Monday, February 11

in ten minutes

what am i doing?
eating the muffin top of a delectable poppy seed muffin on the top floor of the campus commons where, as i've discovered, all of the good chairs are kept. plushy, cozy arm chairs with attachable desks that swivel and are perfect for blogging. how did they know to create the perfect blogging haven for the college student by night blogger?! 
what am i listening to?
arcade fire pandora station. it's goooooooood, guys. 
what am i thinking?
to the girl next to me: BUY THOSE SORELS, WOMAN! what a steal! ...yes, i am this close to another person that i can read and watch their computer screen. and based on her shopping cart at nordstroms i think we could be friends. 
what am i feeling?
mostly tired and unusually quiet today. it may be the fact that i missed my shower and my alarm this morning but it's just one of those mornings where i am happy not seeing or talking to anyone and i kind of just want to crawl back into bed but not before running 3 miles today so i feel justified to do so. 
what am i thankful for today?
despite waking up fifteen minutes later than i usually leave for campus, i did manage to print out my paper due for said morning class and was only five minutes late to class. i found parking, managed to make every single traffic light, and put on pants.
oh yeah, and remember those pictures i took on the side of an interstate during the prettiest season in montana...? no, because i forgot about them on one of my SD cards so what do you know! picture proof that montana is pretty darn good lookin' sometimes.
finished_174 finished_251 finished_260 finished_280 finished_135


Laura Nelson said...

that dress is the cutest.

Lyndsey said...

I loved reading this! You have quite a bit of things going on in your mind at the same time, just like me! I love your dress and tights together, ahhh so gorgeous. And yes, Montana seems pretty beautiful from these photos!

Abbey said...

Love the last photo! Gorgeous!

Rose-et-Violet said...

As a fellow commuter to college, I totally get that feeling of accomplishment! And huh, maybe when the weather gets warmer, I'll make sure to stop and smell the roses and see if NJ can be as gorgeous as Montana (I doubt it...)
Great post :)


▲my• said...

you are always so well dressed. uber jealous here.

Breenah said...

LOVE that yellow dress. LOVE.

Z said...

I love these pictures SO MUCH! My family goes to Montana every year for snowboarding, and I can never get over how absolutely gorgeous it is. Love all the vistas as well as the cute little snippets of your life. :]]]

Nathyness said...

You have the BEST backdrops in all your photos! This setting is so picturesque!

Your outfit is adorable. The dress is adorable, and so versatile too. Glad you found these hidden in your SD card.


Dillon said...

But anyways, you do manage to find the most scenic areas and look great in them.

kylee said...

i'm always creepin on open laptops on campus. the best was when these two chicks would blog stalk during our creativity & cognition class, even better was when they would blog stalk someone i blog stalk too.

kylee said...

ps. COME TO SALT LAKE AGAIN! we need to have another breakfast, shopping, photography day.