Tuesday, August 24

money cant buy back the love you had then

It's currently 3:02pm and I am just now starting my blog post. *sigh*. I usually like to start around 2:15 and push the delightful "post" button well before 3:00. Or, even better, I write it in the morning and schedule it for 3:00pm. No stress, no worry, nothing. But, alas, I am late and considering I haven't given you an outfit in 4 days, I figured better late than never, right?
As I told you in the last post, I went rafting over the weekend. I wish I could say it soared above and beyond on my fun factor scale, but the stars just didn't seem to align for us. My mom got hurt on a rapid, we got stuck in the worst boat ever made, it rained and was windy, and the mood generally seemed tense at the end of the day. However, spending any length of time, even if I'm nearing the first stage of hypothermia on a raft that should not be allowed within a ten mile radius of a class three, let alone one, rapid with Niklaas is nothing to complain about. The first few rapids were fun, anyways, and there is absolutely no feeling like sleeping under the stars on a sandy beach next to a river. Plus I can't complain about being forced to snuggle for the sake of my health. Huzzah!
Oh, the other unfortunate part of rafting? The second we got into service, I got about a thousand texts from various friends and my sister informing me that our neighbors house burned down. Burned. Down. As in, the house is nothing. Non-existent. There are remnants of the walls, but you can see through to the other side and enormous piles of their burned belongings lay scattered throughout the yard. It's one of those things you don't think will ever happen to you, but as fate always reminds me, no one is an exception to horrible things like this. It could happen to anyone and it's the saddest thing. At least no one was injured. It was a huge spectacle in town as the streets were crowded with people who had seen the smoke and my dad was busy running around hosing off the lawns and fences to protect the other houses. So scary!!
Well. I leave in 3 days. I'm really insanely absolutely excited to be in college and move in to my dorm, but for the time being, I'm kind of sad. It's going to be strange to not have breakfast with my sister in the mornings and see her off to school. It's going to be strange to not talk to my dad in the backyard every night when he gets home from work and talk to my mom after her morning runs. And...it's going to be sad without my dearest Niklaas. We will be four hours away and we will see each other, but for the first two months, we won't have time to make the trip. I'm going to miss that kid so,so much! Two months!! I can't even think about it right now. But, college will be wonderful and you do what you have to, right?
I got this shirt last week at Salvation Army, which may be my new favorite place to thrift aside from Storm Cellar. Every single item no matter what type of garment or condition is $1.99! Woot! I got this "shirt" with the intention of it being a dress...but I wish it were just a few inches longer because I don't think I'll be wearing it like this in public. Too short!! But for the purpose of showing off these lovely tights I won from Alex's giveaway, I wore it as a dress anyways. You can't imagine my excitement when I got my giveaway package from Alex!! I was squealing and hopping up and down. Alex, you are my favorite!! She also gave me a dress, which I'm getting altered as we speak, and it was just the nicest thing :)
This is a little different than my usual floral/stripe pattern mixing. Polka dots and flowers. Hmm! I kind of like it. One of these days, I'll give you all a tutorial in my pattern mixing techniques. Haha! It's usually pretty precise :) Probably my favorite thing about this outfit is my bow, which I bought because I'm always so inspired by Jasmine from Transient Withdrawl's bows! It's so, so cute. But no one can pull it off quite like her! :)
Well, I'm off to do more packing. Thank you always for your comments! They are the BEST :)



Shauna said...

3 days! that's super exciting!
when are you going to announce your giveaway winner?
also that's too bad that the weather sucked for your rafting trip.

ps. i really like the belt with the shirt!

Estefany said...

I love your the sleeves on the shirt. The tights look great!

amanda lynn? said...

i LOVE those tights! very cute. and im feeling the exact same way about moving to college too. it's exciting and weird all at the same time. i hope moving in goes smoothly for you!

libys11 said...

glad to see you're back blogging.. :D you look so cute and retro chic in that polka dot tunic/dress! :D

Animated Confessions

Nicole said...

Those tights are phenomenal! And cuddling for any reason is always good! :)
I'm sure you'll love college and have a great time! Luckily for me, my boyfriend and I go to the same school so I see him often, but I'm sure being apart for two months will just make you two even happier to see each other :)

PrettyNiftyThriftyFashion said...

i love your shirt/dress!!! it is so cute and such a good price!! i love the salvation army :) and your bow is so cute!!

Rio said...

Aww sorry about the unsuccessful rafting and your neighbor's house! :( Cute polka dots though, and exciting about college! :)

LyddieGal said...

Sorry to hear your rafting experience did not live up to your expectations, but don't worry, in a few years you will only remember the good parts.

Your new top is so cute, what a great find for $2!

Chic on the Cheap

Kimberellie said...

You officially win my adorable award of the day. Yes indeed.

And yippee three days! I am SO EXCITED to hear about your college experience!

emily said...

i love your play suit! it is sooo adorable! :) your blog is lovely!

Chloe, Butterfly Cupcakes said...

I love the tights, I want floral tights.

hiven said...

so in love with your hair

genevieve, sandbox romance said...

I'm fairly certain the bow is my favorite part, as well, although I do love the tights (what a great win!). I'm so glad your house ended up being okay, and good luck with college packing (ugh. it's the worst!).

Britty said...

hi first time at your blog and i love it ( i'm not lying)

i love your tights soo arty! cute polka dot dress too

Becca said...

LOVE the daisies and the polka dots. SO cheery! And I LOVE that you spent under two dollars on the polka dots. Doubley amazing!

Audrey J. said...

i love the combination of prints you made :) cool.

Anonymous said...

you're the stinkin cutest thing in the entire world

Anonymous said...

Love this top! You will have an amazing time in college, and grow so much. I'm so sorry to hear about your neighbors' house... I hope they have a place to stay. That is truly awful.

✿ren said...

Oh my gosh! That leggings!!! I WANT! <3 <3 <333

I love all the blues going on in here; that cute little bow definitely completes the outfit. :D

And it's pretty sad to be going so far away from your loved ones, but I'm sure you'd have a lot of fun in college too~

Melissa said...

What a super-cute outfit! Good luck with the move to college!

Alex said...

That blouse is incredible! D: I want something that is polka-dot and something leopard but I can't seem to find the right item! BUT if I see something like this I will definitely buy it! LOVE LOVE LOVE it :)!

Anonymous said...

cute as always! :)

awww I'm so sorry for your neighbor :/

I'll pray for them :/

good luck in college!

rock it girl!