Saturday, September 18

my boyfriend's sweater.

So, a long time ago, a girl on chictopia posted an outfit of herself wearing her boyfriend's simple crew-neck sweater. A couple months down the road, I found her blog and kept in mind her ingenious use of an article of men's clothing. A few more months, and she is now my blogging sister and inspiration muse! I love Cheyne, and I haven't forgotten how she wore her boy's sweater with a skirt and tights. And in packing for college, I asked Niklaas for his purple one from h&m. Heeheee. 5 months later, here is the result! (I'm not copying you Cheyne, promise :) )
I was going to wear my solid turquoise tights like Cheyne did...but I was too scared! I even tweeted about it! They were kind of opaque and just looked weird. I even tried matching my sweater to my tights kind of like Cheyne did with my purple ones...but i didn't like that either. So I just stuck with my regular favorite black ones! I don't know if I've debuted these babies, but I love these tights. I'm so happy about them! I think it's interesting that I'm not afraid to wear the wackiest black/white textured tights but I can't step out in public with solid color ones.
This is kind of a brief post. Sorry! I'm getting ready for this weekend next week. The Bad News: Chemistry test next week, Biology test next week, and three lab reports due. And photography project. The Good News: I'm going HOMEEEE this weekend!!! Yipppeeee!!! I could practically jump up and down at my desk right now if I weren't sleepy and lazy. I'm going to go to see Niklaas who just fractured his foot and go to the fair and hopefully celebrate my sister's birthday! I'm so, so, so excited. So far, in the...4 weeks we've been apart...I've gone home twice. Which isn't going to be a habit, I promise. After this, I won't have a free weekend until November. So. Seven weeks apart after this. Poooo :(.
I had my roommate take these pictures! I wish I had asked her to take one more straight-on...but it's a learning experience with other people. I was so spoiled with Niklaas! Bah! I miss that kid. I think we're gonna do a few shoots this weekend though :)
sweater- Niklaas' skirt-delias tights-urban outfitters shoes-old navy hat-f21
Oh! And guess what I have for you all! Remember my vlog I talked about a sponsor?? Well, here is my first sponsor who is sponsoring this post today :) See the bottom of the post! :)
And in case you wanted to see some pictures of my friends in college and I, here you go :)
Katie, Jenny (roommate), and MAGGIE! She's the well-dressed girl hahaa. I love her sweater!
Roommates! Jenny and me:)
Jenny and Jennifer (my two best friends!). Jennifer just got into Kappa Kappa Gamma. Sorority pose!
football game!! Yes...that IS a creeper behind us. Photobomb!

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Amber Blue Bird said...

Cute photos

Rio said...

I do love chunky sweaters worn with girly pieces! You and your friends are super cute and looks like you girls are having fun! :)

layia said...

Good luck on the upcoming tests! and oh! Love the photobombing! haha

simplyhope said...

Miss Maggie I declare you the Queen of mixing textures and patterns:) You look aboslutely Adorable as always! Ehhh tell me about Chemistry...I am actually failing that class!!! Yeah NOT happy about that:( But I wish you the best of luck for your tests! Hah college looks like a blast:)

Chloe, Butterfly Cupcakes said...

You wouldn't even notice that the sweater came from a boys closet if you hadn't mentioned it, it just looks too cute on you.

I hope you noticed the feature on my blog

Isabelle said...

i love your tights!! and that sweater looks uber comfy.xx

ChinkyGirLMeL said...

You look absolutely adorable. I am searching through my boyfriend's shirts every now and then and my favorite piece would be his plain white tee. I love pairing them off with shorts and a hat.

Amber Rose said...

Yikes-- good luck on those tests.
I hope you have a wonderful time at home! Big fun :)

And I love this look, missy.
If I ever get a boy, I'll borrow his sweater. Sigh.

Mel said...

Aww that's cute that you incorporated your bf's sweater! Haha I have those same tights! You should try colorful opaque ones, they're lots of fun!

Alex said...

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA I almost peed myself when I saw that guy on the back! Seriously that was beyond funny :)! Loved it hahahahahahaha anyway your outfit is adorable! Help me with my wardrobe maggie :( let's make this project called "help alex be a well-dressed girl!" :p jk but seriously I am so bad at creating something new! That's why I love you're creativity :)!

Becca said...

It's so good to see some of your friends, and the life you have at college right now.
Have an incredible time with Niklaas!

Lena said...

I often wear men's clothes too...! I don't blame us girl...! They sometimes fit us just perfect right? Aaaaw I love the college pics...! Sweetness! :))

Take care, Lena!

genevieve, sandbox romance said...

What fun college pictures! The photobomb one is crazycrazy. Looks like you're having a blast! So jealous that y'all have a football team.

Lovelovelove the idea of wearing the bf's sweater. Adorable. Great tights, too!!

~Abby~ said...

Those tights are awesome. And I love the beanie!
Hahaha that guy in the last picture made me crack up! =)
Hope you had a good weekend at home!


Oh, My Darling said...

I love knit hats like that!

erin :) said...

oh that outfit is adorable! maybe even one of my favs! :) i just like the whole feeling that outfit has. :D and your hair looks stunning!! :]

Heather said...

So as soon as I opened the link to read your blog, Taylor Swift came on the radio :)

simplyhope said...

Ahh Maggie thank you!!! I got a Sony Alpha a290. Nikons were sooo tempting but too exspensive for my parents right now! Overall I am very happy with my new camera! The quality is sooo much better than my last camera!

Cheyne said...

AHH oh my gosh you never told me how you stumbled upon my blog and now I know. I remember that outfit! I remember also going through three different changes of tights before settling on the teal ones. I still have that sweater...yay boyfriend sweaters.
Uhm yes I think you should roadtrip to Tulsa. And Hope too. Because Tulsa is a pretty fly place and I'll take you girls thrifiting and exploring on Riverside ahhh oh my gosh!
YOU CAN COPY ME ANY DAY. Cause I am fo sho that I have stolen inspiration from you and your blog allllll the time. Love you Maggie!


Jaymie said...

very cute oufit, like your hat aswell. I love wearing boys jumpers haha so cosy.

{ I V Y } said...

tights and skirt are the cutest!

Anonymous said...

Great sweater! and the tights rock!

I also really like the beret--I posted pics wearing one that is very similar yesterday :)

Tracy @ The Wardrobe Wanderer