Monday, September 27

My Fall Must-Haves

So, I found Polyvore for the first time in my life. And because I've never Poly-ied and I don't have an outfit for you today, I figured I'd show you guys my fall wardrobe and my shopping list. I have no idea how this is going to turn out and I have no idea if it will be of interest to you, but, alas, why not give it a shot?
The Basics:
Okay, to start, these are all things I personally think every one needs in their wardrobe come autumn time. Every single one of these items are in my closet!

1) Floral Sleeved Dress: I might have taken this one from Teika, but there is truly no item in my closet that compares to my floral cap sleeved dress. I wear them constantly and they are the easiest thing in the world to style. Basically, anything in this set could be mixed with it. Layer with an oxford shirt, a patterned cardigan, a scarf, add tights, or a vest. A floral cap sleeved dress has endless possibilities!
2) Pea Coat: I think this is pretty self-explanatory. Everyone needs a jacket and why not be practical and cute? I bought this yellow coat from delias on sale and it'll be fun to wear with patterns!
3) Tops: Okay, the most crucial tops in my wardrobe are my: A) Striped V-Neck-striped v-neck tops are my favorite for layering. I most commonly will add a patterned scarf if I'm on the run, a patterned cardigan, or wear it with a patterned skirt/short. They are CRUCIAL! B) Floral Button Shirt- A floral button down is so easy to dress up and down. Numerous times I've worn floral button downs to various fancier events and they instantly add some class. But! For school, I wear them with shorts, a vest, tights, and jeans. C) Striped Oxford Shirt- I wear my oxfords with dresses, tops, tucked into shorts/skirts, and cardigans. They are also another one of those pieces that you can use for everyday use or dressed up for some class. Vests are also so fun with oxfords!! D) Flannel- If you don't have a plaid shirt, I think you've been living under a rock for the past year. Flannel is without a doubt a life-saver. You don't need to wear anything particularly interesting to make flannel stand out on its own and they are so warm. American Eagle and Abercrombie are my favorite!
4) Patterned Scarves (B&W): If you saw my scarf wall, I guess you wouldn't see a whole lot of "black and white printed scarves" but for those pattern mixing beginners (haha), black and white prints are the easiest to mix. You can virtually wear either of these two scarves with anything you want if your top/dress has white or black in it. So easy and so cute.
5) Lace-up Brown Boots: My dearest got me a pair of brown lace up boots in the summer and they are the best item in my closet!! They function perfectly as warm boots, but I wore them in the summer as well. They add so much to an outfit and work for any style. I anticipate tucking my jeans into them with my flannel and scarves soon!
6) Brown Oxfords: Last year, when oxfords were being introduced, black was the trend. However, to be a little more unique amidst the sea of black oxfords, brown is an amazing choice. They're more casual than black oxfords and still add so much to an outfit like black ones. I am in love with my brown oxfords.
7) Skinny Dark Jeans: It's an essential, obviously. Go get em! My obsession lately is to tuck in button down shirts or my vnecks and put on a vest. Sooo cute!
8)  Tights: Tights!!!!! My all time favorite! Next to floral dresses! Seriously, you all know I'm obsessed with scarves, but I can't stress how much I wear them and how good they always look. It's my greatest passion to mix tight patterns with dress patterns and skirts. Eeeep! Perfection! My suggestion is to go to the Urban Outfitter clearance section and pick up the black/white textured ones that are always on sale for $4.99-7.99!
9) Floral Shorts: Lately, I've kind of swapped out my floral skirts for floral shorts. You can just as easily wear them with tights and patterns, but they don't move in the wind or crawl up your back when you're walking to class with a backpack on.
10) Cardigans/Vests: Cardigans and vests are plain and simple, the best layering tools. I invested in this patterned Urban one and it's so warm. The pattern is so cute. I definitely suggest investing in at least one good, chunky, warm cardigan for fall. They're perfect! Vests are another one of those widely styled items I use all the time. Grey is such a neutral color that would work with everything (think black stripes and florals!).

Fall Closet Up-date! 
Okay, I've bored you with the essentials so now I'm going to show you some items I want to kind of add some more variety to my closet including more trendy items to incorporate with the basics. Yay!

1) Dresses: I am craving a sweater dress for fall! They are so cute and I would so wear this striped one with crazy tights, belts, and vests. I am also lusting for a simple black double scoop one like this one from UO. I would wear it tucked into pants, skirts, as a dress alone... there are so many options!
2) Crochet Lace Vest: Hope just swapped a crochet lace vest like this one and I fell in love. I would love to layer this with different patterned tees, dresses, and over skirts and leggings. So cute! Not to mention, I can totally wear it in the summer/spring!
3) Fur Trapper Hat: Warm! Cute!
4)Chunky/Loose Cardi: I love the print on this- it's definitely outside my realm. I can so see myself curling up to it all fall and winter long!!
5) Doc Martens: I've wanted a pair forever and these floral ones are so adorable. Tights! Dresses! Eeep.
6) Military Skirt: Green seems to be the trendy color of the season, and I'm so thankful that Military being "in" doesn't include camo. Yuckkk! This skirt is adorable! I bought one and I can't wait to style it up for you all!
7) Tights: I really want a pair of tights with bows on them! I have since last winter and it's a necessity for this fall/winter. Also, I want a pair of royal blue ones. Royal blue is such a classy color and I could wear them with practically everything!
8) Accessories: I desperately want an owl necklace- how precious are they?? And I love "cluster" necklaces. I'm not really a jewelry person, but I love both of these so much. And this belt would be perfect with dresses!!

Okay. So that's what's on my fall shopping list and what I have in  my closet that I wear constantly :)
Hope you have a fabulous Monday!

I'm off whatever :)



Alex said...

Maggie, do you want me to see if I can get you an owl necklace when I'm shopping this weekend? I'm almost positive I've seen one in Primark and their jewellery is always really cute and super cheap!

I'm pondering autumn wardrobe staples at the moment. I'm nowhere near as organised as you so might just pinch some of your ideas, hahaha.

Estefany said...

Nice choices!
I love the floral boots, so cute!

Nicole, Coco Maria said...

I would love to have all of these things in my fall wardrobe! I could really use some more cardigans, so that's what I'm on the look out for :)

natalie said...

Um, yeah, I think I should just print out this blog post and take it with me the next time I go shopping, and I'll be set for good. :D I love the peacoat with it's bright pop of color! And tights and floral dresses and cardigans are always a must. And minus the camo, I'm liking the military trend, too!

I hope your week started off wonderfully :)

Heather said...

Love all of this, great picks!

elanor, missing-lovebirds said...

great choices. :)
i want to go on a killer thrifting spree sometime soon and begin my fall-winter shopping. i've already done some, but not nearly enough. ;) there are so many colors i'm dying to wear!

xx elanor

Becky Jean said...

Thanks for the comment hun :)
OH gosh how addictive is polyvore!!! I havent mastered the uploading my own pics part.. but love it when im having a creative BLANK and search black jeans and voila! Options are endless! Great post xo

Stevia said...

essentials are essential!
we all need everything you mentioned :)

and I love your up date list too
especially the owl necklace!


Alex said...

I loveeee your essentials! They are aweeesome! :) I loved this post so much! You have such a great style and I love how effortless it is :) Oh, well! I hope you liked the letter :D

genevieve, sandbox romance said...

"I might have taken this one from Teika"

HAHA! Love it. And the black/white dress you posted for things you want. So cute!

Becca said...

Wow you have some really super-cool things in your closet!
I mean, the "basics" were so not boring at all. Love it.
What if you took a picture of your closet?? That would be so fun to see!

arnique said...

I've been feeling left out with everyone's fall closet lists. We don't have fall in Manila (just rain, buckets of it) so I've been making lists for "spring" instead. :))

I agree with Becca, closet shots sound fun!

Arianne from A + B in the Sea

Nicole said...

I adore these fall must-haves... I "MUST HAVE" them too!!!

Fourth Daughter said...

That cardigan is great, I wonder if I can make it somehow... I've got a sweater dress on my list of things to make, I might tackle it tomorrow although I should really be making dresses to wear to the races (it's our big racing carnival here soon!)

Abbey said...

I love that sweater dress! Looks so comfy and cute! And I just bought some blue tights! Can't wait to wear them! I'll probably need to wait for the weather to cool down a bit more.. :)

Oh, My Darling said...

Ooh, what a great collection! Suddenly, I am compelled to go on a shopping spree.

Fourth Daughter said...

I love that patterned cardigan, so versatile! And I'm just making a sweater dress now out of a massive guy's sweater that I found new at an op shop... will post results later!

simplyhope said...

Lovin this post girl! Fabulous stuff:)
I see my sparkly oxfords! I am actually thinking of selling them....
because my style has really changed!

Meghan said...

These items are to die for! I have the black and white cardigan in the first collection already, haha :)