Friday, March 5

Define You and Me.

13 Things I Love(d) About Today.

I woke up delightfully at 8:38am to this text: What's the best day for fish and chips? Fryday. Hehehe. :). It is indeed, Friday. The best day.
You chictopians and bloggers. I feel so much different than when I first started my chictopia, just ONE month ago! I seriously step out the door wearing the exact outfit I want to wear- not just an outfit that will "blend" in. I NEVER had that kind of confidence before. I'm becoming the person I want to be-and it means the world. I owe a lot of it to youu:).
I completed ONE entire worksheet in Calculus. How often does this happen? Once...a month. Maybe. I usually can't even complete one problem.
At school, a girl in my government class whose haircut I absolutely love but never ever talk to told me that I was the "Tights Girl" and that she loved all the tights I wear. AHHHH. Huge compliment. It made me SO happy!
I'm sore. Literally, my muscles ACHE! But I love that feeling! It makes me feel productive I went to soccer practice last night and it kicked my butt. But now it feels amazing!
I found my missing carmex! I love with you find chapstick that you lost.... and carmex is the greatest in the world:)!
I was force-fed carrot cake today. I've never tried it before in my entire life (don't even get me started on what I have never eaten...) but that delightful person MADE me eat it. And it wasn't half bad.... :).
In English, I spent the entire class period on chictopia. Because, long and behold, it ISN'T blocked at school!!! AHHHHHH. You have no idea how happy this makes me! Take that, public education!!!
Do you believe in fate?? I am always on the lookout for "signs" from the superior power...and always pay attention to coincidences. To me, sometimes, things just HAVE to be saying something, you know???? Like, today. I gave the delightful person a ride home and the one song that is our "inside joke" -(we have a thing about sending eachother the lyrics of the song via text whenever we hear it or think about it)- came on the radio!!! Followed by another one of our mutual loved songs that we always listen to together...but usually manually by our ipods. So. It was weird. To say the least!
It was sunny outside! I love the transition from winter to spring more than any other. I know I say this about every single season...but I honestly love pulling out my skirts and being able to walk around town without getting frost bite. It feels AMAZZZINGGG.
I spent the afternoon with Taylor getting photographed by our exchange student extraordinaires :).
Tomorrow is Saturday...and for the first time in WEEKS, I get to SLEEP IN!!! Plus, tomorrow I'm going to a Food-Fight birthday party with the delightful person and going to dinner with that person and SADIES! I think we have decided officially on our dynamic duo costumes :) I can't wait to show you guys.
It's Friday night and I'm at my favorite place in the entire world: home. I'm happy. I'm listening to music, texting the delightful, laying on my bed in sweats and a HIGH ponytail, and just loving everything. I'm going to miss all of this so much when I leave for college next year.... I'm just realizing these are the last months of my life where I actually live in this house. Wow. I'm just so happy with everything right now and where it's all going... Only 27 hours until possibly, the delightful becomes the past. Sigh. (I realize that is extremely vague. I'm open to discusssing...but not on a blog that isn't public to my classmates eyess ;) ).

I am feasting my ears to:
1) I'll be your breeze- Andrew Belle
2) All Those Pretty Girls- Fun.
3) Oh, It is Love-HelloGoodbye
4) You Belong With Me-Taylor Swift
5) Sky- Joshua Radin
7)Stars-The XX
8) Walcott-Vampire Weekend


Ebony said...

I am so happy you're so happy!
It's great the boost of confidence and the friends you make via blogging.
I don't have a chictopia account, I'm more a lifestyle blogger right now. When I move to the city I'll start documenting my outfits more.
I'm from Western Australia :D
I know we can't message each other but we can email!
Feel free to shoot us an email if the commenting gets too back and forth.

Kimberellie said...

oh, you are delightful! I am glad you are so happy! I am feeling quite happy lately too! And one day I am certain you will be STYLISHLY swinging your baby at the park.

You look super fantastic as always! And I just love reading what you write! You have such a vivacious writing style!

libys11 said...

hey.. thanks for dropping by my blog!! you have such a lovely one here as well!! :D

love your choices of songs there! :D

Ebony said...

Haha, it's not quite what I'm used to... we live 6 hours from the nearest beach, clothes shops and 12 hours drive from the nearest cinema. We just holiday a lot. We live in a rural mining town until next year, saving money. So I can assure you there is nothing ti be envious of, but thanks. Wow Bali must have been wonderful :) I have so many friends that go there (the flights from Perth are sooo cheap) but I've never been.

But yes, the boyfriend is a big cutie. I'm so excited to spend the rest of my life with this man and our cats. Haha. What's it like where you live? xox

erin :) said...

Hola Maggie!

I'm so excited I met you! I'm loving our relationship already. ;)

I know exactlyyyy what you mean about the whole "the guy of our future is living right now and we're going to meet him but i want to meet him now!" haha. I haven't met many people that understand me about that!

Anyway, how's life in idaho? I've never been there, but I guess I'm pretty close by since I'm in Washington. Maybe you can visit Seattle one day! :D

And I see you're experimenting with blog layouts from shabby blogs. haha. :) i like this one!

Talk later!
Erin ;)