Wednesday, September 15

save yourself

Why, hello! I'm quite excited today because I have a few things to share. And what better way to do that than...*drum roll* through a video blog??? Yep! My second vlog! It's only 3 minutes instead of 25, so you can exhale now haha. So, give it a watch if you want!

Vlog 2 from Maggie Mattinson on Vimeo.
So some of you asked me what my to-do list on Sunday was, so I thought I'd share really fast!
Sunday To-Do list:
-eat breakfast
-hike the "M"
-take blog pictures for the swap
-complete 3 hours of chemistry homework
-read 60 pages of biology and write flash cards
-write lab report
I always have to include things like "eat breakfast" and "shower". I complete my lists in chronological order, so doing simple things like eating makes me feel accomplished when I can cross them off and move to the next one. Haha :)
Alright, so I'm still trying to pump out the summer shoots, so bear with me if the next couple aren't completely fall-esque. I took these pictures the day after I got my wisdom teeth out, so they are definitely still in the summer category. I really wish I could say Niklaas had taken these, but he didn't even though I wish he had been the one to take them. Haha! I just always want him to be the photographer. But, my best friend Jenni took these. She was getting her senior pictures done and looking for location ideas when I told her about Niklaas and my favorite house! And voila! She ended up getting them done here! Here, I was showing her the house and had her take pictures (because why waste an opportunity if you're on a gorgeous location, wearing something shoot appropriate, and it's a gorgeous day??)

I don't know if I've ever told you guys this...but I'm kind of a Class A matchmaker. Ironically, however, my biggest success story yet fizzled out last week, but it was a year and a half plus relationship so I don't consider that a failure on my part! My other hookups have gone pretty smoothly too- and besides, there's only so much you can do once the couple are together, you know?:P But! Anyways. Being the college girl with a boyfriend at home, I'm obviously not in the ballpark and with lots of single friends...I've used my outgoing wit wisely as of late. Tehe! There's this gorgeous boy that my roommate has a crush on after running into him in the dining hall and at the football game several times and last night going to the Anti-partying Lecture for the freshmen, I saw him with a chemistry acquaintance of mine! So what did I do?? As he started talking to me, I turned up the outgoing notch and before we knew it, they were asking to sit by us and introducing themselves before we even had the chance! Yippeee! I even switched seats so Jenni would sit by Gorgeous Boy. Tehe! In class today, I"m going to ask my friend if he and his friends want to hang out this weekend. Excitinggg!
Speaking of chemistry...I am seriously freaking out about my big test next week. This class is serious business. No messing around. It's a three hour long test scheduled at night and made really hard. Ahhhh!! Wish me luck..I'm sure I'll be talking about it next week :)
This dress is my pride and joy. Along with my boots. I wear them more often than I probably should being that it's still summer...but oh well! As you know, Niklaas got them for me for graduation. The best thing ever (or on the top of the "best thing ever" list) is having a guy who knows clothes. Hehe. I'm on the hunt of black lace-ups next! I got this dress thrifting for a good two dollars. Yipppeee! I almost thought it would be too grandma-y...but I went for it anyways. And to add a touch of me, wore my sequin bow. Yay!
I don't really have a whole lot to say. Today is my mom's birthday. And my cousin's birthday. It's not something we really "celebrate" because coincidentally, my little cousin passed away on this day. 3 years today. He would be 11. It's just so crazy how these sorts of things happen, you know? What are the odds, given a rare unknown lifelong heart condition, it would stop on his sister's birthday? Weird. For sure. I don't really like talking about it too much nor doing a whole spiel on the story because it's such a personal matter, but I still feel compelled to acknowledge him and pay my respect. We miss him. Love you, kid.
I just thought of something! The day before I left for college, Niklaas and I delievered the couple who own this house a card thanking them for basically not kicking us off their property and allowing us to take pictures there all summer long. I wonder if they ever got it?? Hmmm.. I can't wait to go back next summer :) I swear I'm going to buy it someday and make it beautiful again.
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Nicole said...

Your video blogs are so cute! Yay for getting 150 followers and for getting sponsored! And also yay for pumpkin flavored foods, as I just had a pumpkin spiced latte earlier today!

Anyway, I LOVE that dress as well as the setting of these photos. Beautiful! :)

gee said...

i love all things pumpkin!! <3
i LOVE the setting of your pictures.
absolutely beautiful.

elanor, missing-lovebirds said...

this is a GREAT location! seriously!
congrats on the 150 and a sponsor! sheesh i wonder when i'll get there...if i ever.. :)

super cute dress too! i also enjoy your shoes. where did you get them?

xx elanor

Amber Blue Bird said...

Congrats on getting a sponsor! That location is superb...I wish I could find a place like that near me

Amber Rose said...

Adorable picture of your cousin-- and a heartbreaking story. :/

On a lighter note, I love that you're so outgoing~ I wish I could be! I'm painstakingly shy unless I'm around close friends!!

Courtney said...

Loved the vlog. You're so cute! :D
Congrats on the sponsor!! Wooo!
Sorry about your cousin. How sad.

Check out my blog when you're free, I have an award waiting for you there! :)

Love me...Love me not

S + Y said...

LOVE the second to last picture! You look great in all of them


500 days of Jo said...

you look so cute in that dress but most importante, congrats! A sponsor! That's big, congratulations!

PrettyNiftyThriftyFashion said...

oh my god your vlog is so so so cute!!! it made me smile and chuckle alot!! i kind of really want to make one now lol and congratulations on 150 followers and a sponsor that is so exciting!!! i love your boots and the dress is so cute :)

Alex said...

your video is so cute! I am the pickiest eater also! Everyone makes fun of it :( I haven't drink pepsi or coke in forever! Seriously! And I hate so many things it would take years for me to write a list! So I am was so happy to hear you say that :) And I love the expressions you makee! They are so funny! I would do a video if a knew how to use my webcam, but it somehow doesn't work anymore since Best Buy fixed a virus I had. Oh, well... I don't have a camera either :/ what else? I am missing something! What is it? Damn... I swear I had something else to say :/ Well, moving on. I love the outfit! And the couple story and everything! I just freaking love your blog :)! I am sosick right now that I am trying to remember what I was saying but my head hurts so much and my nose is super red is embarrassing :( love always!

SMASH said...

Your photos always make me feel so wistful--I want to see these beautiful places!

I'm so sorry to hear about your cousin, losing a family member is never easy.

I was wondering if you wanted to exchange links? Your blog is so amazing :)


simplyhope said...

Oh your video blogs are Adorable Miss Maggie! Congrats on the sponser and the followers!!!! You deserve it!!! I used to HATE pumpkin pie but last Thanksgiving I tried it cold...and who knew it tasted WAY BETTER!!!! The dress is too cute as well as your boots!

Hannah said...

Seeing your pictures makes me wish I lived near a broken down house in a field, I used to know of one but it burned in a mysterious fire.

Video comments - Pumpkin cake is sooo delish! My mom makes it every so often as a special treat and she makes the bestest frosting on top. Unlike you, once I find hair in any food (something yummy or not) I immediately quit eating. I'm so freaked out by hair in places it shouldn't be!

Congrats on the 150 followers and your first sponsor, ahhh that is so awesome!! :D

Hannah said...

haha! you're so cute! i love that you tried the new food. i had a friend at my last college that was picky like you and i always made her try everything i got (i'd get the crazy vegan options usually) lol. she learned to like a few new things though!

and you got a new job??? are you liking it?

and you're going to school in montana? awesome! my parents just went there to see a wedding/vacation for the weekend. and they brought me back huckelberry lemonade cause apparently huckleberries are big there. who knew?


ellie said...

Wow, so love the old house. cool location. Pumpkin seeds roasted are the best!

Estefany said...

Cute dress and boots! Cute everything!
I hear ya on the whole school and classes taking most of your time. Ugh.. so awful, but what can you do right?

Hope you're having a great week =)

Chloe, Butterfly Cupcakes said...

I really would like to go to this house! It is so scenic, especially with the fields all around it. And I so know what you mean about wanting Niklaas to always take your photos, I prefer my boyfriend taking my photos over anyone else because he knows what I want and he has a good knack to it. These photos are beautiful however.

Lie said...

oh my god. you look gorgeous! this dress is absolutely beautiful and so are you (:
The location is aweeesome!
Thanks for your cute comment on my blog!

xo, hugs.

ps: the vid is so cute

Ellen said...

the 4th photo is incredble. the house is so so cool. also the 3rd and 2nd to last ones are so good! whoever took them is really talented and you look really nice in them.
the video made it seem really personal too.

Ellen at The Raven and the Cellar Door

layia said...

The letter part was my favorite! I hope they did get it! I've been meaning to write request letters to visit some places but i'm too scared to actually do it! sadness!
congratulations on the growing followers and sponsor! that should be exciting! oh! congrats on trying that pumpkin cake too!

good luck with the chemistry test! ( i feel bad leaving you with all these exclamation points...) i remember taking one at seven in the morning. that was a terrible experience. i don't remember what i got on the test but i just remember it being so cold and dark. bleh.

fashiondevotion said...

Great photos! Your dress is really cute xxx

Gizelle Faye | Vanilla Ice Cream said...

the location of your shoot is just amazing! (excluding the creepy 'save yourself' writing on the wall though..hehe) but i seriously love the definitely complements your very adorable outfit!

♥ vanilla ice cream | POLKA DRESS giveway this way! ♥

Sydney, The Rabbit-Hearted Girl said...

aw, your video blog is so cute! congrats on the followers and sponsor! that's so exciting. and i looove your dress and boots. so much.

Sydney, The Rabbit-Hearted Girl said...

aw, your video blog is so cute! congrats on the followers and sponsor! that's so exciting. and i looove your dress and boots. so much.

Amanda said...

Ah, that house is amazing! I would take photos everyday there if I could.

Gosh, your to-do list is long! Sounds like mine though. I have a chem test too which I am entirely unprepared for. I'm sure we'll both do fine though :]

Becca said...

So sad am I, that my laptop is really stressing out about your vlog. And won't let me watch it!

~Abby~ said...

Woop Woop! Congrats on the followers!
The beanie looks great on your head. ;) Haha. But really, it's cute!
The hair thing CRACKED ME UP! XD
Good luck on the test! I'd be spazzing right now if I were you!
That bow is really cute. :)


P.S. That's awesome you guys' song is "Fly With Me!" Loveee it! :)


oh my god this place is like a film WOW

Annika said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Annika said...

As the world´s pickiest eater, could you do a food post about your favourite food/ the food you eat regularly? Pleeeaaase! That would be lovely and funny
( I am a major fan of food posts by the way)
Enjoy your day!

Clara said...

lovely look
those place is amazing!!

✿ren said...

Wow gorgeous photos! And good luck for your Chemistry test! :D

Flashes of Style said...

looove the dress! <3

Kimberellie said...

You are a modern day Emma Miss Maggie! And beautiful pics. I love the one of you blurry with the grass in the foreground and also the one you say is your favorite.

you are beautiful. And I am sorry for all the homework you have!!

heart: miss furnellie

ps. you are officially my obsession now!

Rio said...

Dang girl, you always have the prettiest pictures! Love it as always! :)

Bri said...

great photo shoot! i love creepy old abandoned houses!

& you're too cute in your video blogs! : )

Cheyne said...


That dress is so not grandma-ish. Besides, who says grammies can't be stylish?! (;

Swooning over your picture locations. This is me. Swooning. Swoon swoon swoon.

"Anti-Partying Lecture for Freshmen." BAHAHA. Oh, Montana. Oh, Maggie. I love you, hahaha.

I don't know if I've mentioned, but I've been vegetarian for three years...but that's the most extent of my eating habits. Otherwise I love trying new things. Have you ever had a chip sandwich? Me and my Vegan friend love them! You take two pieces of white bread, put barbeque Lays chips inbetween, crunch the pieces together and BAM, chip sandwich. Don't worry, it's not an Oklahoma thing, it's just a meat-free thing. Wahhh. (:


Chloe, Butterfly Cupcakes said...

Hey I featured you on my blog, let me know if you want me to take it down.

Stevia said...

you have such a darling blog!
i'm your newest follower
yeay you finally get your 1st sponsor!
would you kindly tell me how that works?
i never quite understand about sponsors on blogs..

i love everything about this look
especially the headband :)

and that house is amazing!
good thing the owner didn't kick you guys out!


Abbey said...

I know I'm kind of late in commenting on this, but I just found your blog..

I'm a horribly picky person too! And it makes me so happy to see another picky eater! Also love that you're in college because most blogs that I follow are out of school.


Len David said...

The background is kind of surreal. It reminds me of scary films where murder usually takes place. It also reminds me of Brave the Cowardly Dog's House! Haha!

And how creepy is the red painted Save Yourself signage :( But nonetheless still lovely :)

Maggie Shirley said...


Second, that outfit is absolutely adorable. I love love love it.

Third, I like that you post pictures of your outfits in all your blogs.

Fourth, I am going to follow you now. (Your blog, not you. I'm not stalking you, no worries.)


Bree said...

Maggie! great vlog! :)

looking cute as always!

hope school is going great!

come join my giveaway! :)

Bree said...

Maggie! great vlog! :)

looking cute as always!

hope school is going great!

come join my giveaway! :)