Tuesday, October 8


Currently, I am being word-blocked. By myself.

There are things I want to write about. Feelings and revelations, even. But it isn't time to talk about them. I'm afraid of telling too much too soon, making a bigger deal of something before it proves to be that big of a deal, jinxing the future, or being too presumptive. 

That's the thing about public blogs, I suppose. I want to be honest and I'm not trying to be dishonest, I just am not ready to oust the last three weeks of my life quite yet. All I can say is that they've been good. Everything I want to say about it is at the tip of my fingers but for now they're locked in unpublished drafts.

Otherwise, and completely uninteresting comparably, I studied for my hardest test of the semester for the past week straight and when I finished it an hour early, looked my professor squarely in the eye, smiled, and said, "Thank you." He really tried to fool us and make life horrible. It was horrible. But I did it. I could tell you everything you wanted to know about colonization in the Americas and Puritanism. 

My good pal Danielle has turned my bedroom into an oasis. Seriously. I've needed a Danielle for the past three years in college. All of my things are organized into dividers, bins, folders, drawers, and rings. Instead of four blank white walls, I now have some color and life on them. My bed is my favorite place in the world after I got a new mattress pad on sale and new sheets. Having a cozy place to relax makes my nerves and anxieties so much less scary.

See? All I have to say about life other than the undisclosed topic is that I finished my midterms and my bedroom is awesome.

I tried.

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Emma Jane said...

This is my life right now. I feel like I have an overflow of words to share but no words for those words. Was that...did that even make sense? Blahhhg. I hope your words come unlocked soon! It's always a nice feeling :)

Congrats on your midterm! Puritanism and colonization. Sensational.

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