Sunday, March 14

I just want us.

Hi dears!

Well. I had quite the jam-packed three days. Which isn't a bad thing. I love being busy. But it was very, very busy.

On Friday, I went to my top college to tour that I have already been accepted to and given a fat chunk of a scholarship. And....I think I found my future home :). I loved everything about the place. The people seemed so much like ME. It wasn't like high school at all, which was wonderful! I even sat in on some classes and talked to professors/advisers. I must say, I totally hit it off with the English adviser :). We talked about my favorite book (Lolita), one of my newest favorite bands (Fun), and about writing (she totally understands me). It was so exciting!!! Everything was so new and fresh and huge and full of endless opportunities. I am about 99% certain that this is going to be my new home for the next four years:).

Anyways...all this college stuff got me lookin online for dorm materials! Here is what I've found so far that I would la-la-love to decorate my dorm with!

As you can probably tell...I really like the "bird" pattern. And I love the vintage-y feel to these! The last time I got to shop for new bedding/room stuff I was 13 when I thought Hawaiian Flowers were the shizz. This is SO me right now!
I would love to pair either of these with really BRIGHT colored for the blue, bright pink or even YELLOW! And with the second bedding, I'm thinkingg red or yellow walls :).
Room (two)
Rooms I'm inspired by:

I'm really, really excited for college after this weekend.
in the back of my mind.... I'm so not looking forward to it. I never really thought about what this would feel like...leaving my family and friends behind. To be honest, I wasn't really too worried about leaving my friends behind until this year when I met some new people I fell in love with....but now there is so much I will miss. It's going to be amazing living on my own and embarking on my future (!) and meeting new people. It's going to be amazing to study new subjects I actually have a passion for (U.S. government=bye bye!) and be challenged in school. It's going to be amazing to be independent and take responsibility for myself....but at the same time...I'm never ever going to be this young again. I'll never be the older sister who drives her little sister and neighbors to school every single day and acts as the "role model". I'll never be 17 and have the security of living in my parents house and having all my bills paid. I'll never quite have the fearless freedom I have now and be able to make the same small (but meaningful) mistakes... It's sad. And scary. And I'll miss a lot of all of this...But it has to happen someday, I suppose. And all I can do is love every moment I do have left and embrace what is to come.

Love always,


Kimberellie said...

Oh, I love this post. I also love what you are going to do with your room! So fun! We just bought a house so I am into all the decorating/renovating too!

Oh, and this next chapter of your life: HAVE FUN! That is my total recommendation. Travel, buy stuff, eat out, dance, fun fun fun. :-) And tell us all about it!!!

erin :) said...

i love the bedding in the first picture and all those rooms are so lovely! i can't wait to go to college and live on my own! although I will miss the comfort of home. :/

anyway, i'm so glad you found your perfect college match! hopefully i'll find one in time! college stuff is so stressful. why does it have to be so hard?!?!?!

and i haven't read lolita but i really really want to!! i read an excerpt of it and i'm pretty sure it's my favorite book just from reading a few paragraphs. :P right now, my fav is the great gatsby, and the glass menagerie. :)

anyway! i'm going to try to email you this week! but if i take too long, then feel free to email me first. :) talk later!!

erin :)

erin :) said...

ps. I tagged you in a "Fantasy Bag" challenge in my most recent post, i hope you can do it! :)

sophiasa said...

Oh hunny! Yes it is scary at first, but that goes away! I moved from mI to NY by myself when I was 18. Didn't even plan it, just took off..just keep your head on your shoulders and an open heart towards everyone. There are some real angels out there;)
I LOVE the yellow idea! So perfect with vintage!

Huggs <3

Out of Order said...

yay for checking out your new home! I love all the design ideas; makes me want to redecorate & get throw pillows RIGHTNOW!

Cheyne said...

Oh my gosh, I actually own the bedding in the second picture. It's from DeLiA*S, right? (: