Wednesday, January 5

brought up that way

Today, in a stint of pure insanity, I decided to go running. My mom and dad are both very into the whole exercising-eating right thing. Which, if you knew me, seems like an impossibility. A few days before I was born, my dad did the Ironman (110 mile bike ride, 26 smile run, and 3 mile swim). For most of my early years, I was dragged to countless marathons and triathlons across the Northwest seeking entertainment desperately on playgrounds or in parking lots waiting for him to reach the finish line. It's something they've bonded over and something they've worked so hard at in their life. When my mom's running partner and best friend's daughter died three years ago, running became their therapy together. Every single day, they run on "The Mountain" a full 16-18 miles. Six days a week. It's pure insanity. Completely. And even as it makes me feel really really pathetic because I hate running, I'm still awe-struck by them. I was blessed with my mom's runner genes but I've never really put them to use. I like to say that I do the bare minimum to just stay in decent shape. Ha! Isn't that terrible?  While I was running the mere two miles of hills that I did, I couldn't help but think of my mom and how if I were with her, we'd still have 14-16 left. Crazy!
Speaking of insanity, I also woke up at 7am this morning. Granted, this time I had actual incentive beyond feeling good about myself. Niklaas and I were going to get the very best in the whole world cinnamon rolls, but they weren't open. I saw him at breakfast before he went to school, at lunch, and after school! It was awesome. Now that school has started for my sister and friends at home, I will home...not doing a whole lot. Ha! I plan to write, knit, crochet, read, and watch Smallville. And clean. Which I did today!
top-Urban Outfitters skirt-Urban Outfitters headband-F21 tights-F21 boots-Ross

OH! So. I have exciting news. I finally got a flickr, or at least, Niklaas got a flickr in the name of the blog, and in styling my new dress from Modcloth, I decided to just simply upload it to the Modcloth Style Exchange group. I had no idea initially that there was a contest in the works, but as luck would have it, I won!! Currently, I have 2,500 views on it. Isn't that insane???? I won a $50 gift certificate to Modcloth that I've already spent. Hehe! I was going to buy two dresses...but instead, I opted for buying a pair of Jeffrey Campbell oxfords. JEFFREY CAMPBELL! I mean, personally, I've always thought they were a little overrated and definitely overpriced, but these oxfords are classy and I'm going to wear them...all the time. They were already on sale and with my $50 gift card, I ended up getting them for $20 bucks! How sweet is that??

I got this top in August as part of my school shopping- and I haven't blogged it yet. I was in a lust for stripes and the bow took hold of my attention. I wear it all the time! This skirt is a remix- it was actually my very first chictopia post ever and I wore it here! This is the winterized edition ;) Pattern mixing has always been my favorite. When I walked into the living room with this outfit on my mom looked me up and down and asked, "How does this work together???" Hahaha. I've learned to ignore...all doubts. Niklaas got me these grey floral pretty tights and they're lovely! I feel like I've been wearing these cowboy boots often lately- the brown just seems to fit with the snow!
Today I went to the orthodontist and was prepared for a long appointment to replace my retainer. After a wasteful twenty minutes in the waiting room and ten more in the actual reclining chair waiting for the orthodontist, he looked at my teeth, poked around, and said I was free. It took all of thirty seconds. *Sigh*. I then came home, ran, showered, went to the High School, came home, took down the ornaments off the tree (so long, Christmas), took out the trash, cleaned my room, planned 16 outfits for the next two weeks, hung out with Niklaas, went to the arts and crafts store, and then came home where I am now watching Gilmore Girls with my dad and sister. That's right- my sister and I have hooked my dad into the show. It is totally a cross-gender show!


Seego said...

I love the mixed prints. I've always wanted to do the whole stripe and floral mix. But I love your shirt! It's so adorable with the big bow in the front. But can't wait to see your Jeffrey Campbell oxfords!

Stephanie said...

oh I love the boots & the skirt! Such a cute outfit :D
Live.Laugh.Love. - everyday!

Amanda, The Upside of Wonder said...

Love the print mixing of your outfit. Can't wait to see those new oxfords!

Kenziefaith said...

First of all, this outfit is adorable. That shirt & that headband are both sooo cute! Secondly, THESE PICTURES. AH. Beautiful - You always find the best locations!

KF x

Virginie Lavallée Bélanger said...

Sweet pictures! You + flares = prettiness all over :)

Alex said...

well, what do we have here maggie? :P an AWESOME post of course! I love how your dad is now a fan of your shows :P and if he's not... he will soon! hahahaha and this outfit is adorable as always! I love the bow on the shirt! It really makes a statement! I want that shirt D: and the little headband bow is cute! and your skirt <3 and the boots! oh, maggie you have my dream closet!


Charlotte said...

I hate running too!!
and ohemgee, well done with the modcloth thing!! eek!!
i got some money for christmas and I really, really want to buy a dress from there but I'm like a kid in a sweet shop :]]
I want everything!!

Charlotte xxx

simplyhope said...

lovin the mixed prints!!! The bows again are so pretty and adorable:D Gahhh I hate running with a passion! You are such a trooper for doing all that!

Zaia said...

too bad for the cinamon rolls,,seemed yummy though.I think is awesome to have parents as yours, very into that healthy living thing.its keeps you going i guess! greta outfit, love the bows plus the print mix! xxx

Becca said...

oh my goodness, that's awesome, maggie!
I'm so proud of your getting up early and running!
keep up the good work, dearie!

~Abby~ said...

Ugh, I absolutely HATE exercising. Horrible, I know...
These photos are GORGEOUS! It looked like such a pretty, sunny day. :)


Catherine said...

Congrats on winning the Modcloth contest - I've always thought Jeffrey Campbell shoes were kind of overrated too, but perhaps I'm just bitter because they don't have any faux leather styles. Good for my bank account though! :)

Congrats on running as well - you should be proud of yourself! I'm such a lazy person and I really wish running didn't mess up my knees so badly since it seems therapeutic.


Kate said...

Oh wow, congrats on winning the modcloth GC! That is so awesome!! I just uploaded my first pic to their flickr the other day, too! Also, I've always wished I could run - your parents are IMPRESSIVE! I am a terrible runner, and while I like being active, running is not my thing at all. I just always liked how simple & natural it seems. Unfortunately, it's not natural for me!

Shy, Chesterfield said...

Oh man I HATE running too!! I can just think of a thousand ways to have more fun exercising then running!!

Love the print on that dress btw!


Anonymous said...

the mixed print looks lovely and you look really gorgeous! lucky you winning that gift certificate.
i really dislike running too haha but i make myself run whenever i'm at the gym after a dance/zumba class.
i'm really jealous that you're around snow. snow is amazing, i remember the last time i saw snow i made a little snowman and threw snowballs. Also snow looks stunning in photos:)

jamie said...

well this totally works together :) i think its soo cool your dad did the ironman! i love watching it on tv and am so envious of the people participating. i also think is super cool your mom and her best friend does 16-18 miles A DAY. now im jealous. i could barely do 30 minutes on the elliptical machine lol. im trying harder though because i have vowed to do marathons this year myself! im starting with the March Of Dimes walkathon this april :)

and what the hey, i thought i was following you but i guess not. Now i am :) come visit me again soon.

Les Deux Filles said...

You look FREEZING against all the snow, but really adorable nevertheless! I love your outfit.

Ugh, I can't run a mile without gasping for air...---Margaret

Rhitbee said...

Ceeeyute skirt - love it paired with the stripes!

Congrats on the win over at the modcloth style exchange!

xo Robyn

Morgan Jordan said...

Gorgeous outfits, darling! Been scrolling through your blog for awhile. Adorable skirt and shirt combo. Love the bows too.


PS I'm following you! :)

ari said...

love the stripes and florals!

Natalie said...

16-18 miles a day? Holy crap! I'm a cross country runner and that sounds insane even to me! I go like 3-5 miles a day. So your parents sound absolutely incredible, to say the least, haha.

But yay! Congrats on winning that contest and scoring the Jeffrey Campbell oxfords. :D But yeah, I love the whole mix of patterns and everything in this outfit. And the big bow!

Laura said...

Cute outfit! Love it :)

little t said...

Those boots are such a classic. You'll have them forever!

CAITLIN said...

such a cute outfit! the prints look marvelous together (and on you)... i can't believe you went running in the snow!! i'm such a fair-weather exerciser... I'm like Goldilocks when it comes to running outside--only when the temperature is just right.

lindsay fisher-collie said...

Congrats on winning the ModCloth contest! You're adorable!

Amy Mcmillan said...

Cute outfit. Love the photography!
I'm now following, hope you can do the same :)

Kirstin Marie said...

I love this outfit. That floral skirt is so pretty!! Your photos are so pretty, I felt like I was looking at a Winter Wonderland of sorts. I can't believe your mom runs 16 miles every day!! That is crazy!!

Kirstin Marie

martienna said...

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Caroline in the City said...

Skirt in the snow! Such a cute outfit!



Brittany said...

I want everything from your wardrobe! Especially this huge bow/strip top. Ahh soo so cute!

Nancie Mwai said...

looking so girlie, am madly in love with bows!

lavel said...

great skirt! :)
+follow ;)

Courtney said...

WOW, that is so awesome that you won the contest! :) and without originally even having known there was one! haha so great

and I really love your floral skirt! it looks cute in all 3 ways you've worn it

x Courtney

Henar said...

Cool mix, I love the top!


ShopeDelano said...

Oh you look gorgeous! I love that you've mixed prints! And the boots are cute! Love it, great blog :)

Dorien said...

hii! i read this blogpost yesterday, yet today I remembered you wrote that you planned your outfits for the next 16 days..gosh, I've never thought about really planning my outfits ahead. And now you made me realize that's actually a great idea, so thanks! :D

Juliane Gamboa said...

Really nice outfit!

Leah said...

Yeah I love Tieka too, she's so lovely !

Nicole, Coco Maria said...

I love your posts. They're always so honest and insightful, and you write in such a wonderful way :)
Anyway, this is such a cute outfit! I love the floral skirt and that big bow on your shirt!

CarrieJo said...

Love the skirt and bow!!! :)

Anonymous said...

Cute outfit, and congrats on winning the modcloth competition!

Sands said...

Nothing says Maggie like stripes and florals! :P Love your new dress!


Kimberellie said...

Terribly cute outfit! Love the double bow! And so cool about your parents. Wow, impressive!

much love: kimberellie miss furnellie (with a baby in her belly)

Cait said...

I love the mixed prints and the huge bow! I am a sucker for anything girly and that bow and headband are right up my alley.

Kallie, Happy Honey and Lark said...

what a darling outfit for winter, i especially love that you added such rugged yet cute boots with it.
on another note, my mom runs marathons and only 9 years ago she had broken almost every bone in her body in a car crash. i HATE running. hate it. so much. passsssionately. so i know how you feel. its inspiring, but ugh my knees thank me by working when i DONT run ;)

Alice said...

Wszystko jest śliczne,szczególnie spódnica! ;)

Daniela said...

I just took a look at a look after having a read a comment of you in illys blog.
I LOVE your outfit posts (: (:
have a nice day girl

Jenny Ong said...

Such divine colors on that floral skirt :) you look cute!

Jenny Ong said...
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Trie Diksi said...

hey, thanks for the thoughtful comment on my post, dear! and that is one lovely skirt, by the way.
and WOW, you're jealous because i live in Indonesia? That's one rare comment haha. What do you like about Indonesia? And where did you visit, exactly?

Nice to know you :)

The Spoof.

Kim Humes said...

Cute blog (and outfit!). I love Modcloth and would love to win a gift cert but I'm too lazy to enter most contests haah

Flashes of Style said...

Cuteee bow in your hair!! <3

Ashley said...

I love this skirt! The colors in it are so vivid! Cute bow too! I love it!

<3 Ashley

Kyrstin @ City Of Glitter said...

this look is great! I'm definitely going to follow your blog, and I hope you'll check mine out too!

- Kyrstin,

Thechocolat said...

WOW!! nice outfit!!

The Attic People said...

Cute outfit... love the hair bow.The snow looks amazing too.I would have the urge to run around in the field behind you and make lots of foot prints !

Marisa :)

Justine said...

I like the stripes with the floral skirt. I need to try this. I have a bow top similar to this, just backwards.

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