Tuesday, February 5

not the end of the world after all!

so here's the thing. i couldn't get into any of the lit classes i wanted. i tried to get into two and both professors kicked me out after day two of lecture refusing to sign my override form (but i'm small! i don't even need a desk!). i'm in three english courses right now, none of which require a pre-requisite and one of which i'd already applied to get into (THANK goodness i did that), and while this was the end of the world last week, it's not now. my schedule is basically: freshmen general requirement, freshmen general requirement, freshmen english pre-requisite, freshmen english pre-requisite, upper-level english fiction workshop, and a biology class. so i have to prolongue another semester tackling the upper level english classes. but i'm getting some classes out of the way i'd have to take anyways and i'm not behind. problem solved. and as it turns out, i'm really good at making friends with freshmen. or at least, people i assumed were freshmen and are actually my age and also changed their major as juniors. oops. but i think i made more new friends in the last week than i have in two years?!

anyways, my point is really that this week is ten times better than last and it's all about perspective. new week, new attitude! huzzah! and because i no longer resemble a neanderthal and actually put on normal "maggie" clothes this week, i will have pictures to share soon. yay for the blog hiatus being over! for now, enjoy these pictures i took of my fabulous friends. who are probably more stylish than myself and could have a blog themselves. wait, one does. go say hi to katy if you want. she's a hoot. and i'm also going to a taylor swift concert with these two next august so clearly they are cool or something (if you know me, you know i am extremely selective about who i go to taylor swift concerts with.)

look at that. my optimism is back! i guess we know i'm feeling better. that and i can sing in the car again. both strong indicators that i no longer have a perpetual 102 degree fever.
DSC_1316 DSC_1367 DSC_1381


becca said...

So,so happy you are feeling like your cheerful self again, Maggey.
Sometimes we need a little break from being happy and together. That makes us remember how much we like it after all.
And your new friends seem super cute. and fun!
I love the photos you took.

Lyndsey said...

yayyy so glad to hear you're feeling better! and what beautiful photos. it has me itching to go out and have a fun photo shoot with my love ;)!


Abbey said...

Ughhh I want to take snow pictures so bad! These are gorgeous!

Jennifer said...

Those photos are gorgeous, and I'm glad you found a new perspective! :D

Dillon said...

Can't get enough of your optimistic outlook. Sounds like your class schedule turned out to be less worrisome than you anticipated, which is great!