Monday, January 31

five restaurants, one night

I had the best weekend ever and there is no way I can't not document it here in the blogosphere.
Red Robin
Red Robin
I have a fear of all things furry and containing a human (or something else?) inside. Note: I am not in this picture.
maggie and i ihop
maggie and maggie
Apple Bee's
Maggie, katie, and I driving
red robyn drawing
maggie and i karate

So this is what went down. It was Katie's (the red headed gal) 19th birthday on Friday. It has been my dream birthday idea to hit up every restaurant in a single night that offers free dessert on birthday's and load up on as many as possible. So! We did it for HER birthday. All in all it cost $90 between the five of us to go to five places. We ate: 6 mozzarella sticks, cheese quesadillas, grilled cheese, pizza, pancakes, and five ice cream Sunday's split between us. It was insane and ridiculous and the most fun I've ever had. Our last stop was iHop and we were the only people in the restaurant and acted like complete loons. I repeat: complete loons. We asked for coloring books, crayons and more crayons, pictures to be taken, weird drink concoctions and left a 60% tip half of which was in quarters left on the table. When we left, the waiter told us to go home and sober up and to not get "too wasted" later. HA!!!!!!!!!!! Little did he know, we don't need any extra help to act the way we do ;)
maggie and i red robyn


Jennyboo said...

Looks like so much fun. I love adventures with friends. And that pie looks so yummy. xoxo

Stephanie said...

cute pictures :D looks like a LOT of fun :D and the cake looks delicious :D
Live.Laugh.Love. - everyday.

Abbey said...

What a fun weekend!

liz said...

You are so adorable, what a fun weekend!

Natalie said...

Oh my goodness hahaha, that is such a great idea and such a fantastic way to celebrate a birthday! FREE FOOD! :D And free delicious food, at that. I mean... holy crap all of that dessert looks and sounds delicious. And it looks and sounds like you had an absolute blast. :D That's so funny that the waiter thought you were drunk! Nope, some people don't need alcohol to have fun. We can just get wasted on happiness and high on sugar. :)

Amber Blue Bird said...

wow that is quite the treat fest, I think I may have barfed if I ate that many sweets but I man oh man they must have tasted yummy going down

Alex said...

omg this looks really fun! I would've never thought about doing that! O: AMAZING! Anyway, haha I love how you and your friend Maggie are so alike :P

Kenziefaith said...

Ahhh! This sounds/looks like SO much fun. I must try it!! BTW, I love your bangs!

KF x

haze said...

haha! i really enjoyed looking at your photos! you and your friends crazy faces and laughters made me smile!

p.s. i love the cake! :)

pancakeSTACKER said...

Looks like you had an amazing time out! I love weekends that are full of fun and friends :) Great photo diary, girl!

Hope you will stop by again soon!

Laura said...

looks like you had so much fun!! :)


Rachelous said...

What a great idea! Not sure any place in the UK offers free desserts, sounds amazing! xx

Becca said...

oh my goodness, you crazies!

that is such a good idea. I might try it!

Teresauras said...

I had a blast just looking at these cute photos!

Catherine said...

That sounds like such a good time!


Dorien said...

Seems you had a great time, so cool =)

Becky said...

Thanks for commenting on my Lion King tshirt! Isn't it so awesome?! Ha.

Looks like you had a great weekend as well! That's such a good idea for a birthday! I might just steal that from you and use it for one of my friends' birthdays ;)

Ruby And Siel said...

This must have been so fun ! :)
And you have an amazing header !

mode. said...

looks like fun- i'm not going to lie, i totally want to wear that bird suit. just for a minute.
<3 mode.

genevieve, sandbox romance said...

This is adorable. Sounds like y'all had fun!

Les Deux Filles said...

Wow, five restaurants?! That sounds soo gooood..and the cake is so...delish-looking...:P

Hannah said...

I did even know that doing something like this was possible, that is so awesome!!

Dorothy Souhuwat said...

those cakes made me so drooling

Kuleigh said...

That sounds like so much fun!