Saturday, January 1

A New Year

Dear 2010,

I'm a list person. I've always been a list person. Which might make you think that in writing lists obsessively in my phone, on post-its, in notebooks, on white-boards, and on random receipts, I would make "New Years" resolutions lists. False. I never have and probably never have. Instead, I seem to have a never-ending, always growing, continually changing list divided into two categories: goals and aspirations that I dream of happening and work everyday towards and things that could happen any day that don't happen because I'm scared of it or because I haven't made it happen. And in reconciling with the idea of yet another year ending, I mentally check off items from the list and asses the year in how many things were completed. Well, 2010, you happen to have been a very busy list-overtaking year. In both aspects of futuristic goals and things to try, which is a rare happening.

This year I: tried peas (nom nom nom), went on a roller coaster (for real), made a pen pal (try four), tried cheesecake (and loved it), labeled a relationship (8 months, babyy), attempted water-skiing (and failed), killed my own spider (not fun), quit stealing my sisters clothes (seriously), talked to cashiers (still scary, at times), had a job interview (fml), went to a foreign country without my parents and subjected myself to their food (<3), had a slumberparty (....seriously), watched Gilmore Girls and Lost from pilot to end again (maybe one of my only renewable items on the list), survived calculus (and then came Chemistry), graduated High School (eeeep), went to college (bigger eeeep), finished a semester of college (ouch), went to a Josh Ritter concert (definitely a highlight of the year), stood in line for hours for something ridiculous (thank you, Eclipse), bought a dress from Modcloth (three!), wore skirts and dresses to school...regularly (yayy!), learned how to do laundry (so. so. fun), kept my dorm room clean (new passion), learned how to use photoshop (best class ever), made new friends unawkwardly (okay, most of it was awkward), learned how to drive stick (mastered), avoided getting sick(until the last two days of the year...but it still counts!), obsessed over skype (yes), cut my bangs (I miss them), hosted an exchange student (favorite), turned 18 (Wyoming style), smooched (nuff said), learned how to charge my phone overnight and not in fifteen minute stints all day long (finally) bought every member of my family a Christmas present (finally achieved), and figured out how to put music onto my phone (so I don't lose my iPod...again).
All in all, I liked you 2010. And I liked you a lot. Call it an elementary crush, but remembering you will always make me giddy and silly. Everyone told me going into my senior year of High School that it was going to be the best year of my life, but who wants to hear that? Certainly, I didn't, who wanted to finish High School as painlessly as possible and just. Get. To. College. Asap. However, I'm so happy that you ended up being so much more than just a "filler" year. And as sappy as it was, you really were the best year I've had yet. Thank you for the best graduation ever and a myriad of "first" experiences to lock in my memory bank forever. Everything seemed to come together this year in a way I wasn't expecting. I'm happier now than I've ever been. 2011 won't have the same milestones, but nonetheless, I only hope to continue with what lovely things 2010 brought.




Charlotte said...

what a great year maggie :]]]
I loved reading about everything you've achieved :]]
I've loved 2010 too- I can't wait for 2011 :]]

Charlotte xxxx

Alex said...

You write so beautifully I just couldn't stop reading! :)! FAVORITE POST :D and a great start to a new year :)


Anna said...

always love to read what you write, your 2010 seems like it was such a wonderful one!! & i love your banner btw..

~Abby~ said...

2010 was a big year of firsts for you! It was a year you'll never forget...probably one of the biggest years of your life!
I hope 2011 can live up to its expectations we have for it!!!


Hannah said...

Maggie, I'm so glad you had such a great year! I love hearing the details.

And I'm sorry about your Aunt. My uncle (who is 48) was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer last year. It is super hard for us because he really isn't getting any better :( My prayers are with you and your family.

Coralie said...

I graduated from High School and finished my first semester at the University as well :) But for me, 2010 was the year of change. Change in friends, me, activities, fashion, money... Everything !
Happy New Year !

Courtney said...

You write so beautifully. I'm glad that you had such a wonderful year, and I wish you luck in 2011 :)

Winnie said...

Haha I'm a list person too, I often write ones just so I can cross them out! Looks like you had a wonderful year and I hope that 2011 brings you lots of luck and happiness!

Natalie said...

2010 definitely sounds like quite a year for you! Trying cheesecake and watching Lost are definitely important. Oh, and graduating high school and an 8 month relationship are pretty important too. ;)

But yay! Happy new year! One day of 2011 down, 364 more to go. Hopefully lots of fantastic things are in store for the coming year. :D

Becca said...

So upbeat!
I'm glad 2010 was a happy year for you. Trying out new things is scary! but rewarding.
Keep at it, Mags! You're doing great!

Flashes of Style said...

Happy new year dear! Hope it brings you great things.

xx Bonnie

Danielle said...

I would never be able to mentally remember all those things!

Zaia said...

havent been around your blog for a while and dayem,, i missed it! I'm a list person too, it just clears up my mind so much, great post and have a lovely new year! xx

Jen said...

Girl, I am sooo a list person too! From a grocery list to a to-do this week list to a to-do around the house list. You name it, I have a list for it! ;-)

Happy Sunday Darling! xo

Beti said...

thank you for stopping by and your nice comment :)

all the best in new year :)

Leah said...

Yeah it was my favorite too ! Happy new year to you !

Xx Leah.

jamie said...


i was so drawn to what you had to say. your writing is captivating and entertaining. sorry if this is kinda weird considering we are strangers, but im so proud of you! calculus, chem, graduation, college... the list goes on! you seem like the sweetest girl ever and i know your family is proud of you (sorry im very motherly so i'll stop now)

anyway, thanks for your compliment on my hair :) its very easy to do! i'm actually thinking about doing a tutorial video on how to get your hair curled like that; ive had some super nice comments on my hair **blushing** thanks for dropping by my blog sweetie! good luck to you in 2011 and in everything you do :)

Les Deux Filles said...

I think this year was an exceptionally great year to you, Maggie! I hope this year is as great as last year!

This year I graduate high school so that itself probably makes 2011 the best year of my LIFE. buahaha--Margaret

My name is Renée. said...

lovely post! Happy New Year