Thursday, February 21

vlog: how i curl my hair

so here's the honest truth. you asked. i obliged. and i will never be a beauty blogger ("um" "i don't know what i'm doing" "i like cheap stuff" "I ONLY KNOW WHAT WORKS FOR MY HAIR"). but, here you have it, because i think everyone should suffer through such a self deprecating experience. and yet i may have somewhat enjoyed it if not for the sole fact that at the end, you get to meet my cat and he just made the whole thing less awkward. in my experience, cats do that. they're a crowd pleaser. so if you must, just skip the entire first TEN minutes of this video to get to that part.

i really don't know what i'm doing about hair. my only advice is to sit in front of a mirror and practice every day until you don't look like you just got back from prom. that was my entire goal, really. just learn to "shake it out". and brush your curls. the end.

(also, next vlog ideas...? please don't say more beauty videos. i can't.)(i'm a big fat liar, i do enjoy making vlogs just not anything beauty related.)


Shelby said...

hahaha ok i have just a couple things to say.
First, your bloopers kill me EVERY. SINGLE. TIME! You seriously are the funniest person I know. And I seriously need to stop reading your blog posts at school, because I am pretty sure I am becoming the weirdo that constantly laughs at her computer screen. It's a problem.

Second, why is your lipstick just perfect?? What do you use? I am sure that you have probably posted this somewhere, but I am too lazy to go on a hunt. But for real, it looks awesome.

Third, you should to a vlog of just bloopers.. because that would be the best.

Shawnee said...

okay. you should know a few things. your hair is goooorgeous. and i use a straightener too (in the rare time i curl my hair anymore and shaking it out has always been my strategy). OH. i watched your video while full house is on that's saying something. i like full house. a lot. and your cat is awesome! my favorite thing is that he just lets you cuddle him. he seems chill and that's cool. xo

ps a lipstick how-to please?! yours is perfect.

becca said...

don't be shy, you're so glam these days!

I have to be honest. my hair doesn't hair a lot of chance of being lusciously curly and shiny and nice- so maybe I just watched the video to see what you sound and act like in real life?
and that's okay, right? not too creepy, right?

ha. love it.
your video skills are great!

Lyndsey said...

I had no idea you curled your hair with a straightener! That's amazing! I have a curling iron and most of the time my curls never stay in haha. I also love that you use mousse in your hair while it's dry. I've always used it in my hair wet :). You actually taught me a ton! :)

Also I grinned and smiled and laughed through the video. I JUST LOVE YOU. AND YOU'RE BEAUTIFUL. We are your army of support!!!

hahahahahah "i don't know what you think about me being cool..this is what I do, and watch One Tree Hill, just like this"

Brissa said...

stupid video won't work on my stupid tablet.
I'll be back after work.

shelbyisms said...

"This is what I do. And watch OTH. JUST LIKE THIS."

You slay me.

kylee said...

stop it. i want your volume. you & your hair win at life. lipstick blog/vlog. tell me the best brands/shades. ONE TREE HILL! i love that we are both watching and obsessing over that show right now.

lindsayisweird said...

I agree with everyone about your lipstick!! Gorgeous! I would love to wear a bold lip but I'm afraid I'd look like a clown. ( I've seen it done... it's horrible.) Any pointers on what kind to buy or how you apply it and make it look like yours.. You know, not clown like? Lol

Nicola said...

So in love with you right now.

Ashley, Lions Lace Lattes said...

Your hair is gorgeous! I use a straightener to curl my hair too, but if I shake my hair out after curling the curls go away :(
Also, ADORE your videos! And I love your voice.

xo Ashley

angelaremondi said...

Okay. You are too adorable and funny hahah. I love your voice. And I seriously shake it out every single time I do my hair too! It's the best strategy. Thanks for the hair tips and it was just lovely meeting Property hehe :)


Bethany Kellen of bunnypicnic said...

this was totally helpful. i need to practice curling with a flat iron more, yours looks so good. i've never really used mousse in my hair before. but omg you're so cute.

▲my• said...

Yay! I need to try this. The way I usually curl my hair is really convoluted and silly. This seems much simpler. We shall see how it goes with my short hair.

Hannah said...

Sneaky, sneaky, so that's how you do it! Now I wish I had some hair longer than a pixie to try this out on. Seems stupidly simple!!

And high five for using Suave. It's been my go-to for yeeears. Or, uh, I've just had the exact same bottle for years. I don't even think they make the line anymore for what I use. :/

Your feline friend is adorable, as are you. I love watching your vlogs & can't wait to see what you come up with next! (that's my nice way of saying I have no idea what you should vlog about next..)