Saturday, September 11

fly with me

Nine years ago to the minute, I was looking at my alarm clock and even my OCD ten year old self was freaking out about waking up late. I ran into my parents bedroom to berate my dad for not waking me up and before I could say anything, I stopped in my tracks when I saw the TV. I wasn't old enough to understand the magnitude of the situation nor the simple fact that hundreds of people's lives were being taken in front of my eyes, but I'll never get the image of the twin towers collapsing out of my mind. Nor will anyone. I remember my teacher at school later in the day saying, "When something happens where you won't be able to forget the exact place you were when it happens, then you know it's big." It was kind of weird to say at the time, but it's true. We all remember where we were when we heard. Regardless about how you feel politically, you have to appreciate the lives lost fighting in the name of our country that day and the innocent people found in the wrong place at the wrong time. 

Moving on, you know those photoshoot days when...every picture is a good picture? This photoshoot was one of those kinds. Seriously, every single picture turned out so well! Ironically, it seems that every one of our "best" photoshoots is when we go into it without a specific vision in mind and just..take pictures. In this case, I said, "Oh, let's just get this outfit over with and take pictures of it," not expecting anything. We found a random-not-thought-out  location and miraculously, everything just came together so well. 
I wore this dress for the actual graduation ceremony. Of course, it's kind of silly because who even sees your graduation attire under your robes?? Only those family members who were roaming about my house before I drove off into the sunset saw it. But, oh well. I'm wearing it again, you see! I love the little florals and mix of pastel colors in it, so precious. Honestly, I threw this blazer into the mix at the last second and looking at them together it just feels like they were born to be together! It brings out the colors in the dress and ties in so perfectly with my fedora and white shoes! Ahhh!
dress-Rue21 blazer-mom's closet shoes-mom's closet hat-Urban Outfitters
So there's this girl down the hall from me in my dorm who I've been dying to become friends with the whole time I've been here. Of all the friends I've made...not one is even remotely fascinated by clothes like I am. My roommate doesn't own a single skirt or dress! Hahaha :) Which is fine, I love her, and I love my friends. But I've been dying to meet a friend in real life here apart from the blogging world to share my love with. And this girl down the hall wears such cute dresses and cardigans! Well! Last night, she came over to our room with two other girls and we had a movie night! And tonight, we are going to Letters to Juliet together! Friends?? I think it could turn out that way!
Niklaas always ends up in crazy positions when he takes my pictures. When he was taking the one (above) and a few of the others, he was climbing all over this bridge and I had to take a picture of it! It's so funny.
cuteeee, eh??
My overachieving ways are kicking my butt as it turns out. I always do my homework the second I get home from class...and by the time I go to class 2 days later, I've forgotten almost everything I've learned and my skills are rusty. My chemistry class is so hard! I got a 100% on my quiz this week and an 85% the time before..but this week I got between 40-60%. Sigh. I need to do homework later and closer to quiz time haha :)
I think that's all for now!! I'm so happy that all of you are as excited about the blog sisterhood as we are :). I wasn't expecting that excited of a response but the feedback was amazing! So, thank you! We have another one coming up soon so stick around :)



annierama said...

Thanks for your comment! I love your outfit! This hat is so amazing ( I love hats) and this adorable floral printed dress, too!

Alex said...

This might just be my favourite of your outfits Maggie. The print on the dress is gorgeous and the blazer is such a lovely colour and flattering shape.

Ace news about the potential new friend!

Matt said...

I love that dress! And you're right, the blazer goes perfect with it. Super cute! Good luck with the new potential friend, its nice to have someone near who shares an interest in clothes! :)

Rio said...

Beautiful photos! I love the colors, and the dress is adorable! At the beginning of each quarter, I always pick out who I want to befriend in my classes too haha! Hopefully it works out for you because then your circle of friends aaaannnddd your wardrobe will grow haha! ;)

Heather said...

This dress is adorable and looks great with the red blazer.

I should take a picture of my boyfriend when he's taking my pictures, he'll get down on the ground and do all sorts of funny things. We must be thankful though!

Oh, My Darling said...

Such stunning photographs!!!

~Abby~ said...

Is that title about the Jonas Brothers song "Fly With Me"? IF so... :))))) ♥♥♥
I was in kindergarten. I don't think my teacher would've told a bunch of 5 year old kids that 2 towers in NYC were just attacked by 2 In fact, I don't even remember WHEN I knew that had happened.
I loooveee the dress! And the hat and jacket go perfectly. :)
Ahhh cool hope you can become friends.
BUT then if you do homework later you might forget how to do it! :P Maybe. At least, that's how I am. Haha.
Enjoy the rest of your weekend!


Hannah said...

I love your jacket doll. The color is beautiful.

And I feel ya on the homework. My Interior Design and Architecture studios give me about 30 hours a week. And then I have 3 other classes and a job.

Oh. And a life. Sorta ;)

Meg! said...

This is such a gorgeous outfit; everything goes together so well. The blazer is absolutely perfect, and it makes the outfit. Wonderful!

simplyhope said...

Oh don't you just LOVE blazers from your mom! I KNOW I DO when I find cool blazers from my mom's! You look Absolutely Adorable! You styled the dress really well!!

Amber Blue Bird said...

That dress is adorable and the blazer is a great touch

Hannah said...

I like these pictures a whole lot! The setting is beautiful and your outfit looks so good, it's like it matches the warms tones of the bridge. :)

Leah said...

i always love when photos turn out better than expected. such a nice surprise to look on the camera or on your computer and see something of yourself you didn't even know was there.
love your hat, and the colours you put together, and i'm so glad to hear you're enjoying college and making friends!
xxx leah
what indie nights?

blorange dice said...

oh my gosh, you are soooo cute. i love the way you write, and i love these pictures! you look so pretty. i'm definitely in agreement you had a great photoshoot (:

how's that 7am four hour long bio lab going? when i read your last comment about that, i told my roommates immediately! we were all appalled. haha

one last thing: i remember how fun it was making new friends my freshman year! one of my good friends, bonnie, and i relive the day we met all the time. i hope you do find some friends with similar interests!!

Amber Rose said...

This was a great post to read.
As melodramatic as this will sound, I remember every single moment of that day.. I remember the sickening crunch of collapsing metal on every news station, the sinking feeling in my gut, the eerie silence at dinner that night.

On another note, I really do enjoy these photos of you. You always seems to pair things together so effortlessly that go so strikingly together. Plus, you are gorgeous.

Hope you're having a fantastic night, missy. And study! Ha. Reminds me I have a paper due Monday (crazy, right? Classes only just started!)

layia said...

I can relate to the spontaneous photoshoot! and they do just turn out better. i'm not saying all the time but most of the time they do! lol. i'm in love with your outfit here. the blazer and dress make a perfect marriage! i want that blazer bad! haha but then again, i don't have the guts to actually wear nice clothes. i buy them but i don't wear them. it sucks! lol i wish i had your confidence!

good luck on your classes!

ari said...

hey hun! thanks for your sweet comment :):)
I am loving your outfit! I seriously need more red in my closet!..... that blazer is amazing, your mom rocks. :)

Channie Patay said...

Mag, I love this! Everything in this outfit is just great :) love the hat. and your blazer is perfect for that dress!

xx, Channie

p.s. follow me back?

Nicole said...

I love this! That dress is so cute, and I love how it looks with that fun red blazer. The pictures are all great as well :)

genevieve, sandbox romance said...

Maggie, I think this is by far my favorite of your shoots and outfits. PERFECT dress, great blazer pairing, and flawless photos. Seriously. It all looks so lovely and professional! Love love love a million times over.

Chloe, Butterfly Cupcakes said...

These photos are beautiful and I love the dress and shoes. I know what you mean about those unexpected great photoshoots.

Jennifer Dawn said...

LOVE this outfit! Great photos as well.

Audrey J. said...

i love the outfit, reminds me of a movie but idk what movie. Any case, you look gorgeous and the photos are beautiful =).

Ashley said...

Wow, your outfit is perfect! I especially love that hat. I have a lot of hats, but none quite like that. Strange, since I stalk Urban Outfitters like crazy.

And yeah, that floral dress? To die for!

Good luck with your studies and everything! And thanks for the sweet comment you left me, love.

Stel said...

You look lovely in this post - the photos are amazing.

I remember Sept 11 - dad heard it on the morning radio and we watched it on the news while watching breakfast and then at school as it unfolded.

I remember hearing that Princess Diana had died on the radio in the middle of a summer day. Then seeing the footage on the evening news that night.

More recently I think that I will remember learning about the earthquake and thinking that my boyf was just making it all up.

It's completely true that you remember these life changing events so well.

Becca said...

So September! You've got a really cool outfit here, Maggey- definitely in the top four or so EVER.

Lena said...

Nice words on 9/11... I totally agree! Your pics look sensational! :)) And girl I wish you from the bottom of my heart to make that stylish girl your friend...! :))

Have fun sweety, Lena!

Kate Maggie said...

I want everything in this! You look so good in red and this dress is too cute for words. Ah, love it. Hope you have a great rest of your weekend/week. x

Frock Around the Clock said...

You're right! These pictures are absolutley gorgeous - the colours and lighting and just amazing and that blazer and dress goes so well together. I love this outfit lots! :) x

Ashley [Free Honey] said...

I love this outfit! The blazer does look like it was made for this dress. And the low heels help to give it a really retro feel.

Lemondrop Marie said...

Love the rich red with the floral,so pretty and perfect for fall.

Isabel said...

i love the floral dress :)

Cheyne said...


Need it.


But really, it's adorable and you're adorable and I love when all your pictures you take look great (though it doesn't often happen to me).

Love Cheyne.

SMASH said...

that blazer is gorgeous!! Lovely pictures (per usual!)


Kelly said...

I just can't get enough of that blazer.

Bree said...

I know what you mean. 9/11 was so tragic :(

may everyone who died find peace and happiness in heaven :)

moving on, this is probably one of my fave photoshoots! so cute! you look like those girls from the 20s

so vintage! <3

✿ren said...

The photos are stunning! I love the bright red blazer.