Sunday, February 3

3 pictures of what my weekend looked like

i took a low key weekend for myself to do only three things: watch tv, eat, and sleep. i really need to get over this cold and i'm happy to report i'm on the mend! i would do a happy dance but it would probably make me erupt into a coughing fit, so i'll just do it in my head. i'm feeling about 83% back to speed and i'm just so excited to be healthy again. what did it even feel like TO be healthy!? to get less than 10 hours of sleep a night!? to go to bed after 9pm!? i have forgotten enitrely.

meanwhile, here is what my weekend looked like in 3 pictures.


while my roommate went on another date (see!? i'm not exaggerating! she really does go on a lot of them!), i curled up on the sofa with the bbc version of pride & prejudice. in my sick and delirious state (...not the best time to go to walmart), i may have belted taylor swift down the aisles between coughs louder than i thought i was attracting the eyes of a few passerbys that definitely thought i was insane (i'm not arguing). and of course when i saw that pride and prejudice was on sale for less than $10, i made an even bigger fool out of myself by nearly bursting into tears (and another coughing fit).

because i was a sick mess for an entire week, i was also an extremely bad roommate and did zero chores. thankfully my wonderful roommate (no wonder she gets all the dates) cleaned up after me, did the dishes, took out the trash, and dealt with my sloth state on the couch. so i spent the entire day cleaning every inch of our kitchen and living room before moving onto my closet which turned into a full blown clean out of my entire bedroom. does anyone else feel like after a good cleaning that their life is suddenly that much more sane?! i'm ready for the new semester now boys and girls and armed with a clean organized bedroom.


...i may or may not have had two breakfasts today and gone out to breakfast two days in a row. no, this is not a normal thing, but being that the semester is brand new and i changed my major so i don't see some of my friends nearly as much, it was necessary. while on breakfast number two this morning, my friend noticed the hipster behind me reading... 50 shades of grey!? proudly flashing it for all the world to see in front of him!? we were bewildered. i mean, yes i've read it, maybe even secretly enjoyed it. it was maybe the best thing i've ever seen in missoula yet. he was being... ironic?

here's to a new week! let's make it a better one.


Sara, Swing The Day Away said...

I always feel more sane and refreshed after organizing my room/clothes! It's such a great feeling!

Abbey said...

Eep! Pride & Prejudice! I need!

Shawnee said...

cluttered life = cluttered mind. so yes to fresh & clean :) and i'm dying at the 50 shades man... way to go?!?! haha! hope you get well soon :)

also i always belt tswift EVERYWHERE and my sisters are a bit embarrassed (always actually) but secretly they're jealous. no shame. ha

Lyndsey said...

Hahaha I just can't get enough of your face in the first and last photo! The hipster reading 50 shades really bums me out. I still haven't gotten my hands on it!! I've heard soooo many good things about it- and some extremely crazy. More crazy than good. Crazy good?! AHHGHSLFJAKLF.

Your closet looks amazing and here I am staring into mine holding a match in one hand and a donation box in the other. My sanity for keeping my clothes organized is all but gone, but this really inspired me to conquer it all. ALL FOR ONE AND ONE FOR ALL

JazmineKariss said...

You are too cute! And ugh! I want your closet!

Laura Nelson said...

cute! i hope you're feeling better! and your closet looks awesome. i clean mine out every week (color coded and everything. i'm kind of obsessed...)! and the guy reading 50 shades of grey is hilarious. i haven't read it yet, but it doesn't seem like something a guy would read..? i think it's safe to say he was being ironic :)

Autumn said...

It cracks me up how he has it SO displayed...I really think he WANTS people to know he is reading it.

Seeing your closet full of polka dots makes me feel better about the same.

Shelby said...

Uh cleaning seriously does make everything seem sane again. I just re-arranged my entire room, and it has been so nice! I feel like I actually get things done. I really need to have my next project be my closet. It is scary.

That hipster!! HAHAHA I saw this on your Instagram and about died. Best thing of my life!

Carly said...

ugh, that nasty cold that's been going around! it decided to latch onto me too this past weekend- i feel for you, girl!
also, the fifty shades guy. HAH, that made me laugh! love the sneaky photo you got of him!