Thursday, September 9

blog sisterhood :)

Hello!! Guess what??? I have...exciting news for you today! Today, for the first time, HopeCheyne are debuting our blog sisterhood clothes swap! In our "sisterhood" we are sending around a garment at a time for each person to style and together, we are posting them on the same day featuring everyone and how they styled it. It's more than just a swap, too :) We have a journal where we write to each other and truly try to embody the "sister" part of the whole swap apart from the clothes (not related to Greek Life...whatsoever)! The three of us are all fairly young compared to the rest of the fashion bloggers and that is part of the idea- to represent us younger gals :). After we get it going, we may add more people, but for the time being, we're keeping it simple and hassle free :)
The first item up for swap was this dress of mine :). I got it months ago on sale for $4.99 and because I've been procrastinating on wearing it, I figured it would be perfect for the swap! Style-wise, it's so versatile! The light acid wash is oh so cute.'s how the other girls styled it:
I love how Cheyne added a colorful adorable hat and her shoes are SOOO cute! The stripes also work wonders!
If you don't follow either of these girls, you SHOULD! I seriously wish I dressed as well as Hope did- I can't believe she's only 15! I love The necklace she added- it really completes the whole look. Her and I were kind of in sync with the black thing:) 
I originally planned on mixing lace prints and using this lace top and some tights. But in the end, with the acid wash and necklace and was too much. I think, at least. hahaha. But now I wish I had! This necklace is one of my favorite pieces in my closet! I wore it for prom and now pull it out when I remember it's there!
I love these gladiators! They were free from Charolette Russe because I spent a certain dollar amount so I got to pick something for $25 and considering I bought everything I liked there originally, I just decided to go for these since I own nothing quite as cool. Hahaha.
Unfortunately..the pictures I took didn't turn out as I hoped. All due to me and my lack of concentration. Hahaha. Niklaas is very well in tune to when I'm focused on taking pictures and when I'm kind of...lackadaisical. The morning we did these was one of those loopy times hahaha.
Alright, so. I am determined to get on my blogging schedule again now that I've settled into college. I was blogging every other day (!!) in August and I was so happy that by the end of the month, I posted 14 times! WOW! That'd double my normal amount. So I need to catch up and start blogging more. Sound good?? So come back again and again :)

Also, if you have any blog sisterhood name suggestions...let us know hahaha. There are three girls right if you're feeling creative or are just naturally more creative than I am, we would be grateful for ideas!

P.S. Check out Hope and Cheynes blogsss!!!


simplyhope said...

I LOVE your outfit! Gosh the necklace is Gorgeous:) Cheyne's hat is absolutely adorable! Thanks for the compliment!
xoxo Hope

simplyhope said...

I LOVE your outfit! Gosh the necklace is Gorgeous:) Cheyne's hat is absolutely adorable! Thanks for the compliment!
xoxo Hope

Nicole said...

This blog sisterhood seems like such a good idea! Everyone styled this dress so well! I love how you paired the acid wash dress with the black lace, so lovely! :)

Alex said...

Fab idea Maggie! I look forward to seeing more of the sisterhood :)

Loving your black lace top!

Melissa said...

This is such a fun idea!! What a trio of fashionable ladies.

Alex said...

Owwww I love these girls (including you) and this whole idea :) <3 hahaha i suck at names... I only came up with Lifesize Sweater but that doesn't make sense... or maybe doll sized sweater hahahahahahaha aw nonono scratch my horrid ideas! Love love love love love that dress! I eant one that looks exactly like that! :) i will keep thinking of weird ideas :p fun sized paperdolls :) hahahaha i just love the word "size"

Rio said...

Super cute looks, and I love this idea! Your shoes are raaaaad too, by the way! :)

Anonymous said...

wow, i love this whole idea of a sisterhood clothes swap! :) was it inspired by the sisterhood of the traveling pants? I think it's awesome and inspires you guys to have your own fashion style and creativity!

elanor, missing-lovebirds said...

a sisterhood?! SO COOL!!
i'm definitely going to go follow the other gals... :)

xxoo elanor

Zaia said...

wow great idea! nice to see what everyone comes up with the same piece, really inspiring!my fave would have to be cheyne's because of the pop of colour but the 2 others were awsome too!

hellolyndsey said...

SOOOOOOOOOO cute!! all three of you girls look absolutley fabulous. great idea too! poo for me not being able to take part bc i'm 18 & plus size :(!


Alex said...

Lyndsey! You are beautiful the way you are! To me you are not plus sized at ALL! i love you the way you are :) you probably won't read this i suppose but you are beautiful :)

Cheyne said...

Eep, I love Divine Swappings of a Blogging Sisterhood. That's kind of what I've been calling it my head.

If you've ever seen the movie Diving Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood. (:

Of course rockin' those shoes, looking very edgy like Hope! :D


maggeygrace said...

Umm...I'm really really loving the idea of "Divine Swappings of a Blogging Sisterhood..." HOLY COW. I think that's my mind.

W. said...

great idea :D and the dresses looks great on both of you!kisses

Bea said...

Divine swappings is a great name! I agree :)

I like this idea and I love how you guys are reppin' the younger set.

Bea from A plus B

Kaya said...

I love the red hat and it's a good idea of you. I will check the other blogs:)

Becca said...

Aw, this is such a fun idea!
I like that you are all young- that adds to it.
Everyone looks good in the dress, all in totally different ways!

Alli (One Pearl Button) said...

What an adorable dress! I love how each of you styled it - all so different, but so perfect!

Matt said...

What a neat idea. Great remixes! And I love those gladiators!

genevieve, sandbox romance said...

Aww. I love that y'all are doing a clothes swap! It's so nice to see younger bloggers taking the initiative to do things like that, and it's such a wonderful idea! Very inspiring. Y'all have such great styles, and they're all delightfully different. You've each certainly managed to put your own spin on the dress, which sounds like a real (and fantastic!) bargain. I love the way you added the gladiator heals. Definitely something different than your usual, and definitely fun! Love the lace and necklace, as well.

The other girls have such fun styles! I'll most certainly have to check them out now, hehe. Boy is my following list getting out of hand... Can't wait to see more collaborations!!

Oh, and thank you so much for the sweet sweet comment! Hehe. I LOVE your idea for talking to cute boys! I'm totally going to try that out. Brilliant. Hopefully he keeps sitting behind me!

shealennon said...

You all look so great! What a fun idea!

Hannah said...

What an excellent idea. I thought the swapping of clothes was cool enough, but to send a journal?! Nice!

I've gotten into writing a ton of letters in the last month with so many of my friends going off to college, even if they don't have the time to send one back, I'm having a good time being really creative with things to send. Most of them are cheating and writing me back on Facebook. lol

Thanks for the sweet comments on my blog. I actually almost did not buy the green cardigan because I was like, "what do you wear with something so green!?", oh how I was wrong.

Psht, this is practically a little letter itself. I can't wait to see what you guys style up next! :)


Maggie thanks so much for stopping by my blog! I love this swap with your blog sisters, esp. how you guys journal about it. So creative! And the acid wash is too awesome, btw.

Chloe, Butterfly Cupcakes said...

Ooo I am doing something similar to this which hasnt been properly debuted yet.

I love your shoes!

Collette Osuna said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog and for your super sweet comment....:)

Statements in Fashion

erin :) said...

I like the sisterhood name! Whatever name it is, I think incorporating "sisterhood" is super neat. And this is a great idea! i'd love to be a part someday! This is so neat-o for realz. :]

And sorry about the super angry/ranting email! Life is much better now so no worries. :]

Erin :)

Amber Rose said...

I saw Hope's post earlier today, and I have to say I absolutely love this. Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants meets the blogging community. :)

Channie Patay said...

I LOVE THIS! and the whole sisterhood swapping idea is genius! :) Wish I could join though, it looks fun! great job girls.

Hey, following you :) Follow me too?

xx, Channie

Sarah said...

such a great idea! and you all look fantastic in the dress, i love that you all styled it completely differently!
Great blog dear xxxx

ari said...

LOVE the way you wore the lace top underneath.. takes this dress to the next level ;)

Anonymous said...

awesome! :) this is such a good idea! :)

yay for sisterhood!

glad college is going good for u! enjoy love :D