Wednesday, July 14

$100 5 dresses GIVEAWAY!!!

I purchased five dresses/rompers and spent probably way too much money. Here is the list of items I got for you all:

1)Denim Romper: $14
2)Floral Romper: $18
3)Thrifted Floral Dotted Dress: $26
4)Miley Cyrus Floral Romper: $12
5) A. Byer Black Ruffle: $17

First Dress:
Okay, technically this is a romper but it's the cutest thing in the world. Totally versatile and totally comfy. It's also very flattering! I got it from Ross for SO cheap. It's denim and the adorable "belt" detail is so sweet-plus the buttons couldn't be any cuter! The back is rouched and stretchy, allowing versatility in how it will fit :) I was so proud of this purchase! I got it in a size Medium (7-8), but honestly, it could fit a lot of different body types given the elastic give in the back and buttons.

Second Dress:
This romper is OH SO PERFECT. The floral detail is absolutely gorgeous, if you ask me, and it is seriously the most comfy item in my closet. Yes...I did have to buy myself one, hehe :). But it seriously is SO versatile and you can wear it with a blazer, cardi, tights, heels, flats, layered shorts, shirt, tee under, lace shirt under...anything!! But, gosh, let me reiterate, this is SO comfortable. And I got it on sale for so cheap. It was $18 off of about $45 I think?? Yes. It's a thing of beauty.
Check out the back!! The back has a criss-cross design that is SO CUTE! Also, the sides are elastic and stretchy so also very flexible for sizing. THIS ROMPER IS AMAZING. Also a size Medium.

Third Dress:
This dress was by far the most expensive and probably the "splurge" of the giveaway. I picked it up at this AWESOME store in my hometown called Storm Cellar that sells used but in good condition vintage clothing. Seriously, it's my favorite place to shop. You can find amazing vintage everything and for cheap! Not goodwill cheap, but not brand expensive. I picked up this adorable polka dot navy button dress there for $26...which was steep, but it's so worth it. Vintage!! Can I say that again?? VINTAGE! You won't find it anywhere else! I really tried to pick items for every type of girl's wardrobe and this definitely was aimed for the classier/vintagey girl :). Anyone could wear this so cutely though! The ruffles on the button up and sleeves are SO precious.
Size 11. Which is so strange because it fit me (size 4) but then it fit my best friend (size 10) and my sister (size 0). It's like the sisterhood of the traveling pants dress!!!!
Fourth Dress:
Okay, please don't hate me....yes, this romper is of the Miley Cyrus/Max line...but isn't it adorable?? This dress was more aimed for the hip/modern/boho fashionista side, but again, so easily versatile. I can see specific bloggers adding a blazer, or belting it and wearing bad ass heels/boots, wearing a cardi/tights...easily versatile. (note: most used words in this post are cute and versatile ;) ). I got it for $12 and couldn't be happier. It's so comfortable! The tribal print is so sweet. Oh! And the bows on the straps are a nice touch, too!:)
 Dress Five:
If you ask me, this is the big STEAL of my blog shopping. It's A. Byer and so, so classy. Definitely more aimed for the girly/classy/chic side. It was originally over seventy dollars but I got it for seventeen!! The pearls are an amazing touch that just adds to the whole thing, plus, they aren't attached to the dress or anything so you can easily wear them with other clothes. I love the satin ruffled skirt- it's perfection!!! This might be my favorite piece of the giveaway....but I truly love each and every one.
all applicants:
-be a follower
-one secret you haven't told anyone

# of entries:
-1 entry for a comment
-2 entries for following on twitter: maggeygrace
-4 entries for a blog post about it: leave me the link!!!!!

you do not need to comment more than once if you apply to the additional requirements. Just tell me if you followed me (I will check) and tell me if you blogged about it. You can do this later if you wish, just be sure to let me know!!! I will be using the random number generator. 

*********ENDS August 18tb**********

also, if the winner blogged about my giveaway, they will receive an ADDITIONAL prize in the form of TWO skirts :) Value of an additional $30!!!!

Thank you again.
I love you.


Ninja Panda said...

I found myself tioletpaper-less in a public bathroom once & had to wipe with a tiolet bowl liner, LOL!


Hannah said...

i am a follower ;)

i once snipped a couple of pieces of ribbon to wear in my hair from a flower shop i worked at. im such a bad girl! lol

Chloe, Butterfly Cupcakes said...

Great giveaway, your very generous. I really love that floral romper, it might be too big for me though because I'm a size small.

I am a follower
I steal my housemates milk sometimes.

Zaia said...
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meeyeehere said...

Rachel Crisman
I follow you
Sh, one secret I haven't told anyone???? That would have to be that I bite my toenails!!!! I have done this for years and I can't stop! I suck,I know.

mariska said...

ohh,,i've been ur follower since the first time I found ur blog. ;)

I really love the floral and A.Byer dress.

I already make a link about this on my blog, check it out =)
and bcome ur twitter follower. =)

the secret?umm..I can't sleep without my fave pillow ,the pillow is already old (I know, it's disgusting,but it's a secret,eh? ;p )


libys11 said...

omg!!! what a generous giveaway! so are you picking 5 winners? or just 1 for all 5 dresses? i wish im a lucky one to win even one of the rompers! :D

my secret would be that i still stalk my ex bf's facebook page every now and then. hahahahahaha!! ssshhh!!!

following thru google..

Estefany said...

Oh my, this is a really nice giveaway on your part! Love it! All the items are super pretty =)

Hmm.. Let's see. Whenever I am by myself (like at school or a restaurant) I always pretend I am texting someone. I don't know why I do it, but I guess it makes me feel less lonely hahaha. Now you know my secret, so if you EVER see me doing that when i am by myself, you know I am texting absolutely no one lol!

I am following you through google and my email is:
thehelmethead [at] yahoo [dot] com

Gem said...

im a follower :) and my email is

and my secret is hmm that i still watch all the programs i watched when i was little :) xx

Lauren said...

I'm a follower!

And a secret I haven't told anyone? That's hard! I tell everyone all my secrets! :o

Haha, ok: I periodically steal my roommate's food, but I make sure only to take the tiniest bit so she won't notice!

Lauren said...

And I just blogged about your giveaway here!

Sorry this is in a separate comment...

Alex said...

Maggie you are just so generous! What beautiful dresses. I think I'd only fit into the third and fifth dresses (is one lucky person winning them all?) but fingers crossed anyway.

Ok, so I'm a follower. Email addy is .

And a secret - oooh I'm such a dull person, I can't think of anything! Um, I lied about why I was late to work the other day. I blamed a doctor's appointment but really I just couldn't be bothered getting out of bed, hahaha!

Kelly said...
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Kelly said...

Wowsers! That's some giveaway!
My name's Kelly,
I'm already a follwer,
my email is: ,
and I blogged about your giveaway at

and my secret...
I knowingly ate a bug last night. I was driving home while eating a snowcone, and I saw a gnat in there... I could either just eat it, or waste a whole half of my snowcone (because I didn't have a spoon or anything to scoop it out, plus I had to keep one hand on the wheel). But I really love snowcones... so I just went for it :)

Audrey J. said...

Wow this is generous... i fell in love with the back of the pink romper. I don't if that or the denim romper. Anyways. I'm following you via google account.

my mail is
and a secret uhm uhm... i talk to my self when i'm alone and i feel worried, sad or anything. Not always hehe

DustInMyWind said...

This is such a great giveaway!! I'm a follower.
name: DustInMyWind
secret: I'm afraid of the future.

Oh and I follow you on twitter (my twitter name is DustInMyWind) and I blogged about this giveaway (

PrettyNiftyThriftyFashion said...

oh your blog is so cute!!! i just found it via Silhouette girl and love it!! i am following as of now!

Secret: i hate my name and have always thought about changing it to something else

Ebony said...

This is too too generous Mags.
But that romper is doing things to me :D Seriously, are there any left? I will pay you to get me one in a medium! Haha.

Secret: I didn't shower this morning. I was running super late for work so I just wiped all over with face wipes and then put some deodorant on. HAHAHA.

I love you Mags.
My little sister's name is Maggie - did I ever tell you? Maybe that's why I feel so connected to you? That and your fab taste in clothes/music that we share.

Oh and on another note I have some clothing that you may like. I dunno if it would fit you because you're shorter than me, but if you wanna email me I can check the measurements - I don't want it going to waste!


Damsels said...

i follow on google .


i use toe stretchers to keep my feet looking pretty

Erica Leigh said...


you are too sweet.
this is, like, the best giveaway
i've seen yet! so many pretty dresses! ahhhh!!

- i'm a follower (of course! ^_^)
- erica
- a secret? well, i hate talking on the phone. this is why i avoid a lot of my friends' phone calls (but shhh, don't tell them) ;]

also: i follow you on twitter (@iamericaleigh)


Becca said...

Wow Mags, you are so generous!
This is an incredible giveaway!
I guess I had previously forgotten to add you, or follow you or whatever, but I don't know were bookmarked in favorites..ha ha...oh well. Doing that now.
Anyway, my secret is....uhh...I can burp the alphabet! Ha ha

Anonymous said...

gorgeous! I so want them all lol :D

good job picking out the dresses! yay! enter me!

of course I'm following you!
Breee :D

I'm uber scared of being in the dark ;o

Alex said...
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Chloe Trayner said...

Wow what a generous giveaway!
I'm Chloe
My secret is that I want to steal all of my friends wardrobes!
Thanks for this great opportunity.

Lindsay said...

Generous, indeed! I've never heard of anyone doing something like this before!

My name is Lindsay.
I hacked into my parent's facebook account (they share one) and changed their status last night to something about hagfish.

claire said...

SO FUN! also, you have great music taste. have you heard of freelance whales? or apollo? they are both really great, not very well known bands. are you a fan of vampire weekend? or sufjan stevens?

my name is claire.
my secret... i had a huge crush on my boyfriend's brother before i knew my boyfriend. ha!
also, i follow you on twitter (clairejlinton)!

missing-lovebirds said...

hi maggie! :)
i decided i might as well jump at this chance to win!

my name is elanor.
email address is
one secret, hmmm... i always have a secret urge to take the belts that come with dresses, but not buy the actual dress... hehe. (i haven't actually done it yet though...!)

Kimberellie said...

This is such a great giveaway I prob. will blog about it (when I get my act together, I will let you know!).

I keep coming back to this post, because truth is, I just don't want to share a secret!

Ah, but I must, mustn't I? Well here it is (I thought of a not so bad one):

I often feel uncomfortable talking talking to other wives about "husbands" because I really haven't anything bad to say about mine! I guess I just worry that people will be jealous or annoyed that my husband is thisclose to perfect. Isn't that funny? Not as in hahaaha, but as in weird.

But it even makes me a little uncomfortable here. But yes, I adore him, and I swear our marriage is as good as it gets!!! All due to him, mind you, I'm a pain in the butt (really, I really am!).

Hope I win your give away!

ps. you're fantastic.

ps. ps. I also once peed in behind my car on the street (I really had to go). Later I realized: I was behind my car, yes; but I was IN FRONT of

(though I have told people that one so it doesn't really count, but is ppretty funny!)

claire said...

i blogged about you here! -->

L said...

i really want to win this one!
one of the best giveaways i've seen to date!
i'm for sure going to be following your blog!
name: L

a secret: hmm...i guess that i hate caterpillars. like i can't even be near one. they make me feel like i'm going to faint. weird, huh?

okay, well i'm officially following you on twitter!
next i'll be blogging about this awesome giveaway!


Bryce said...

Hi, I love all of these dresses!

I am following your blog and your twitter now!

My secret is... I really wish that I would have stuck with ballet when I was a kid, instead of playing baseball.

libys11 said...

aside from being a follower, i also blogged about your giveaway HERE in my blog!

I'm super crossing my fingers for this one!!!


mruna said...

I follow your blog!
I love the vintage dress and the miley and floral rompers!!!
thanks for the giveaway!

My secret ... cant sleep without half a dozen plushies by my side!!:p



z33r said...

hey..dis is lyk so ossum!!! luv dose pieces ov clothin..VINTAGE,floral,polka dots,denimz..ahh..wht more can 1 wish 4 :D truly love u soo much...its lyk d best giveaway!! <3
-yes,m a follower
-i lyk d idea of flirting (secretly) ssshhh i show dt i hate it bt no i dnt :P
-i will surely blog abt dis (

z33r said...

Danielle said...

Yay giveaway! Five dresses? That's sick! Enter me s'il vous plait!!

- t h a m i a - said...

.followed u

.i once ever sneaked out during class w/ some friends!


Jill said...

Hi, Im Jill. I am a follower of your blog as well as twitter now!

you can email me at jill (at) jillerwich (dot) com

i talk to me self out loud and not when i am just alone. draws some weird looks sometimes.

what a great giveaway for such a special blog!

Kat said...

How awesome :)

My secret: I told everyone i broke off with my ex-boyfriend when in fact i continued to secretly date him for a while shhhhh

katch05 at gmail dot com

idée_géniale said...

Yay, I stumbled upon your blog and this giveaway thanks to Animated Confessions! I'm now a new followers! *fingers crossed*

Hm, secret huh? I kinda love the Family channel shows but would never admit it!ha.

idée_géniale said...

I'm now following on twitter too!
hope your having a fab time at the beach!

Aisa.Pax.Paking.Paxie said...

I'm now a follower! Also followed you on Twitter username paxieness=)


Loreta said...

Oh. Mein. Gott. The black one is the hottest dress in the world. Ever. Would sooo love to get that...

leemoor1 at gmail dot com

museumgirl22 said...

Oh my! This is an amazing giveaway! I love every item you've picked out :)

I'm a new Google follower and I love your blog, so cute!

Hmmm....well I guess a secret I haven't told anyone would be that I'm still afraid of the dark. Lame, I know! But it's true. I have to keep a light on in the living room of my condo, so a little bit of light comes into my bedroom.

Samantha B, museumgirl22

P.s. I'll blog about your giveaway this week!

itahl said...

Oh my GOD.. nice giveaway..

I just followed you.. :) I love the 3rd dress... I'm following you in twitter as well. let's tweet each other sometimes.. :) and lastly, how can I forget to blog about your site? love it..

check my blog:

jill said...

what a great giveaway! im jill and i follow on bloglovin :)
my secret.. i want to quit school and travel!
jill -

Bambi said...

God I couldn't resist those dresses & I just HAD to enter your giveaway LOL
They're all soooo cute!

Well, my name is up there, my e-mail is
and a secret I've never told anyone, lets see... huuumm... I think my secret might be a little on the s-l-u-t-ish side :/, but I really can't think of another one LOL, so here it goes...

I made out with my ex on New Year's /: but the thing is, you see, her sister is my BFF and I felt suuuuper guilty about the whole thing. Yes, I now, that wasn't very nice of me. But sometimes things just happen LOL.

sophiasa said...

I'm a follower! <--- that's my email
I karaoke when by myself with the mop <--- that's my secret:)

christen. said...

meet your newest follower! :D
i'm also following you on twitter!

my secret:
i was an avid thumb sucker until about the age of 10! eep!

christen. said...

ps- my twitter is starzncolorbarz! :D
(just so you know it's me!)

justBEE said...

my secret: i once had this sheet of toliet paper attached to gum attached to my butt in the middle of the school day. and no one told me for about 5 minutes while i walked around the hallway.

I'm a follower on blogger AND twitter, my name is justBEEable if you want to check, and i posted about it on if you want to check again. Oh and my name is Taylor and my email is

p.s. great giveaway love the polka dot dress, it's a current and permanet obsession! (very postive i spelled permanet wrong. . . again)

Jen said...

you are so ridiculously amazing for having this giveaway! i love all the dresses you picked out (you definitely have good taste) and that there's something that'll appeal to everyone. :) i'm crossing my fingers like crazy right now!

i'm a follower (of course) and i'm also a follower on twitter.

and a secret i haven't told anyone? i don't think i'm with the right guy.

Cheyne said...

Aw Mags! I'm so glad you got size MEDIUM. Yayayayay. I love giveaway but they're always smalls...never my size boo! We you dear must know that of course I follow you, and of course we. I don't follow you on Twitter because I don't have one...or I used too? I don't know, I gave up on Twitter a long time ago. But I do follow your Tumblr dear! Does that count? Lemme know. :D
And of course I blog about're on my blog roll and you're my long lost, sister, so how could I not?
I hope that adds up to four entries, my heart is going to break if I don't have the floral romper.


Amber Rose said...

You are just lovely!

One secret-- I tell everyone the reason I'm so short is because I was born prematurely just to get em to hush down bout my petite stature. While it's true that I was premature, I'm just plain ol' short. :) lol.

Olya said...

hm... a secret... I'm secretely saving money for the future... even though I'm not sure what my future will bring:)

Olya said...

here is the link:)
Good luck with everything!!!!
XOXO, Olya

sallyannie☆ said...

A secret I haven't told anyone...hmm! Okay! Here's one - it's pretty embarrassing. When I was in hospital, I stole a roll of tape! I'm not sure why, maybe I needed tape, or maybe I just wanted a souvenir...but the evidence is hiding shamefully in my drawer, oh no! How terrible.

I blogged about your giveaway :) and I'm following you on twitter! Can you tell that I really want to win this, haha! I LOVE the spotty dress~

Shauna said...
that's the link to the blog post!!!
my name is Shauna
email me at
and i'm about to go follow you on twitter!!
my secret is. i stole bobby pins from a saan store when i was younger and told no one.
i'm a new follower of your blog! thanks for posting on my blog!!!

Mich said...

wow - you are overly kind!! I'm a new follower! Thanks - your blog is super cute!

Secret - my first crush was elvis stojko - canadian figure skating!

vintagewithatwist said...

I am a follower, and I'm following you on twitter :)
I made a post on my blog, here:
My name is Leah, emails is
and something I've never told anyone is that, while I was in Venice this spring I took a 3 hour nap. lame right?

midori said...

Hi! my name is midori. my e-mail is and i am following your blog and your twitter account. My secret is that sometimes when I'm alone i talk to myself. I imagine having coversations with randomn people except I'm always a cooler, funnier, more confident version of myself.

a blog post about this giveaway should be up shortly!

coldlight said...
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Brooke said...

i think this might be luck because i jst found yur blog today and i love it! i hope i'm not too late :(

i'ma follower,

secret- one time i toilet-papered my friend's jeep, got inside and everything, thank god for zipper windows, they thought our other friend did it, so i helped them prank the supposed toilet-paperers!

i've never told ANYONE that!

thank you for this,
you're so awesome and props to inasweaterpoorlyknit for turning me onto your blog!

museumgirl22 said...

See my comment above. I finally (!!) posted your giveaway on my blog.

Here's the link

Samantha B, museumgirl22

Meg! said...

Yay I will be following you directly after posting this comment!

Uh... my secret is that I have a crush on Jeff Goldblum.


Han-omi said...

Hi! Awesome giveaway :D
Just followed your blog.
My secret is.... hmm.
I secretly hate Harry Potter in the movies. He is so annoying. Don't kill me. ^^
Oh and I blogged about it!
^ there :)

its simple love said...

So, I am wondering if you extended the deadline for this? It says August 1st is the deadline but the button is still up and you left a comment on my blog about it. I really hope it's still going on! This is an amazing giveaway! Let me know.


and a secret I have never told: yeah i really don't have any! I tell people everything about myself!

its simple love said...

Posted a link on my blog!

its simple love said...

Posted a link on my blog!

its simple love said...

Posted a link on my blog!

its simple love said...

Posted a link on my blog!

Bea said...

This give-away is definitely amazing. You have great style. After discovering your blog today, I am now a bloglovin follower.

bnbermundo AT gmail DOT com

Secret about me: Self-help books are my guilty pleasure. I know people think they are corny but sometimes reading them makes me very introspective ;)

B from A plus B

liz said...

What a great giveaway :) I would like to participate in it.
Anw i am totally follower through Google Friend Connect.
My "secret" that hasnt be told to anyone, must be.. i am always have a big fear with ghost in the middle of night :D (so shy to tell it) :)

I follow your twitter name @pintaliztiirene

I already blog your giveaway here

Contact me dear :)

thankies for helding this sweet giveaway and have a perfect day :)

dotty said...
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dotty said...

those dresses are adorable!

i follow through blogger.

and my secret is that i always hope for rain so that i can use a brightly colored umbrella!

genevieve said...

What darling dresses! How exciting! This is an extraordinarily generous giveaway, by the way.

I'm following you! (how creepy does THAT sound?) / sandboxromance.blogspot

My secret is that I found you because I was on Teika's blog and saw your sweet little comment on her latest photo and thought your blog was adorable. Apparently to me that means I "stalk" Teika, which I find awkward and creepy, but I really can't help myself! Yikes, I sound like a nut.

Alexandra said...

I am a follower!

At one time, I genuinely actually thought I was a witch and that my spells couldn't work for some reason.

Kate Russell said...

This giveaway is so great!
I am a follower.

My name is Kate.

My secret would be I avoid peoples phone calls all the time because when I have plans it makes me feel overwhelmed and I'd rather just sit at home alone or hangout with my husband :)
I'm such a grandma and my friends would kill me if they knew this secret.

Kate Russell said...

Following you on twitter pretty girl.

CandyKali said...

I'm a new follower:) I love your blog and your giveaway dresses! My email is and my secret is I sometimes eat oreos for dinner:(

danica said...

Oh these are adorable! And I sure need some new clothes.

Secret: I ate chocloate chip cookie dough for breakfast. And paid the price in the bathroom for the rest of the day. It was so worth it.


✿ren said...

Can't hurt to give this droolicious giveaway a shot!

Secret: when I was in primary school, I told classmates that there was a snake in the school field just to see whether I'd be caught lying. They believed me. Apparently I gave everyone a good impression in my school, so I didn't bother to correct that lie o_O

Also, I've just updated my blog roll :D

Heather said...

Hi, I just started following! Your blog is so cute! I added you on twitter AND I blogged about it. Phew.

My secret: Noone in my family knows about my blog (except for my brother because he caught me in the act).

Jo said...

hello stranger :) I've just found out about your adorable blog because you've commented on mine. I started my blog not too long ago, it's not very common here in Portugal, and just my boyfriend and a couple of friends knows about it, and I wasn't very enthusiastic about it...Actually, I thougt it would suck, and that nobody would ever see it and you just gave me (a huge smile and) motivation to keep on 'cause somebody saw it and it's worth it already! And that's my secret, thank you eheh following now ;)


Megan said...

This is such a gorgeous giveaway and so generous.
Not sure of what would fit and not but that is what sisters are for.
Before I leave the house I have to check that I have turned the hair straightener off three times as I am scared of burning the house down.

The Daily Fashionista said...

What an unbelievable giveaway! I guess my secret I haven't told anyone is that I feel like I won't amount to anything in my current job and I am contemplating quitting in order to work at a coffee shop. I love people, coffee, and art and this one particular place has peaked my interest.

Emily Anne

Leah said...

I will follow you as soon as I'm done writing this, and will write about it in my new post tonight!

email: leah87[at]iinet[dot]net[dot]au

secret: I HATE making phone calls, to anyone, about anything. I'm nervous and forget what I'm calling about and get flustered and just get it over with as quick as possible. It's something I don't think I'll ever get over. So silly!