Thursday, September 2

50th post & VLOG!

Hello!!! Here is my extra special 50th post spectacule! Originally, I took tons of footage with Niklaas but becasue I shot it in HD, my video editing program hated me and won't let me edit it. Poo! Well, instead, I recorded with my webcam (sorry for the horrible quality!) me talking about college and sharing stories, showing you my dorm and closet, and sharing secrets! Eeee! Also, for those of you who don't want to watch my movie, I'm including some of my favorite outfit pictures in the past 5 months that I've been blogging :) So thank you!!!
My top 5 favorite outfits:
I guess I don't know why I love this outfit so much. I think it's because this is the first time I ever pattern mixed and I just loved these opaque tights and my floral dress! I felt so comfy but casual!

I think this is my all time favorite photoshoot we've done, and definitely in my top favorite outfits. This dress with the hat and wedges just made me feel something no other outfit has! It had this casual sophistication but almost "english" effortless adorable feel to it. And the hat made me feel like I should be in a row boat :)

Pattern mixing!! This was when I pretty much felt like I found my niche in patterns. I mixed three this day and while my best friend and family was like, "What are you wearing???", I loved it! I did get a few compliments even :) Plus, my dog is adorable. I miss her!

I think this is my favorite styling I have ever done. I love the peter-pan collar and all the "trends" going on with the socks/shoes, hat, lace, and collar!! It was like every trend rolled into one. Haha :) I felt so vintagey!
Oh gosh. I loved wearing this outfit. I felt so feminine and girly and dolled up! It was fun. I actually went to the grocery store in the middle of summer like this and ran into Niklaas' best friend and he gave me  a funny look. It's about as far as "summer casual" as you can get hahah!
Your top 5 favorite outfits:
Alright. This is everyone's all time favorite outfit. I got 100 comments on chictopia for it and over 160 votes!!! I really do love this dress, it was so easy to wear without adding much to it! Good choice, guys!

Oh, I do love this outfit. And I do love these pictures!! This got the second most comments on my blog and chictopia, so thank you! You guys make me so happy with your comments!
This was my first photoshoot with Niklaas. Isn't it crazy how much better we have got at taking pictures?? Haha! You loved this photoshoot though and it got 80 comments on chictopia! Thankss!! I love this dress, still :)
This was the first big comment getter. Ha! It got seventy comments which exceeded my previous record by like thirty haha :) Pattern mixing! Yay!
This was only my second chictopia post ever, but you guys gave me 50 comments on it!! It positively blew my mind. I love this dress! I miss it :( I will be wearing it during the holidays, rest assured!
My top 5 favorite PICTURES:
(preview for the future...hahaha!)
(preview for the future too!)

ALRIGHT! That seems to be all! Thank you for being a reader of Lifesize Paperdoll these fifty posts:) It has been amazing so far!! I look forward to more :) I can't say how many more vlogs I'll do...I guess it depends on how you respond hahah:)

Love, Maggie


L said...

such a great post.
those are amazing outfits.
and i love the vlog ;)

Kate Maggie said...

Such a cute vlog!! and I love these pictures...Aw, congrats on 50! x

simplyhope said...

MAGGIE!!! I LOVED this!!! I give you massive kudos for doing 6 hrs. or Chemistry! I LOATHE Chemistry and I only have an hour of it hah. Also smoke gives me headaches as well..So Gross(smoke guy ahahha) Don't worry good girls ROCK! And you have some awesome boy advice and your secrets made me laugh! You are AWESOME:) I got the package and seriously LOVE what is inside:)

Alex said...

Oh Maggie you are so sweet! And you say gosh dang it, too cute!! I really enjoyed watching that and getting to know you a bit better.

Keep ignoring the smokers - don't give in! And I'm so impressed with your work ethic. I think I, in common with most 1st year students in the UK, spent my first couple of weeks at uni drunk, definitely not working!!

Mel said...

Awww you're so adorable in that video (well you're adorable all the time)! I love all your favorite outfits, they're my favorites too!

Alex said...

I watched the whole video (because I kind of love videos and I do not know why I have this obsession with listening to other people who I have never heard talk, well... talk hahaha so yeah) and when I finished I realized it was like... 25 minutes long! It went by super fast I didn't even noticed! I loved your whole description of college and I loooovee the way you talk! :P I didn't really imagined your voice before, so it was cool to suddenly see a vlog! I am too shy about my voice because it's harsh and stuff, so I am afraid to make a video :(

I totally understand the breath thing :( It always happens to me and I feel bad because I do not want to be bitchy... but yeah :/ it bothers me and it gets to a point where it's uncomfortable.

Ok, enough of me talking :) Have a great last day of your first week of college :) love you maggie :)

It'll be really awesome if we could share clothes like the girls in the delightfully dozen do! haha bye :)

Bea said...

The video is loading right now so I figure I'd leave a comment first. Your first outfit is my favorite too. It's so simply styled but the prints on the dress and the tight make it interesting! So ladylike and elegant there :)

And your garden collection dress is so fun and pretty! I really wanted a dress from that collection but ALAS no H&M here.

Keep blogging Maggie, you're doing great!

Bea from A plus B

Nicole said...

Aww, that is such a great video! I love your stories about college life and the awkward run ins with smoking guy! But oh my goodness, I can totally relate. Practically everyone on my campus smokes (I don't) and I so often get asked if I have a lighter/cigarette. So annoying!
Also, I've wanted that exact same bedding from delia's for forever! It's so cute!
Anyway, I'm happy you're doing well at college! :)

Rio said...

Awesome picks! All of your photos and outfits are beautiful! :) Also, are you liking college so far?!

Hannah said...

Glare and cough a lot. Definitely works. I don't know what it is about college. And did you know that it costs like $6 a pack and people smoke a couple a day. Crazy expensive!

And that is weird that they're allowed to "clean" your bathroom. Guys aren't allowed anywhere near all girls' community bathrooms. Plus how well do they "clean" it. Ew.

I have an 8am so I didn't get to finish but I'll watch/listen to the rest tomorrow!

Have a great Friday!!

Estefany said...

Aw your vid was really nice. I loved hearing all the stories. Hope you're having an awesome week!

Hannah said...

You video was quite funny and entertaining. Is it wrong that I laughed at the still clip at the start? Vimeo must be hatin' on your life.

Your outfits are always delightful and the mixing is always spot on. I hope that you continue with 50 more posts, and then 50 more after that.. and after that. But seriously, you've been doing a great job!

Well, college sounds pretty neat! I must say, it's quite creepy that they allow the guys to clean the bathrooms, what kind of perve allowed that to happen?! haha

ari said...

loving this array of outfits , such amazing eye candy.

sophiasa said...

I love your outfits, they're always so fun!! I can't see your vlog and it's seriously bumming me out. It's my friggn puter. It's linux operated and it likes to be a booger. *sigh* I'll come back later and try again. Have a great day!! <3

Kaya said...

I would like to watch your video, but there are problems with my loudpspeaker... your strories about school would be so interesting for me, a German girl:( Vut I'll try it soon:)

Your outfits are so lovely! And I like your pattern mixes, you can definetely feel very comfort in it:)

Kimberellie said...

You are so cute! And your voice is just like I expected! Love all these outfits! Can't wait to see how you style Fall!

Bree said...

you're so cute! nice job with the vlog!


I'm glad you're having fun in college!

can't wait now! :D

don't worry. I will keep supporting ur blog!

lovedfromthestart said...

Love love LOVE the scenery in the second picture! Awesome shoots, and outfits! I really like the dress you're wearing in the railroad track picture.

Nicole said...

I love all your outfits! You can work so many different styles! :]

~Abby~ said...

Hey Maggie my friend will be here in about 2 minutes to pick me up!
And I'll be gone all weekend!
BUT just wait on me. I will read THIS WHOLE post and watch all of the vlog! I don't care if you have newer posts, I will! :)

Have a great weekend!

Thanks for reading my long ass post! Haha.


layia said...

oh yes, smoking annoys me too. my community college banned smoking in campus just last year but people still do it and i'm tempted to tip the security about their whereabouts! anyways, i'm in a new school now so tons and tons of smokers outside the buildings.
congratulations on the chem quiz by the way! and oh my god, you are so close to the tennis courts! i would play there early in the morning after finding someone to play against. man, i miss tennis!
about taking pictures of outfits, i'd recommend a tripod. you won't have to wait on someone when they're available. plus, you'll improve your photography skills! your campus looks big too so you could walk around and find nice-not-too-crowded spots for outfit photoshoot locations.

congrats on the 50th post!

Chloe, Butterfly Cupcakes said...

The video is so cute, I hate smokers too. My housemate smokes (luckily only outside) but when she comes in she stinks of it and I hate it. It is such a disgusting habit.

I love all these outfits too.

Happy 50th post!

Jo said...

Happy 50th post! you have been posting lovely outfits, keep on!

Becca said...

On the second photo out of all your "best photos", I literally, out loud, went,

Because it is that good. You, the photography (good one, Nik!), everything= perfect. So amazing how you've grown and changed, Mags!

D-May VT. said...

Hey! I'm new on Blogspot, but i'm open for every opinion!! ;)
Fashion lover ? Maybe you're gonna like my blog.
See ya ?

~Abby~ said...

The quality isn't bad!

Haha loved how you made a list of what to talk about...I do too. It makes vlogging so much easier!
6 HOURS??? WOW! But good job you got a 100%! I'm proud of you! :)

" want a pipe?" LOL.

I can't believe they let those guys clean the girl's bathrooms!!!
I love Sonny With A Chance! Cause I love Demi soooo much! As you should know. Haha:D

"Extra little doo dads." Haha.

Ergggh that reminds me I need to get new bedding! Like it's ridiculous how long I've had mine.

OMG don't worry I totally would've done this as well if I got to watch my crush's house! I would've like destroyed his room snooping through it. X) I think we're a lot alike...

Maggie you're soooo funny! LOL looking at their underwear??? Haha I do that to my friends too at their house...but not their bras and underwear. ;)

Yay I asked what your pet peeve was! :) Ewww gosh dangit I hate bad breath too! BLECH! Don't worry I never have bad breath! ;)

I LOVED THE VLOG! :D You're awesome!

Ahhh I couldn't even PICK a favorite...or even 10 favorites! But yes I did love the 4th outfit from your favorite photo shoots. :)
And yeah okay the 2nd shoot on our list of favorites would probably have to be my was just so amazing and you looked awesome!

But I love each one for its own unique qualities and differences from the rest. :)

I love ya little-old-Maggie-from-Idaho. :)


Cheyne said...

MAGGIE! WE HAVE THE SAME BEDDING!!!! I got mine off Delia's too like three years ago. Ohhh my god why aren't we sisters? This is ridiculous. :D


✿ren said...

I really enjoyed watching your video and taking a virtual tour in your dorm. I hope you succeed in making some guy friends too~ :D

cb said...

so many great outfits! i just bought a pair to dotted sheer tights, can't wait to wear them!!! but now i really want the heart ones too!!

love your style!


Alycia (The Curious Pug) said...

yay! congrats on your 50th post! you are very brave to do a vlog. i've been thinking about that for a while now but i feel kind of shy lol.
good luck with college!

JEN said...

you're so adorable! i'm loving all of your outfits! :]

erin :) said...

These outfits are my favsies too! :] congrats ! And it's so weird to hear you talking! I've only seen you via photos and email. if y'know what i mean. :]