Thursday, December 30

snowed in

Life without my mother home is proving to be a hardship on us all. Especially when the substitute mother of the household gets knocked out with the same illness that the father and sister have. And so, two days of couch laying ensued in which I did nothing but watch four discs of Gilmore Girls and moan in agony of having a fever. All while trying to pick up here and there and cook and do errands while my dad and sister themselves wither in pain. We've gone through three boxes of Kleenex's in two days. And I've emptied the garbage double that. We are a cesspool of germs and bacteria!
December 27.5 027
I'll be honest. I've kind of been holding out. Not in a good way. I started this blog as a kind of..."diary". An open and honest diary in which I wrote about everything in a day; spared of the few more intimate details I saved for my actual journal. I mean, how many of you can't say that you don't enjoy reading old posts?? For me in particular, I tend to write novels and going back and reading something so specific as a one sentence thought that I can vividly remember writing is irreplaceable! Remembering where I was, what I was doing, and how I was feeling. Anyways, I just think that's really cool. But because of a sudden increase in audience members, I haven't been sticking to that old regime quite like I used to. And I think it's about time I talk about what's going through my mind every single day. My aunt was diagnosed with cancer about two months ago. It has developed in her blood and bones. She also had a tumor in her colon and brain. The doctors are treating her with chemo and my mom has been leaving every so often to attend the occasional treatment with her. It isn't so hard on me as it is to watch my mom and family go through this. Imagining my sister at 43 being given such a diagnosis makes me chocked up as it is. However, my aunt is holding up really well and on Christmas, she had fourth servings at dinner. A lot of people going through chemo are sick constantly and have no appetite whatsoever, withering them down. We are all happy that my aunt has kept her appetite strong and able to eat whole chocolate bars at a time still. Hehe.
December 27.5 035
shirt- Urban Outfitters shoes-Thrifted hat-American Eagle vest-Thrifted belt-Goodwill
December 27.5 029
December 27.5 011
Anyways, thank you all so much for all the feedback on the last post!! That post was probably my biggest success yet. I can't tell you some really (!!!) excellent news yet, but let me tell you, it scored me a really awesome prize. We also started a flickr which is sort who we owe the success of the last post to! :) It's awesome awesome awesome. It made me squeal!! I was also featured on the front page of Chictopia with it! EEEP. It was a good couple of days, minus the being ill thing!
December 27.5 014
December 27.5 011
I got this flannel for Christmas because my other flannel seems to continually have shrunk over the past year with every wash. It hardly fits my sister anymore when it used to be loose on me! Hmph! I decided to opt for some Urban Outfitters flannel since I had never tried theirs, and I'm in love. The colors are so vibrant and it is so comfortable! You all know that I am not a pants wear-er so consider this a rarity. Haha. I really don't like these pants. I wear one pair, usually, but I sat in some powdered sugar over Christmas and they need washed! Ha! Under my shirt I'm wearing a vest I helped my friend Katie from school pick out at Goodwill. I need to fix it for her and make some sewing amends, but...I haven't gotten to it...yet:). So I stole it.
December 27.5 041
December 27.5 045
My sister isn't one for Christmas presents and when I told her how much I loved her hat, so instead of buying me something, she gave me this hat. It seriously saved my soul in the last month of school- the fur is honestly so warm! I love it dearly. I wear it all the time. And while I still tease my sister about being cheap, I am actually so happy she gave me it. I wear it constantly! I think you all are so familiar with my boots that I need not tell you about them. Ha! I really want some blank ankle boots. I've been searching everywhere!
December 27.5 041
December 27.5 012
Niklaas got to my house this morning at 7:30am because I have to babysit tonight and tomorrow and because he was snowed in for two days. Seriously. It was a blizzard here at home. We got at least a foot of snow, I would say. My mom wasn't able to make it home but hopefully it's clear enough that she'll make it back tonight!
December 27.5 047


Becky-May said...

lovely blog! that hat is super cute



Abbey said...

I have a flannel shirt just like that and I want to live in it. It's my favorite! I'll be thinking of your aunt, and hope she continues to improve. Our family went through something similar and it's tough obviously.

And yay for flickr! :)

simplyhope said...

Ouuh these photos are Gorgeous! Lovely outfit:D The hat is super cute and adore the plaid! Thank you for your sweet comments Miss Maggie:D
Also..dang I know it is SO tough having a family member go through cancer. Before my aunt passed she never had an appetite so that is good that your aunt does!! She is in my prayers.

Alex said...

I love these photos! The setting is beautiful! I am jealous! And I love how you rock jeans because seriously you can rock anything you try on and the hat is very adorable! I really can't tell if it's polka-dots or hearts, but I like to think it's hearts :P Anyway, I am really sorry to hear about your aunt :( And even though sometimes it seems very crazy people do get better especially if they are willing to! So don't you worry... I know everything will turn out fine :)

Lots of love,

SL' outfits said...

Love the seventh pic begining from the end :D
Happy New Year :)


Aww, I'm sorry you've been under the weather. It seems like everyone is these days except for me (knock on wood!). You look adorable here.

Jasmine, Transient Withdrawal said...

Feel better dear! You are so adorable in that hat of yours and the flannel is so perfect for the holidays! I wish you and your family all the well-wishes I can give you!

Winter said...

I truly hope your aunt is going to be all right!! My familly went through the same thing a few years ago...
Anyway, you look great!

Nicole, Coco Maria said...

Oh I hope you feel better, and I'll be keeping your aunt in my thoughts <3
You are so super cute in that flannel and hat, I really love this outfit :)

Brittany said...

So sorry to hear that, your aunt is a very strong woman and you guys are such an awesome family to be supporting her through all this. I hope you guys get better at home, boo sickness. Your family is in my thoughts sweet girl, keep that beautiful smile on your face :)

Miss Dior Cherie said...

I've been sick with a nasty cold so I know how you feel! And I pray that your aunt makes a successful recovery: I know she will :)

I saw you on the Chictopia cover! Congrats!!

Lizzie said...

Best wishes to your aunt!

That hat is absolutely adorable. It reminds me of one I've stolen from my brother while he's home from college. :)

Have a Happy New Year!

genevieve, sandbox romance said...
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genevieve, sandbox romance said...

I hope you (and your family!) feel better, and I'm so sorry to hear about your aunt. My Grandfather had cancer, and it was one of the most difficult things in the world to go through, mostly because I had to watch what it did to his wife and children--my Grandmother and mom. My Grandafather was a trooper. It's wonderful to hear that your aunt still has her apatite. She will be in my thoughts during the new year.

On a lighter note, congratulations on all the happenings lately! I'm totally loving the hat (that story about your sister is too cute!), and you're completely rocking the flannel. And yay for jeans making a surprise guest appearance!

Stay strong, girlie.

jamie-lee said...

oh gosh, i hope that your aunt is strong and makes it through all the chemo etc, it can be so hard having a loved one diagnosed with cancer.

also, just want to say you are looking super sweet, i love the flannel shirt. happy new years darling.

Anonymous said...

Hello! I was here, asking for friendship. ;) Would you like to follow each others blogs? Advance Happy New Year. :D

A.Co said...

Oh nooo!! Sounds like it's not a very healthy holiday season over there :(

Hope you all start feeling better very soon!

A.Co @ A.Co est. 1984

Cute hat ;)

~Abby~ said...

Oh my gosh, one of my favorite outfits of yours EVER! I absolutely love flannel..I just bought another one yesterday! :) And those kind of hats..OMG I LOVE THEM! Everytime I see one, I want to buy it! But I already have enough. :P
I would like to read your thoughts and stuff; it helps us get to know you better.
I hope your Aunt gets better really soon! :)
Have a Happy New Years!


Sanny said...

You are just so adorable looking! I adore your expression and you hat and plaid shirt are so cute.

I myself just recover from some fever as well and I definitely get how it feels. Er... Feel better!

Sanny's Head to Heart

jamie said...

your sister is so sweet! and so is your hat! <3 jealous of your snow!

Anonymous said...

I'm loving the hat! its so adorable :)
you look gorgeous
happy new year!!

Emily, Ruby Slipper Journeys said...

I'm so, so sorry to hear about your aunt; I hope she continues to hold up and that the prognosis is good. At least you've all been spending quality time together over Christmas.

In other news, the colours on that flannel are spectacular! You look phenomenal and it really works with that hat!

Ashley, Lions Lace Lattes said...

Thanks for sharing your story with everyone. I can only imagine what you and your family are going through right now. I'm glad to hear that your aunt is doing alright with the chemo though.

PS. your hat is so adorable, and I love the flannel on you.

Ashley said...

You have such a cute style! Thank you for your lovely comment on my blog too! Happy New Year!

Anonymous said...

I came to your blog because I was curious by its name. But then I started reading and browsing through your photos and lost all sense of time. :)

I don't know if you will notice this comment or not but if you do I'd love for us to stay in touch via google/ bloglovin/ twitter or any other way you can think of.

Happy New Year.

Look forward to hearing from you


Tashrin from Toronto, Canada

Acha said...

oh my gosh! i want a hat like that! but its pretty difficult to find one in my hot country. Great outfit posts!