Thursday, October 17

PLL, HH, and trumpeters

It has been quite the week.

Midterms. What is with this last round of midterms? I actually pulled of straight A's on every single one of them? I mean, I know. English major. It's supposed to be easy. But it absolutely wasn't. I was trying to explain to my roommate how my english classes ranked amongst my old biology classes and the difficulties in each. Being a biology major, I felt tested every waking moment of my life to cram as much stuff in my head as possible. Being an english major, I feel tested to think deeply about material that's given and push outside of myself to interpret history and language. The material itself feels easier but the thinking aspect of it is completely different. However, I did well. Very well. And the best feeling I've felt in my college career so far was getting back every paper and midterm knowing that this is something I'm good at that I also love.

The new Head and The Heart album was actually, finally released. It's beautiful and unexpected and my best friend put into words better than I can what it means to have another new album of their music to assign life occurrences to.

I chose midterm week to start watching Pretty Little Liars. I almost cancelled a date this week to watch it. Almost.

Missoula got an ULTA. Which is a beautiful, beautiful thing. I may have gone twice opening weekend just because I got a coupon for starting a rewards card and running out of both eyeliner and mascara this week. 

I made a fool out of myself at the UPS store. More on that later.

I learned that trumpeters make good kissers. Maybe more on that..... way later.

I realized more and more that if I had gotten a job this semester, I would have been a much less happier person. Here's the thing: I should have a job, but I don't need one because of photography and Internship stipends and scholarships. I sat in my advisor's chair this week and she said, "Well, you only have 18 credits you need to complete next semester. That'll be easy for you since you're in over 20 now!" To which I replied, huh????? And then realized, oh yeah. I'm taking 22 credits and had to get that overwritten last year. That is why it feels like life hasn't slowed down in almost 6 weeks.

I counted down the days to TODAY because today I get to fly across the country to see my little baby sister in her dorm room and meet her friends and see the life she's created for herself. I am more excited for this than I have been for any Christmas morning. 


Emma Jane said...

Pretty Little Liars is dangerous as all get out. Once a guy I was dating questioned my love for Ezra and he didn't get any sort of physical love for a week. That show. UGH I can't.

CONGRATS ON YOUR MIDTERMS YAY! I know what you mean about the thinking deeper in English classes thing. It feels like those classes should be a walk in the park when you are starting them. Reading, writing, my specialties! But then you just sit there and push your mind until your eyes are tired. It's so hard. But sooo delicious.

Tightrope to the Sun

Shawnee said...

omg pretty little liars -- yes. it took me forever to finally watch after all my friends raving about it but now i'm counting down until the 22nd...halloween premiere yaaaay. and yay to the head and the heart // ulta // kissing // english // traveling. HAVE FUN with your sis!! xo

Jamie Rose said...

Hooray for doing well on your midterms! Midterms week(s) suck(s)!

I definitely loled at the trumpeters being good kissers segment. I would have to agree since both me and my boyfriend are trumpeters so I have experience on both ends of that!

Shelby said...

stop it!! i just love ALL OF THIS!!! Yay on midterms girl!!! there is seriously no better feeling then that. like for real.

don't even get me started on the new album... i am doing over here. it really was so unexpected, but i can't stop listening to it. they are PERFECT!

hahahah!!! PLL will be the death of me!! that show, i swear. i don't blame you for one second for thinking about cancelling.


oh i can't even wait for this story!

asldkfjaesklfjlakewfajesklj!!!! GAH!!!!! Literally dying over here. And may or may not have started jumping up and down and screaming when i got a certain twitter notification.. in front of Zac. HAHA oops.

how are you even functioning! girl, i am so impressed. 22 CREDITS!!! holy crap!!

yay for sister time!! have the best trip lady. you deserve it!!!!

Abbey said...

I am so excited about the head and the heart album! haven't listened yet but i'm planning on jamming this weekend! congrats on your midterms, lady! so exciting!

Talia Candler said...

Mags, you are truly a bad ass. Keep up the good work lady and have such a lovely time with Soap!

Jennifer said...

I feel ya on the English major woes. Trust me.

And I love PLL.