!

Bea said...

This made me smile. I never got on the FB bandwagon so I never really know what I'm missing. People act really shocked every time I say I don't have one. They demand 'why!' and I just say 'I prefer to talk to my friends in real life'. Haha :)
They think I'm hopelessly old fashioned though!

Yoga rules. Have fun with that, Maggie!

Bea from A plus B

simplyhope said...

I have ALWAYS loved red on you!!! Beautiful look:) Also yoga sounds sooo fun!

Yeah, I agree with you on the facebook thing! Ever since i made one earlier this month...I have noticed that I find out stuff about my friends that they never told me in person!

Natalie said...

Good luck accomplishing all of your mental goals! Luckily I'm not really that addicted to Facebook, but as for YouTube and Tumblr... that's a different story, haha. But yeah, that is really depressing to think about how we're starting to lose our communication skills, even with all of the technology that is supposed to make communication easier. :P

And ah, yoga sounds like fun! I definitely agree that the hardest part of working out is getting started, getting out the door, in my case running those first ten minutes... but then after that it gets easier! That's awesome that you get to wake up at a decent time for once, too.

Anyways, I really really like that cardigan! And the fact that it's super soft cashmere sounds even better, hehe. :)

Lauren said...

Very cute outfit - I love that scarf!


DaniellaBella said...

I love the colours and textures. It sure brightens up a snowy day!

Catherine said...

I know what you mean with Facebook... granted, I've never tried to take a break from it, but it's just so much easier to post on someone's wall instead of picking up my phone.

Also, your scarf is adorable! I love the color and the interesting crochet pattern :)


laura said...

love this dress! i've also been abstaining from fb and feel totally liberated :D


Jessica said...

LOVE this outfit! Where did you get that dress?

Kallie, Happy Honey and Lark said...

I always ended up dropping Friday classes...they were so annoying. ;)
I love this outfit. You look so ready for spring!!

Giulia said...

I just love your outfit... I think your dress it's very cute and lovely... Great post!!:) Follow my blog...
Thanks!!! xoxo

Hannah said...

It's so great to hear you sticking to your goals!!
I have a few of my own and so far haven't been doing that great. Not bad, just not good.

I wish you had not said those things about Facebook.. now I'm thinking about it! haha
If you hadn't thought of it, I'm sure I would have come up with it one way or another.

I like how all the colors of this subtly match the flowers on this dress, it's a very cute outfit!

When you said that you let Niklaas pet the sleeve, that reminds me of a friend of mine who had (well, still has) an obsession with cats and furry objects. He used to carry a piece of fur in his pocket and pet it in church. said...

wow I love your dress! So gorgeous- the florals!

Laura said...

i love flowery dresses! and i LOVE your flowery dress!


Ariel Maile Adkins said...

These photos are great! And I love that you added the pink scarf, it's unexpected but really works. btw the hat is adorable on you :)

Lauren said...

I love this look it's perfect for the upcoming "love" month! And erg facebook... I found with my full time job I started going on it more! It was awful. But now I only respond through the email if I get a comment and only check on my iphone, found it's better cause it doesn't show the update page which suck you in! I decided that since I didn't have fb through most of college and it wasn't created in highschool and I have great friends from then that it doesn't matter if you know their everyday. A good friend is someone you may not hear from for a year but when you talk it's like you haven't missed a beat. Sorry for the rambling :)

Sparrow & Urchin

Kuleigh said...

Love the scarf and print of the dress! I haven't given up facebook but honestly I think it's kind of boring. Run its course for me.