Wednesday, July 28

home is whenever i'm with you

Eeee!! So, I'm sitting here in my undergarments (inappropriate for blogging? yes..probably) furiously typing at my desk and throwing clothes onto hangers so that I can go outside and hang out with my boyy!! I actually typed out this blog post last night, but I was in such a mopey mood last night that when I went back in to blogger to post this, I decided to erase everything I'd said and type again! I know, I know, me in a bad mood? Believe me, it happens. And probably more often than most think. Actually, I used to hate myself because I couldn't stay upset for too long before I was myself again and got over it. But the truth is, more than anything, I hate being in a bad mood and can never be upset for more than an hour, a night at most. I just get so mad at myself for being mad that it turns into this ridiculous cycle and finally will myself to realize I'm over analyzing something and thinking too hard. And viola! It's fixed. It's really silly, actually.
Anyways, back to the point: I am in a really good mood! I guess this is because I'm so excited to be actually home. It's been weeks!! And funny enough, I wasn't that excited until we came to the crest of the hill overlooking my little town and then I was just absolutely elated! I felt like the energized self that I am and it felt so good:).
This has to be in the top 3 of my favorite photoshoots so far. I wish I could say my boy took them...but he was gone when I took these, unfortunately. One of my friends took them and it was SO much fun!! We bought these nerd glasses for the fun of it and really just went with it. I felt like a different person! I love how the colors looked against the brick and I couldn't be happier with how these tights worked with my shorts! I was lucky enough to order 5 pairs of tights during Urban Outfitter's sale a while back, but because of the season, I hadn't used them until now. I love them!! I wear these shorts about twice a week with tshirts, tank tops, and different lightweight tops, so I definitely loved that I could mix it up in this shoot. It proves to me that they can transition into fall!
I have had this cardigan for so long that I've lost track of how many times I've worn it. I just love how rich the color is! I borrowed my friend's Run DMC tshirt and had been wearing it with this cardigan for a couple days and on impulse, decided to mix up the styling and throw it with shorts and tights. Keeping in theme with the "school" look, I added a pair of oxford heels that I LOVE. So cute. It may be a bit busy of an outfit...but honestly, it was so fun to wear!!
So I'm officially 18, by the way. Wow. Adulthood, here I come!
tights- urban outfitters $15 sweater- AE $40 tee-borrowed heels- Kmart flounce shorts$15- H&M belt-f21

I'm sorry for all the pictures. I just liked so many of them!! I've figured out that as beautiful as the weather is on sunny, lovely days, the best picture taking weather is when it's overcast outside. Seriously. But you all probably know that already haha :)
I hope you have a great day! OH!!! Also! Another reason for my superb mood is the fact that....I HAVE 100 FOLLOWERS NOW!!!! I can't believe I'm already here in 4 short months. Holy cow. Thank you. All of you. Each and every one. You make my day just that much brighter :)
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Sandra Alonso said...

i like your shorts!!

sophiasa said...

Don't apologize for the pics, they're great! That running one is awesome!! And I love those glasses:) you look like you're really having fun!
<3 the run dmc!!!!!!

Alex said...

I love that you always post lots of pics :)

The shoes are just gorgeous and look so perfect with those tights.

museumgirl22 said...

Your tights are so cute and I love the color of your sweater :)

~Abby~ said...

This is one of my favorite photoshoots too!
You're right, those colors look awesome against the brick.
I <3 those shorts!
Congrats on the followers. You DEFINITELY deserve them.
And that last picture is epic. :)

libys11 said...

love your tights and belated happy bday!! :D

Animated Confessions

Catherine - The Girl In The Paper Dress said...

Ahhh, I have those shorts. Aren't they the best? I wonder why I haven't styled them yet for my blog.

The Girl in the Paper Dress

Sara, Swing The Day Away said...

Your shorts are adorable! And I definitely come out better when it's cloudy out. The lighting tends to get all weird when it's too sunny! Maybe I just need to figure out some camera settings. It's so intimidating though!

Alex said...

this looks super fun D:! I love your cardigan! You're completely right! Such a rich color!

tess said...

woohoo Run DMC haha

I wish I only had the ability to stay in a funk for just an hour

quehacessuzzy said...

Thanks for the lovely comment. Your outfit is adorable!


Jade "Purple" Brown said...

those floral shorts are so cool!

christen. said...! one of my favorite combos i've seen in a long time! (and i'm loving the edward sharpe title :D)

xx, christen

sallyannie☆ said...

I love your shorts! They are adorable :)

Gabbina said...

The pictures are soooo very funny!! :D
And happy birthday, btw :)

Jen said...

you. are. adorable.

seriously. especially with these glasses, hahaha. i love how you mixed all these unexpected pieces together and managed to make it work! i'd never be able to pull it off so i'm kind of jealous. :)

Amber Rose said...

You are too cute! Lovely blog, and guess what missy? You've got yourself one more follower!

Hannah said...

Your style/blog is absolutely amazing. I stumbled upon it today and am so excited that I did! That is all... :)

missing-lovebirds said...

you're adorable! :)
i'm glad you're in a good mood! happy moods are so much more fun, huh? haha.

and happybirthday! gosh, lots of bloggers' birthdays recently... you, tieka from selective potential..rachel from rachel red lips...gosh!

hope you had a great one, though!

xx elanor

Rebecca said...

love your tights and bottoms but especially your oxford heels, there so lovely and so suitable for fall!

ChinkyGirLMeL said...

I love your cardigan the shade of blue is just so eye catching. I love it. =) What a fashionista! I sent you an invite on chictopia, I'd love to see you put up your outfits there. Maybe we can follow each other? =) Have a happy weekend sweetie.

Ebony said...

Happy Belated Birthday Mags! So annoyed I was on hols and missed it :) Love your photos pretty lady. I must dash... but I'm currently listening to Jillian Edwards through that vid. Sounds lovely. You have awesome taste in artists hunny!

Shauna said...

i'm following you now on twitter!!
(another entry for the giveaway!!)

Myriam said...

i love your shorts!!

Fourth Daughter said...

wow, it was your birthday?? Welcome to adulthood! If only more 18 year olds were like you I"m sure the world would be a happier place :)

*rachelwears said...

this is such a cute look- i love how pulled it together and love the last shot (:

Erica Leigh said...

love the shorts! this outfit is so fun and playful and colorful. i can tell you had a lot of fun with this one.

yay for being 18 and congrats on the 100 followers!! that's awesome.

<3 <3 <3

erin :) said...

Congrats on the 100 followers! :] You are one lucky ducky! And they're not just passive followers too, they seem to comment all the time! xD I have trouble with the latter. :P But anyway, lovely post and your outfit is so fun and youthful! :]

Erin :)

PS. SUPER DUPER HAPPY WAPPY BIRFDAY GURL! :D:D:D:D:D:D I want to send you a postcard or something from Korea, so email me your address!

sharonlei said...

You are just too adorable. Lovin' your flora shorts. :)

xx Love & Aloha
*Swing by to enter my Wendy Mink Jewelry Giveaway!

Ana said...

i just love the tights! ;P beautiful, really!
and yourjoy is overwelming! i really love that :D i'm now following you, too xoxo

Erika said...

Love. :)

I love the mixing you did. :)

Anonymous said...

I love how you are not afraid to mix and match patterns!

it is so fun isn't it!?

I'm loving the cardigan!

I think that would work with a cute printed dress and boots!

btw check out my other post!

Megan said...

This is one of my favourite outfit posts!