Tuesday, February 26

a list is sometimes all i have time for

the good:
-finding the perfect lip stain that i will soon brag openly about once i've soaked in the pride of discovering it all on my own! ... actually, i'm just super busy right now and want to do a separate post all together about all things lip related.
-being so on top of my schedule i have the next three weeks of studying and paper writing planned out by the day.
-realizing by far, walmart has the best deal on english muffins, peanut butter, and tea.
-jennifer lawrence because she is perfect.
-upcoming adventures almost being in the single digits now.
-one tree hill is finally good again after a lackluster beginning to the seventh season.
-a weekend that was supposed to be spent in idaho ended up being pretty fantastic. my first ever game of risk was involved and a reunion with my ex-classmates from the biology world was the best thing that could have happened to my saturday night.
-running. always running. no matter what, running is a good part of my day and my week that i can count on.

the bad:
-despite what i just said, sometimes hobos on bicycles follow behind you on a five mile run without ever passing you. even when you stop to stretch. even when you flash your mace that is strapped to your waist pretty obviously (thanks, mom!). but, i decided he was pretty harmless when he stopped to pick up some trash on the trail and throw it away.
-forgetting to use shampoo in the shower and going a whole day feeling like my hair was wet. and glued to my face.
-nearly getting killed at a two way stop (barely an exaggeration, people!) because a man on his cell phone who was speeding did not see his stop sign and nearly t-boned me. mind you, i was going 30mph and he much more than that. did he stop? no. did he slow down at all? no. did i have to swerve completely out of the way with only a half second to see if there was oncoming traffic in the other lane i swerved into? YES. it was horrible. and i may had to pull over and stifle my tears as i called my parents.
-one tree hill getting good again because now it's that much harder to stick to my homework schedule. oh, and throw grey's anatomy into that mix because holy cow was last week's episode intense.
-a person in my creative writing fiction workshop labeling a character in someone else's story as a "social outcast loner who spends all their time on tumblr". i had to double check that the story was in no way reflective of my life. and then hold my tongue before asking, what is wrong with THAT!?


Brissa said...

you and kylee are making me want to get back into OTH. i'm really excited about this lip stain. FREAKING JENNIFER LAWRENCE. can i just be her best friend already??????? uuuuuugh. life isn't fair.

Shawnee said...

jennifer lawrence *SIGH*
english muffins + peanut butter is a CRAZY good combo. bliss.

i like lists.

Breenah said...

Obviously that person has never been on Tumblr, because Jennifer Lawrence (in all her awesomeness) has to be one of us. I'm betting Emma Stone had a Tumblr at one point too.

Natalie DiCenzo said...

RUNNING. Is it not the best? Cause it is. I am so glad we can agree on this.

I'm very glad to hear that despite crazy drivers you have managed to escape unscathed.


kylee said...

i want that lip stain. OTH is finally good again!!!!!!! but really though. there was a while that had me wondering if i should quit watching, so glad i didn't quit. season 7/8 is just so good. freak. i am so behind on all my other shows because all i watch is one tree hill. greys, revenge, pll, NEW GIRL... i'm even behind on new girl! who am i?!