Monday, August 2

breathing now

This past week has definitely been my favorite week of the whole summer. And probably one of my favorite weeks in my life! Definitely in the top ten. Thunderstorms, kissing in the rain, rollercoasters, dinosaurs, lying on the floor wrapped up in blankets watching movies, getting lost on back roads at sunset, cake, birthday-ing, and adorable texts (not that they aren't ever). Seriously, what a fun week! Oh, and photoshoots in cemeteries can also be included. See below!
We drove out to this secluded cemetery out of town with the cutest white little church on a hill ever. It's a five minute drive out of town and nestled amongst the rolling hills and It. Is. Just. So. Freaking. Adorable.
This is another one of my all time favorite photoshoots! We had such a good week taking pictures. I seriously wish I could wear this outfit every single day. It's exactly how I want to dress all the time. I have had this lace top for many months now, but because of my inability to take pictures of 99% of my closet, I haven't taken pictures of it yet, even though I've worn it quite a few times. Seriously, I NEED to get better at photographing my outfits. I'm thinking 2-3 outfit posts a week...even if it means being more organized and getting less comments if I blog more frequently. But seriously! Only a small teensy fraction of my wardrobe gets featured. It's sad.
I love being home. I can't believe I'm actually 18 now- a real adult. But so far, it hasn't really sunk in, and actually, I've gained a lot more freedom. As you all mostly know, I'm strictly a "good" kid anyways, so I haven't really run into freedom problems, but still. It's nice having vague curfews and the ability to come and go as a please given that I've completed my daily chores.
skirt-urban outfitters tights-urban outfitters top-forever21 shoes-michael kors
The excellent thing about this skirt is that I used it in my FIRST ever "photoshoot" for chictopia (which I've said goodbye too recently) on top of the Seattle Space Needle! It's interesting seeing my "style" transformation since then, hahaha. Notice, I now mix three patterns. Whatt?? Crazy. I know. Here I am (below) back in February :).
I've grown up so much since then :P hahaha.
I move out of the house in 4 weeks. I'm so excited/anxious/nervous/excited/excited/excited/scared. College!! My schedule is kind of intense. On Fridays, I have a 4 hour biology lab starting at 7am and a 3.5 hour long chemistry lab starting at 3pm. Mondays are equally as intense but I don't have class on Tuesday nor Thursdays, which is excellent. So, we'll see.
Oh!! I got these tights for my birthday and I'm in love with them! My opaque polka dot ones had about four runs in them, so I was absolutely thrilled when I got a new pair of opaque ones. And these have hearts! I can guarantee you'll be seeing them a lot in the fall. 
Anyways, be expecting a post soon. Remember, I'm posting more regularly? :) Hehe. I hope you all had a great weekend!
My lovely.
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museumgirl22 said...


simplyhope said...

You are so ADORABLE! Thats Great that your summer is going really well! Man kissing in the Rain! Epic Spiderman move:)

Anna said...

Super cute, the whole ensemble is kind of cupcake-y with heart sprinkles..I especially adore your lace top. I need to post more regularly too! Hahaha and my bag is from Guess although I bought it at a thrift store :).

Erika said...

Just leaving my mark so you know I was here! :D -->

Nothing less than a great post from miss Maggie. ;)

Yay! for a fab summer & Hurray! for college. Good luckk. :) Having free days in between will most definitely help you catch your breath.

Love the lace toppp<3 Great outfit;) andd love the last picture!! The scenery is fantastic...I live in the city, there's nothing like that for milesss.

Oh, & happy late birthday.:)

Amber Rose said...

I'm glad that you had such an amazing week! :) And cute little cemeteries with churches on the hill are the absolute best!

Amber Rose said...

(And I can relate to you with the college schedule, only mine is the exact opposite. I have class from 8:00am-8pm on TTH!) Crazy lives we've got waiting for us, right?

Alecto said...

lace + florals (AND polka dots) = you can't go wrong, there, thats for certain. i think your past style and your present style both suit you... i really like the headshot photo of you with your hair in your face. SO pretty...

PrettyNiftyThriftyFashion said...

ohi love your outfit!!!! it is so cute! i love the one from february as well!! that lace is sooo pretty i just bought white lace shirt and i am so excited to wear it now!!!

libys11 said...

so adorable, dear!!! i love the lace and floral together.. i just might have to try this combination for myself!! :D

Animated Confessions

Sara, Swing The Day Away said...

Adorable outfit! Those tights are SO lovely! I love cute little heart-prints. Good to hear that you had an amazing week. You're too cute! :)

Bambi said...

Such a cute outfit! :) I really liked it, it's so girly and fun.

Yeah, I know what you mean when you say that you being 18 hasn't sunk in. It happened to me also, heck! I just turned 20 some days ago and I still feel like I'm 17 LOL.

Estefany said...

Aw, such a sweet outfit!
good luck with school, you'll see it will be fun apart from your crazy schedule.

Catherine said...

you are so cute! your outfit is quite lovely - the mix of lace, the floral print and the heart tights is very girlie but still fun.

Ebony said...

So glad you're nejoying your summer. I love the way you mix crazy prints and make it work :) Sorry I havent emailed you back yet lovely, sickness has drained me, as you know. But I will soon!

LOVE the photo of you and Nik xx

Kimberellie said...

Oh, love the last photo. You two are just so cute. And love this outfit. Very classy and ladylike.

And you have to tell me your secret for keeping tights run free. I know you said your other ones have four runs...but your comment about these ones being in your outfits all Fall makes me wonder. You see, sheer tights last me two wears tops. That's it. I don't buy them anymore because of this!

Also, exciting that you are moving out! Eek, you will have to show pics of your new place!

Breee said...

awww girl you always look cute!

I'm loving the skirt! I'm like you! I like mixing patterns together! it makes you look more interesting lol

happy 18!
Also good luck with college! you will do great!

I wish you could come visit me here in LA! :)

augustalolita said...

lovely photos!! your outfit is too adorable and the bow makes it even more so!! and thank you so much for the sweet comment!!

Ashley said...

1. That lacey tops looks so good
2. Abandoned places are THE.BEST!
3. That white house is so picturesque looking, love it =)


Soné said...

loving your photography!


arnique said...

I like the combination of textures: lacy and silky. I bought a lace shift dress for my shop but I haven't figured out what to wear underneath so that it's not obscene. Tips? :)

A from A + B in the Sea

Mia Delessi said...

Grat outfit, I love the top

Becca said...

aw, you really have changed!
I love the lighting in these pictures, and the way you seem just SO happy to be alive!
it's contagious!


pearlslaceandruffles said...

I love your outfit and the scenery around you is so beautiful! xo

sallyannie☆ said...

I love the lace top! And your tights are super cute :)

Sarah said...

I love this whole look. The shirt, the skirt, the tights, the headband...perfect!

ari said...

love the lace top, and floral skirt!

Indie.Tea said...

Your lace top and flowery hairband are so adorable. And so are your heart-pattern tights.
Thunderstorms and cake and birthdays sound a good summer. I'm also sure you'll love college, you seem like such a happy person that you're bound to make the most of it.

Megan said...

Happy belated birthday!!
I love the lace top. Thankyou for your book suggestions. Girl with the Dragon Tattoo was our last bookclub book and a huge success.

~Abby~ said...

That first photo of you is so pretty! :)
This weekend was like, the best of my summer too! Cause I met this awesome guy. ;)
Aw that is really cute!
I hope you do well in college!

Have a good week!