Thursday, February 14

valentines day

happyvdayi always write blog posts on valentines day. at least, i have for the past two. this year, i could say a lot of things. i could write about OMG THIS YEAR IM SINGLE ON VALENTINES DAY but you know, that wouldn't be very interesting for any of us and it would be all too predictable and sappy. and really, i don't think that has any significance to the holiday anyways.

however, if i'm being perfectly honest, this year takes the cake for all valentines that have been had. 

the truth is, there are posts in my archives i simply can't reread. not because it makes me sad to reread old words or memories nor because it makes me necessarily nostalgic, but because it gives me a knot in my stomach remembering the me that wrote them. a me that is vastly different from this one. rereading them makes me feel weak and insecure again and it's something i've moved past without really wanting to relive.

last year, i wouldn't have been able to run seven miles. i treated myself to a new PR today and boy did it make me feel something better than any person could have made me feel on any day. i got coffee, where i embarrassingly pulled up to the window to realize i'd forgotten my wallet at home, but the cashier still gave me my coffee anyways. i went to class and had to read my story out loud to my fiction class and they enjoyed it. the professor said it was excellent. i called my dad, who couldn't believe i ran that far and we talked about running for fifteen minutes. i called my grandma and told her i loved her and would she be my valentine? i got my bangs trimmed. i bought two bags of chocolate just 'cuz. i accidentally wore festive colors. 

so i'm sorry if i'm hogging all the love for myself, but this valentine's day was a treat myself day. and i loved it.


Mary said...

Wow that sounds awesome. Well done, girl. It really is amazing how one changes during these formative college years. I'm vastly different than I was freshman and sophomore years -- and better, if I do say so myself. ;-)

Dillon said...

You can't just ACCIDENTALLY wear festive colors.

Natalie DiCenzo said...



Brissa said...

you can totally accidentally wear festive colors. last year I wore purple on biebsy's birthday without realizing it was his birthday until later! I like when classes like your writing. also snap chatting. let's be friends.

Abbey said...

Treat yoself days are the best days!

Jamie Rose said...

Treat yourself days are the best and it sounded like you had a delightful Valentine's day!

kylee said...

feel so honored that i got that snapchat before it made the instagram/blog debut. free coffee?! happy valentine's day to you!

Lyndsey said...

YAYYYY FOR RUNNING 7 MILES FDMKLVJSIOBHSAIF;ODJASKL;FSDJA;. I am completely overly amazed. I can't even run half a block without wanting to die. That isn't a joke.

I know exactly how you feel about past posts like that. I deleted an entire year off of my blog because I couldn't deal with reading any of it because of the way it felt. So it just felt better to start over and forget it ever happened than to ever relive it again. I'm actually really glad I did that for my own sake.

be my valentine? ♥ ♥ ♥