Monday, August 9

how it is.

I'm back, yet again! The posting-every-other-day plan is going swimmingly and I couldn't be more excited! Niklaas and I have been taking outfit pictures almost every single day in preparation for my college days when I don't have him around. I'm saving half of the photoshoots for the fall and posting the others! I'm hoping the photoshoots will carry me through the fall and I won't have to awkwardly ask my roommate to take outfit pictures for me. Woot! It's been really fun, too. We plan various adventures and take pictures for a brief portion of the time. I feel like such a lucky girl.
The other day in my facebook creepin', I encountered a link on one of my High School classmate's profile that...lead me to, guess what, a blog. And...after looking at her blog, it just so happened that all the comments on her blog happened to be from none other than all of her friends and MY classmates. Umm...needless to say, it was all very strange. I started this blog because I needed my own little niche where I could express myself freely. That has been my favorite part of blogging all along, making friends with similar interests and being inspired by them. Because there are less than a handful of girls at my school that quite get clothes like the blogging girls do! But, after the shock wore off, I discovered something that sort of made me smile. They each had but three followers. Hahaha :). I hope that didn't make me sound catty, but, nonetheless, I don't feel like my blogging niche is going to be endangered anytime soon.
I took these pictures the other day with my best friend. Niklaas didn't, in fact, take them. Sadly. He is by far my favorite photographer now! Speaking of which, he has a gorgeous tumblr that is stunning! And I'm not saying that just because he's my man either. His tumblr is here. Seriously, if you have any interest the pictures on my blog, he deserves all the credit. Haha!
Anyways, it was really hot outside while we walked around our downtown and I felt so out of place in my "vintage inspired" outfit. Like, here I was walking alongside girls with tank tops, really old cut offs, tye-dye, and flip flops in my lace dress layered with my peter-pan collared shirt. Oh. And a hat. And wedges with socks. Yep. I kind of stuck out.
dress-forever21 top-urban outfitters shoes-urban outfitters socks-walmart hat-urban outfitters
I wore this dress at my graduation party back in June and I love it! I've been very into lace lately as you may have noticed and in scouring chictopia (I'm getting back into the chictopia groove!) I have decided that the socks/shoes trend is adorable. This is my first attempt at it and I kind of wish I had chosen white socks instead. But, oh well.
Oh! I got these shoes during the massive Urban sale for the mind-numbing price of only ten dollars. As well as my first ever hat purchase. I've recently put myself on a major shopping pause, though. My rules: 1) I can only buy shoes 2) If I buy something on a whim, it can only be thrifted 3) I can only buy *new* clothing IF it's on my list of things I absolutely need 4) If I happen to find something I absolutely love and want that isn't found at a thrift store, I have to wait a week to go back and get it. This works because I usually forget a week later so if I really want it, I'll remember and go back. So far, my plan is working!! I haven't bought anything except for shoes in 3 weeks!
Ew. I feel like I'm writing way more than I should. My last thought of the day: I always feel so elated when I dig through my closet and find things I bought years ago before I had this blog and they are actually cute. Like this Peter-Pan top! I bought it in tenth grade. When I was all but 15 years old! I feel so proud of unstylish, unconfident 15 year old Maggie :) haha.
Okay. I'm done talking. Enjoy your week! I'll be back in a couple days :)
P.S. Oh, and I've been getting more into MY tumblr too. If you have one, you should find me!! I'd love to see your tumblr blogs! I am here!
P.P.S. 9 days until my giveaway is over!
I'm so happy with all of the cool places we found downtown to take pictures of.
P.P.P.S. Do any of you have tips on how to enlarge my pictures even further??


Chloe Trayner said...

I love that dress and top combo, the collar is amazing and the colours work so well together. A lovely location too.

libys11 said...

aaahhhh the dress with the top is perfect together!!! one of my fave outfits from you dear!! :D

Animated Confessions

Nicole said...

Oh my goodness, this is an adorable outfit! Seriously, it's perfect! The nautical color scheme and the ankle socks (a trend that I can't make work for me) and that dress: so cute!

Gracie said...

How pretty, love the outfit!

Erika said...

Following you and your hunny on Tumblr! :) I love your dress...I'm so into lace right now too! And love the setting of these photos... I have one shopping rule right now: NO shopping!!! Unfortunately, I'm not good at following my own rules... :/ Lol.

♥ Enjoying your almost-daily posts! :)

simplyhope said...

I can't express in words how FRIGGIN SWEET you are! Your comments along with Lyndsey's really brighten my day:D Lovin these photos esp. the heart ones! The hat looks so good on you and Yay for bright socks!! Love this whole look:D I use Flickr to enlarge my photos.

Megan said...

The red socks really make this outfit, I love them. The location of this shoot is also very cool.

Hannah said...

Maggie, I love the colors in all of the photos today. Beautiful.

And you Have to show your outfits (at least some of them)when you go off to college! Other college girls need inspiration! If you post yours I'll actually attempt to post some of mine as well ;) lol.

liz said...

You put red socks ! So bold )
I love your creativity

Hannah said...

I'm glad you appreciated it :)

More packing tips:

1) Buy one of those drop down extenders. Hang your shirts up top, skirts and pants (if you hang them) on the bottom. Then dresses in the rest of the space.

2) I also figured out what sort of space I had for storage devices and bought organizer accordingly. Like I have that jewelry organizer that hangs behind my closet door, a hanging cloth shoe organizer, three 3 shelf plastic shoe racks that can stack on top of each other and become really tall. I also have a couple plastic storage bins with wheels to slide in and out from under my bed quickly.

Oh and plastic 3 shelves storage. I just made sure I had room to move/hide all of the storage. I think Already Pretty has a ton of good ways to organize too somewhere in her archives.

3) Pick out your absolute basics/favorites. Add in items you think you'll need until before your first trip back home. So say its thanksgiving, in tx I don't really need lots of long sleeve options/sweaters until then. So i leave them with my parents and take like 3 cardigans and a few transitional jackets (think denim jacket and khaki style safari jacket). Then at Thanksgiving I pick up the rest and bring home the majority of my shorts/sleeveless shirts/etc. Especially clothing that is hard to layer.

4) Pack shoes that will NOT give you blisters. Oh my goodness you will need shoes you can walk in (thats why everyone wheres toms/uggs/plimsolls etc. not that uggs are okay. just saying ;D ) Limit the heels. Even if you go out dancing, your feet will hurt in just a few minutes.

Oh wow. This is so long. Sorry Maggie! lol

Kimberellie said...

first off, in case someone hasn't already said so, to make your pics bigger you will need a different blog template, a stretch one probably.

secondly, YES to the red socks. ADORE. though white would be cute too, the red really excited me when I first saw them!

thirdly, don't quite understand what it was you were upset about with the other girl's blogs. wasn't clear. do you not like these girls? sorry, clueless.

Also, you're adorable. I should add you on fb. or you should add me.

heart: ME

Estefany said...

I like this outfit so much! You look super pretty!
You're so funny with the whole '15 year old thing.' Many times I find myself saying that lol.


elanor, missing-lovebirds said...

my new favorite! i love this dress and the peter pan collared shirt! how adorable. :)

oh & i so totally took advantage of the UO sale too! i got a romper and a skirt for $16 total!

to answer your question...derek and i have been going out for 11 months this month! almost a year! it's crazy.

whoo this is long. great seeing your posts every other day! i can't wait for 'em!

xxoo elanor

its simple love said...

You are so adorable, "in my facebook creepin'". ha ha ha that cracked me up. I think that is why facebook was invented, for creepin. Anyways, yes that was a little catty, but hey, we all are sometimes! ha. Love the outfit. The collar on that shirt is too cute.


jamie-lee said...

lovely photos - and your dress has the most adorable collar xx

~Abby~ said...

Agh I had my comment all typed out yesterday and then this little box thing messed up! :/
LOL no you aren't lame! I read every bit of your posts!
That heart thingie is so neat!
Niklaas is an amazing photographer; tell him I said so! ;)
You may of stuck out but I KNOW you looked better than those girls!
That dress is really cute!
I'll follow you on tumblr. :)
I'm "thesoapqueen."

sophiasa said...

awwwww! Omg you are so cute!! The collar, the shoes, the hat! I absolutely love this look on you and these pics- WOW!! Amazing=)

Bea said...

I like the little graffiti heart in your photos. And the location of your shoot was so neat-especially the zoomed out photo that showed the whole thing.

I take photos in advance too and stock them so I don't suddenly get panic-ey when it's posting time! ;P

B from A plus B

Becca said... Your pictures are getting SO good! And that does not mean they were crappy to begin with. That means they are simply awesome now! I love your setting for this shoot!

And ha ha ha I really like what you're talking about, with having a totally different outlook from the girls you know "in real life"!
I've felt that way for so long!
And it completely freaks me out when I hear from people I really know,
"hey I've been reading your blog". It's like,
"Uhh, really? Okay cool."
Because it's totally for...others.
That sounds mean but you get me.

Keep rocking the peter pan collar and AWESOME hat, and don't worry about the tank top girls!


Alex said...

Gorgeous! If I'm entirely honest, I'm not keen on the red socks with the rest of the outfit but those shoes look very snazzy with socks underneath so definitely keep working it that way :)

And your 15 year old self was buying some fantastic stuff if that top is anything to go by. Peter Pan collars will never go out of style.

And the hat! The hat! J'adore hats. You look amazing in that one.

Anonymous said...

Love the outfit, the poses, and the location! Wonderful pics!

(I came here from Kimberellie's site..saw your comment there about leaving a trail of your belongings wherever you go..I do that too, lol!)

Tracy @ The Wardrobe Wanderer

Jessica said...

I like your shopping rules. I need to lay down rules for myself too because I always seem to be buying on whim. Not good for my bank account... :(

vintagewithatwist said...

I love how you styled this lace dress! so cute.
I totally agree about the blog being an escape. No one except my mom and my bff know about my blog :p I like having my own secret escape

Zaia said...

the socks! adorable! i love the little round collar that goes over the dress too, its an amazing outfit!

Cheyne said...

First of all, I LOVE THIS OUTFIT. The sweet little peter pan color, shock of red socks, lovely hat...ahh perfect.

Almost bought these shoes at UO. Then I realized that if I spent any more money in New York I wouldn't be able to eat. Hahaha.

I think you should ask your roommate to start doing them! Who knows, you guys could bond over things like that! I had my roommate in New York take mine for me and we ended up having a lot of fun goofing around, but I will admit, it was weird at first.

Lastly, BEEN IN YOUR SHOES. My blog was an escape from all the people at my school...even my friends...but somehow word got out and then I had friends from school telling me they liked my posts and my outfits where really cute when they didn't get a chance to see me at school that day. It was really weird and shocking at first because it was like WAIT, WHAT, YOU DON'T HAVE A BLOG AND YOU MUST JUST THINK I'M SOME NARCISSIST WHO TAKES PHOTSO OF HERSELF. But the shock wore off and now I'm really proud of myself. Of course I've had some nasty girls makes fun of me, but I'm like, hey, it's whatever. I love it.


BarelyVogue said...

such cute dress

Courtney said...

I love your dress!!! It's so cute with the shirt underneath! :)

I feel the same way sometimes about feeling out of place around other girls, but your style makes you unique! You stand out in a good way! And they should be jealous, cause you look adorable! :)

Ebony said...

Ah you look adorable Mags! Love the layering of that cut collared top with that dress :) Casuals it up a bit and still looks super cute!

It took a while for me to get used to real life friends (and not so friends) knowing about my blog, and my scrapping. But some were so positive about it that it encouraged me to keep keepin on.

You are an amazing girl Mag, I can't wait to follow your journey at school this year :)

Melissa said...

Wow, I completely adore this outfit -- too cute! Also, the spray painted heart is wonderful.

Tieka, Selective Potential said...

So cute! I love the socks with sandals look! I've been meaning to try this ever since I got my end of summer UO catalog! You're on top of it! :)

amanda lynn? said...

oh im so glad you commented my blog because i love yours! im a new follower =]

devilishlypleasurable said...

beautiful outift. love the lace and the red socks

Post Grad Hair Cut said...

You are super cute. Love the hat and the red socks!

Jaymie said...

that dress is gorge, i love navy and cream together and i need some pretty peterpan collar dresses desperately.

My Republic of Fashion said...

That is such a cute dress, love it!SarahD:)

Lena said...

Sweet outfit, sweet photos! Thanx for commenting! I'm now a follower of yours! :)

Kisses girl, Lena!

Alycia (Crowley Party) said...

cute cute stuff. you really pull of those daring red socks!

Jade "Purple" Brown said...

i love the pop of color that your red socks bring!

✿ren said...

Hiiii! :D
Wow 8 hours is a really short time frame for you to have explored Singapore, where did you visit? XDD

And I'm glad you didn't choose white socks, because I love the way the red really pops :D

Amanda said...

Aw I love the outfit! Yay for blouses under dresses, you look super cute :]

Vintage Mavens said...

Your style (and blog) is awesome. Love your vintage inspired outfit.

Danielle @ Antiquated Treasures said...

Clearly there was an inner fashionista just waiting to emerge in your fifteen year old self because the Peter Pan shirts are totally in now! So you were ahead of your times. You look wonderful! I love how you paired it with the dress.

Sara, Swing The Day Away said...

I love your hat! I've been searching for the perfect fedora for months and have yet to find it. :\ I also am really into lace lately! But I find it kind of hard to find a good lace piece. That's my tumblr! I haven't been on it in a while. I tend to go through phases where I use it a lot and then I don't. I used to lose hours to I lose them to stumbleupon. lol.

Anonymous said...

cute photoshoot! :)

I'm actually trying to find good locations too to take photoshoots with my sibs and friends as models!


Alex said...

Oh, Lord. These are by far the best... I think. I am not sure anymore. I tell you I love them all! The thing I like about these is that heart that's on the wall! I think it makes everything super special and it kind of gives this boost to the outfit! I love the red socks! And I laughed about the thing you said about unconfident maggie hahahaha :P she had a great fashion sense too :)!